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✅ Pros

It only requires hair samples.
Review Pros
Your results will allow you to make wise choices for your diet in the future.
They use Bio-Resonance technology testing to analyse you cat or dog’s sample.
If you are not sure if your pet is suffering from a dietary or environmental irritant, this test will look at both.
5Strands will test for over 250 food items, including protein, grains, vegetables, fruits, fats, seafood, additives and preservatives.
Their Pet Standard test can review your pet’s compatibility with 275 common commercial pet food ingredients and 105 environmental factors, including household cleaners, grasses and pollens, fabrics, and the dander of their fellow pets.
It utilizes bio-resonance technology on strands of your hair to decipher your food sensitivities.
It encourages pet parents to follow a systematic process for allergy testing—a six to eight week elimination period of popular allergens.
It can help you pinpoint the cause of a variety of negative symptoms, whether due to food, environment, nutrition, or metal toxicity.
This company uses a method called bioresonance imaging that tells you your actual intolerance status.
It’s super easy to get started.
It offers inexpensive tests under $100.
If you’re looking to learn whether your cat or dog has an intolerance to any food items, this 5Strands test has you and your pet covered.
It screens for 600 food intolerances and sensitivities.
It is painless and easy to take by simply supplying a hair sample.
You can get results in 7-10 days.
The report identifies sensitivities by looking at what digestive enzymes are lacking and evidence of overconsumption or overexposure to various potential irritants.
5Strands test helped me figure out my dog’s recurring food allergy/itching/ear infection problem.
They use a pain-free sampling process.
It gives quick results in 7 to 10 days.
Website lists all allergens they test for.
On average, the kits are priced lower than competing kits from companies such as Vitagene and GenoPalate.
It boasts a blog, several social media presences, and the ability to contact the company via postal mail, email, or telephone from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST, Monday through Friday.
5Strands is different from DNA testing companies that merely detect your disease and deficiency genetic predispositions.
The report lists proteins, grains, additives, preservatives, fruits, seafood, meal, grass, chemicals, plants, fabrics, and more that may be contributing to your pet’s discomfort.
It tests for 380 food and environmental allergens.
Food and environmental response results are broken up into 3 easy to understand levels.
Customer support team is available via phone and email.
They use cutting edge bioresonance technology, so no need for a blood test.
I didn’t have to shell out almost a thousand dollars for a blood test.
Human and pet screening is available.
It covers 150+ food items, 100 environmental items, 15+ nutritional items, and 14 common metals and minerals.

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❌ Cons

It may not cover food items that your horse is reacting to.
Testing technology isn’t scientifically proven for accuracy.
It doesn’t cover allergic reactions such as an adverse reaction to a food allergy.
It is not covered by insurance.
The downside is that the personalized elimination diet takes a decent amount of effort, therefore it’s not a good choice for anyone not wanting to make a commitment.
The amount of guidance isn’t as good as I’d like it to be, and not as good as DNA-based competitors such as Vitagene or GenoPalate.
This is not an immune system allergy test that you might get with a blood test done by your vet.
It doesn’t test household items or analyse environmental elements. So you’ll need to order a separate test for environmental allergens or find a test that analyses both food and environmental substances.
Website doesn’t have a sample report to view.
It is not as accurate as a saliva or blood test.
5Strands does not provide testing for IgE- or IgG-mediated responses (true allergy involving the immune system causing anaphylaxis response).
There’s currently no scientific evidence to support why it works.
Hair testing is somewhat controversial, at least compared to blood/urine.

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Review Summaries
The report is fairly comprehensive and will save you time and money by showing you what foods to eliminate and what environmental factors may be playing a part. The next step is for you to remove those irritants as much as possible from your dog’s environment.
It involves an easy collection process and 5Strands will have your results within 5 to 7 days of receiving your sample. They’ll analyse your cat or dog’s hair against over 255 food items, grading the imbalances or intolerances using a three-level system. 5Strands will provide an elimination guidelines as well as offer pet owners access to their customer service team to help you understand your canine or feline’s results.
If you suspect you might have a food or environmental intolerance, you should probably consider taking one of 5Strands’ at-home tests. This company analyzes hundreds of different factors that could be causing you stress or discomfort – far more than most competitors on the market. The report will give you a huge amount of data to work with – but the results aren’t the easiest to interpret.
We’re skeptical about the scientific accuracy of 5Strands intolerance tests, but you could give it a try as long as you share your results with your veterinarian. Remember, no at-home allergy test should replace a vet consultation.
5Strands food intolerance test checks for sensitivities with a simple via hair strand—no blood sample needed.
5Strands test helped me figure out my dog’s recurring food allergy/itching/ear infection problem, and I didn’t have to shell out almost a thousand dollars for a blood test. That said, there’s currently no scientific evidence to support why it worked—and if my dog’s allergy problems were more serious or not solvable by switching foods, I wouldn’t hesitate to seek out a dog allergy test at my vet’s office.
In the end, the Equine Deluxe package offers you quite a bit for an affordable price. For less than a couple of hundred dollars, you can get a range of test results covering everything from food and environmental intolerances to nutrition and metal toxicity issues. While the test is no replacement for regular checkups from a licensed vet, it is a good start when trying to narrow down any strange symptoms your horse may be displaying.
5 Strands stresses affordable testing and even pet testing, though one of the most important offerings is that of the food intolerance test. After a lab analyzes your samples, you can learn results from a doctor and get details on why you experience symptoms related to indigestion.

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