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✅ Pros

If you have a successful first 100 days, it follows that you are building momentum andsetting yourself up for a successful year.
Massive Action Plan workbook
It unleashes your greatness.
It guides you through setting very specific goals to achieve in the next 100 days.
You watch a 5 minute video every day for 100 days
5 minutes of video inspiration every day for 100 days.
The comments, ideas and all the other passengers on the 100-day Challenge joint support is invaluable.
You get hit with a MAP (Massive Action Plan).
You get a MAP (Massive Action Plan) set.
It helps you to implement the world’s best strategy and execution framework into their business and personal life while driving accountability.
It could be in any area of your life that you feel needs attention – physical health, mental wellbeing, spirituality, relationships, business, career… it’s really up to you!
You have access to them all about the blog posts for theevery day and the forum.
It only demands excellence of ourselves.
No matter what goal you have, whether it’s related to fitness, money, sales or learning something new. If you take even the smallest action towards it each day, it’s inevitable that you will achieve great results
It represents the turning point in your life and will come to symbolize, the day you took full control of your destiny.
You can imagine that the combination of both motivation and strategy is very powerful and really results in dramatic gains more than you ever thought.
You will also get a tracking system, so you can check whether you are on track or not .
The program claims that if you are willing to set aside just 15 minutes a day you should make radical performance gains in every aspect of your personal and professional life.
The course is delivered in text, video, audio and phone app formats.
Daily coaching email from Gary Ryan Blair.
Quantum Leap Strategies
it is very practical and has a great emphasis on action and results, you learn a lot about yourself in the process and for me, it’s one of the greatest gifts.
It provides you with an opportunity to redeem yourself by finishing the year strong.
It serves to inspire, motivate, and fuel you through that period.
It helps you to get rid of time draining activities.
The 100 Day Challenge is a program that helps you figure out some great, inspiring goals.
The challenge is about setting goals, setting big goals and accomplishing them fast.
You can make your challenge as hard or as simple as you’d like.
It is never-ending supply of inspiration and motivation.
When you sign up for the 100 Day Challenge, you get instant membership to the members area, where you can watch all the introductory videos, plus download all the neccesary documents.
It offers a 60-day money-back guarantee
You get a daily coaching email from Gary Ryan Blair to kick-start your day.
There’s nothing secret here, just a solid goal-setting program based on a great concept.
It forces you to think afresh about what your top goals are.
There’s an accountability programme with a forum.
It’s a serious program, for serious people, who want serious results.
The 100 Day Challenge relentlessly enforces deadlines and consistent progress checks which ensure that your goals not only get achieved, but get achieved quickly
Proven Ideas That Work
It helps you to achieve higher levels of productivity
Screen Saver and Desktop Wallpaper designed to stimulate your mind and provide ongoing focus.
They have a 60 day money back guarantee.
It helps you to learn accountability, discipline and focus.
They deliver tons of beautifully presented content that is designed to motivate, inspire and inject you with a boost of energy that will kick you in the ass and make you take action every single day.
It helps you to maintain high energy

❌ Cons

You will have to adhere to an accountability coach and an accountability clock.
You could conceivably sign up for this program, print the material, and let it collect dust.
Every person has a different story, and completely different goals.
This program is not sold in bookstores.
You don’t get all the resources at once.
This will be better for people who find online gatherings a little “lovey dovey”/ intimidating, and like to work on their own to get stuff done.
If you cannot keep yourself accountable, you may not do well with this program.
You are challenged to take action every day on your goals and you will be expected and supported to include any action.
The program is available certain times and of the year so you can’t always start The 100 Day Challenge right away.
You will have to devise a massive action plan.
If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t follow through on commitments, it’s not for you. Don’t join.
The 100-day challenge is not for those who are not fully committed.
It is a bit expensive programe.
This is cracking value for money but only if you do it everyday.
The 100 Day Challenge enforces deadlines which can be a problem for individuals.
Video based content is not liked by some people.
It requires goal-setting before the start.
If you’re the person who accepts the status quo, the 100 day challenge is certainly NOT for you., Don’t join
It requires dedication and discipline for 100 days.
If you’re the kind of persons who does not practice taking right action, this is not for you. Don’t join.
If you are not interested in watching videos, it is not for you.
You have to take action on those strategies and put them to practical use immediately on the same day .
You will need to make an integrity pledge.
Every single day, no exceptions, Otherwise it’s back to day 1.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
It is an extreme performance acceleration program, or simply put a good kick in the ass that will challenge you to step up your game, and show you… how to make far more progress in the first 100 days of the New Year than most people do over the course of ten years.
The 100 Day Challenge is a program that helps you figure out some great, inspiring goals. It then works you through the steps to accomplish them within 100 days. Along the way, you’ll receive information and motivation daily to keep you on track.
Overall, this little routine takes only 20 minutes out of whole day, at tops 30 minutes. Every single day, no exceptions, Otherwise it’s back to day 1.
If you are struggling to achieve some of your goals, want to increase your income, lose some weight, spend more time with your family or (put your goal here), and need some extra push, then don’t think twice and go for it. I can promise you it will help you make a difference. And hey, even if you think it’s not for you, then you can always ask for a refund. They have a 60 day money back guarantee.
The Circle of Excellence is Gary’s way of multiplying celebrates the dramatic impact of the 100 Day Challenge of any help to not only demand excellence of themselves, but to and for the promotion of excellence in each other. The comments, ideas and all the other passengers on the 100-day Challenge joint support is invaluable, and you will have access to them all about the blog posts for theevery day and the forum.
The program is based on the idea of success being based on knowing what you want to achieve, why you want to achieve it, and how you will get there. The 100 Day Challenge dives into all of these areas in a workbook based manner.
The 100 Day Challenge program is intended for individuals wishing to achieve their goals. The program is also intended for businesses who want to motivate their employees and make them more productive to achieve the company’s ultimate goal.
To unleash your greatness and live the rest of your like as a champion, decide today to suffer the price of success and participate in the 100 Day Challenge. This 100 Days Challenge has helped a lot of people experienced amazing results in their lives, and you too and experience those result.
The 100 Day Challenge will change the way you think about your goals, it will strengthen your focus, intensify your commitment, add discipline and order to your priorities, and most important, it will turn you into an unstoppable powerhouse.
The basic premise of this course is that it will help you to put together an iron-clad plan for your life – and then show you how to put it into practice and make it a reality.
The 100 Day Challenge claims to be the most extreme performance acceleration program on earth and will close the execution gap between your objectives and your results.This is an intense program for serious people wanting lasting change in their life run over 100 days and implements world’s best strategy to drive accountability in your personal and business life.

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