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✅ Pros

Based on the ingredients used, and the servings included, I feel this is a fair price for a GDA that I feel works.
Review Pros
It is carbohydrate-rich meal replacement product.
It has 10:1:1 BCAA ratio.
Many consumers have given it decent online reviews.
BCAA blend is obviously targeted at recovery.
The ingredients truly absorb the water, forming a thick, delicious paste.
It is made with “real food” sources rather than sugars.
It is available in packages containing 60 servings.
It helps build muscle mass.
3.6g blend of glutamine helps with muscle recovery, GABA and mucuna pruriens to help with growth hormone.
Rich Piana’s 5% Nutrition Real Food can safely be used as a Meal Replacement option.
I feel this was effective.
Rich Piana 5% Nutrition Real Carbs is just as easy to use as any protein powder, requiring a scoop or two shaken up with water.
It is an incredible source of Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin B12.
The use of wholesome derived carbohydrates give Rich Piana’s 5% Nutrition Real Food a truly natural tasting flavour.
The product launched in two flavors – Lemon Lime and Watermelon.
Rich Piana’s 5% Nutrition Real Food contains no artificial colours or flavours.
Users can expect to feel improved energy levels, without the crash that other supplements may cause.
Every ingredient used in this product is meant to help control and metabolize blood sugar levels.
Customers say it’s easy on the taste buds. We agree wholeheartedly.
It is available into unique and delicious flavors.

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❌ Cons

Rich Piana 5% Nutrition Real Carbs should be avoided by anyone who has ever suffered a heart attack or other form of cardiovascular disease.
All flavors execpt the Southern Sweet Tea version have artificial food colorings.
It has mediocre glutamine amount.
More work needs to be done on the ingredients with human studies.
155mg of L-phenylalanine, histidine, threonine, and methionine – at this amount it is not clear if this blend can have any positive effect.
It is somewhat expensive.
Rich Piana 5% Nutrition Real Carbs should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women, nor should it be used by individuals under the age of 18.
It has proprietary blends.

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Review Summaries
If it’s real food you’re after, then Rich Piana’s 5% Nutrition Real Food is just that. If you need a convenient way to meet your calorie, carbohydrate and energy needs, without having to sacrifice your health and wellbeing, then Rich Piana’s 5% Nutrition Real Food is the supplement for you. Close to nature, easy to prepare and absolutely delicious. Try it for yourself today!
Freak Show from 5% Nutrition is a glucose disposal agent designed to ensure that we are utilizing those carbs from cheat meals or post-workout carb loads. With 7 proven ingredients to help regulate insulin levels and blood glucose levels, Freak Show is a solid GDA that will help you utilize those carbs in a beneficial way.
The main thing we liked about Rich Piana’s Drink Sleep Grow is the addition of a joint support formula to a run of the mill recovery formula. This is a cool touch and will earn this product some points in the eyes of a lot of lifters. Other than that, there’s no earth shattering news coming out of this product, but it does present a decent alternative for recovery for 5% Nutrition fans.
If you are the kind of guy who needs a lot of carbs to make progress in your training then you might find it difficult to check down endless amounts of rice and potatoes, so if this sounds like you then you could definitely stand to benefit from using Rich Piana 5% Nutrition Real Carbs. If you only use this product once then be sure to check out the Sweet Potato Pie flavor because this is a relatively original flavor that you aren’t likely to experience elsewhere.
Not only does Rich Piana 5% Nutrition ALLDAYYOUMAY have one of the most intresting names, but it also has one of the most impressive ingredient profiles among post-workouts. Throw in a 10:1:1 BCAA ratio, great complementary ingredients, and an awesome vitamin profile, this supplement can help you achieve your fitness goals and then some. Unfortunately, the product’s proprietary blends, dirty ingredient, and somewhat expensive price pull its value down. Clearly, this product has some chinks. However, you can still give it a shot. If it doesn’t meet your expectations, there are plenty of better post-workouts out there.

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