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✅ Pros

The key ingredient in the 8 Sheep Organics lotion is magnesium, which is known to help ease body aches and pains.
Review Pros
The Magnesium helps melt away pain, tension, and those pesky restless legs.
This sleepy body lotion is advertised for pregnancy, but anyone with similar issues can benefit from using it.
This lotion is thick without being oily.
The scent doesn’t hit you over the head like some other products.
The lavender scent is absolutely divine and smells so fresh; nothing artificial whatsoever.
The organic lavender, sends sleep the most beautiful invitation, so that it comes without delay each time you use it.
This cream is all natural and only made from ingredients that are safe and proven to work.
Although it’s labeled as a lotion, I find that this product has more of a cream consistency.

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Review Summaries
When you’re pregnant, you’re very conscious about what you ingest or put on your body. There is a good chance that something harmful can and will affect your growing baby. That’s why this cream is all natural and only made from ingredients that are safe and proven to work. It’s also the only of its kind.
I keep the jar on my nightstand so I don’t forget to apply it each night. If you’ve been experiencing any of the same struggles with sleep or know any mamas-to-be who are, I highly recommend giving this a try.

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