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✅ Pros

From the fundamentals to the nitty-gritty, 365 Data Science offers a total of 34 courses that are divided into four modules that are well-curated for easy learning.
Review Pros
It can help in building a resume and portfolio for applying for a new job related to data science.
It offers live training.
They help you build the basic understanding of data science and then lead you to be a professional in any data science field.
It is affordable than many other courses in the market.
The materials are well-presented and well-prepared.
You can determine your flexible learning schedule.
It has 2 Million+ students.
Their website is easily accessible and their customer support service is also very friendly and promptly answers all the queries within a reasonable time frame.
If you wish, you may directly jump to the more advanced topics.
There’s a Q&A Hub, a live space to get quick answers from both the experts’ team and the community.
It offers 3 career tracks to get a job.
They supply high-quality, low-cost coaching to encourage people all around the world to pursue new chances.
The Contents are easy to grasp and crisp.
You will receive a certificate that proves that you have gained a wide range of data science skills and are qualified for a data scientist or data analyst position.
It offers a certificate after completing the exams.
You receive a data science certificate of achievement once you complete the course, which you can use alongside your career credentials or add to your LinkedIn profile.
43 hours of video and 192+ exercises are available for free.
Their courses are extremely interactive as they are delivered through the animated medium.
All the courses are grouped into 4 modules (by subject and complexity) or 3 career track (by job skills).
The platform ensures that students on the platform are empowered with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the data science field.
It uses a animation based teaching and discussion-based activities so that your kept engaged throughout the course.
It offers 2,810 Lessons and 63 Courses.
The company has a single focus and covers only data-related topics.
The curriculum is completely self-paced, you will not be obliged to follow the order of the courses that have been suggested.
The teaching assistance are highly qualified.
Support is 24/7 and instant replies from the instructor themselves are worth the bucks you spend on.
The program is designed literally for anyone, even for people who don’t have a data science background.

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❌ Cons

Features such as new content, portfolio advice, resume feedback are only available for Annual subscribers.
There is not a big choice of courses.
The free course does not offers certificate.
The main drawback of a free plan is that it gives access only to the first sections of each each course.
It has no apps for Smartphone.
There is not a big choice of courses and programs.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
365 Data Science is an amazing platform and I would recommend it to everyone who wish to start his/her journey in Data Science field. You don’t need any prerequisites; you only need good internet connection and curiosity.
The 365 Data Science Statistics course is worth it. This online course helps you understand various statistical concepts needed to succeed in a professional data scientist career. The course is ideal for both beginners and those with some statistics experience.
365 Data Science provides career tracks, certificates, course notes, and exams practice for data science, analytics, and programming. It offers three career tracks for Data Scientist, Data Analyst, and Business Analyst positions, with a free plan and a premium plan available for $36 per month. You will love 365 Data Science for its content quality, free access, career paths, certifications, top instructors and experts, live events, and community access
Data science is a very promising field, but it’s not for everyone, you need to have the right mindset for it and you need to love such work. If your aim is straightforward and you have decided to become a data scientist, this program is probably the best match. If are not sure yet, whether this career is for you, start with a single course or a few courses and try to solve some business-related issues by implying your new skills.
This may be a little confusing at first, but 365 Data Science has made it simple and easy to understand. Whether you’re looking for ways to expand your knowledge or just want to be productive while staying at home, learning 365 Data Science is the best option.
I would recommend you to enrol in the course. Have a look on the free preview for the courses on the site. Give it a shot for yourself and you’ll instantly fall in love with the course.

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