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✅ Pros

You can geo Target your visitors to the Amazon near them based on their location.
Review Pros
Quick support is available.
It is an easy to use and customizable Amazon affiliate plugin.
The AAWP Plugin is designed in such a way that all the features of AAWP are targeted for conversion.
AAWP is designed with both beginners and experienced affiliates in mind.
It comes with substantial support documentation.
Whenever there is any changes in product description or price at Amazon, this plugin auto update that information.
It offers a lot of features to identify, link and add new products to your affiliate pages.
Whenever there are any changes in product descriptions or prices at Amazon, this plugin auto updates that information without any hassles.
The AAWP plugins offer geo-targeting features.
AAWP uses HTTPS secured connection to deliver the data.
It can activate click tracking with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager or Piwik.
Once you have created a post with products, you no longer have to worry about regularly updating the page for prices.
I like how easy it is to quickly create high-converting, always-in-stock, Amazon bestseller tables.
While selecting the product you just need to Enter the Amazon Product ASIN number then it will automatically insert everything.
AAWP plugin lets you create product comparison tables for Amazon products very easily.
Almost every feature of AAWP is optimized for conversions.
One of the cool features of the product box is that it can show if a product is on sale and for how much exactly the price is reduced.
You can insert the various product boxes and the design will look great on mobile, desktop or any other device you may think off.
It offers value for money.
With Geaotargeting feature, you can target different countries.
By using the multiple data fields, you can create tables for product comparison.
It allows geo targeting to handle foreign visitors.
This plugin helps to target multiple countries which is not possible through traditional Amazon affiliate product links.
It makes targeting your visitors both locally and in other countries easy and fun.
The AAWP plugin is available in four plans.
It is features-rich.
You get a 30-day money-back guarantee with every plan.
You can configure the tracking ID for the store like UK,CA, AU, etc and AAWP it will redirect your traffic automatically.
It comes with an easy to use backend.
AAWP is 100% responsive.
You can use text links easily.
With the help of this plugin you can target multiple countries which is not possible through traditional Amazon affiliate product links.
Of all the Amazon affiliate plugins, the AAWP plugin comes closest to an official Amazon endorsement.
It gives updated product listings.
AAWP is optimized for conversions and offers automated data retrieval.
They offer premium support if you face any problem.
Well designed, attractive and conversion focused banners provided by AAWP plugin results in better conversion rates thus boosting sales and revenue for you.
AAWP is a relatively glitch-free plugin.
It also allows you to place ads wherever you want the ads to appear on your website.
You do not have to manually update any changes in the product box with AAWP.
With the plugin, you can very easily create comparison tables for your products.
The price is affordable for everyone.
AAWP plugin has a functionality that allows you to track clicks on Amazon affiliate links created by the plugin.
A generous 30-day money back guarantee helps you test most of the features without risking your money.
You can target your audience more quickly and easily with this plugin.
The plugin can be easily installed and configured.
In case you want a custom template to be build you have this option. You can easily customize it to look unique.
It works through flexible shortcodes.
The tool is available in multiple languages.
It is a great tool to help optimize returns from your affiliate marketing efforts.
The AAWP plugin is featured-compact that is highly productive.
The plugin installation and use are simplified so that even newbies can easily optimize returns.
Geo-targeting is a super useful feature that allows you to capture customers who cannot use the main Amazon store you sell on.
You can track your clicks and conversions.
Attractive and conversion focused banners provided by AAWP plugin results in higher conversion sales and revenue for you.
AAWP plugin lets you create product comparison table for Amazon products.
AAWP optimizes their designs for conversion- though you can do your own modifications, AAWP loads fast and looks pretty sleek.
AAWP is designed in such a way that both beginners and professional can use it without any hindrances.
Unlike some other affiliate plugins I’ve used, I’ve never had to resort to the AAWP forums to get anything fixed.
It is conversion oriented.
It has various unique features like Geotargeting, data fields, Auto-updating information, custom templates and many more.
AAWP allows you to create highly convertible and customizable comparison tables.
It is full of conversion optimised features.
Even non-tech-savvy users will know how to use AAWP.
Geotargeting is a convenient feature, allowing you to benefit from marketing on international platforms.
They also have a 30-day money back guarantee.
Free Demo site is available on the website.

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❌ Cons

The plugin is not cheap.
The user interface could be improved to ensure easier navigation.
It would also be interesting to have a ‘visual composer’ to modify some of the outputs. As is, you can change some things around- button text, button style, etc.
It is a bit expensive for the first time users and users only having 1 website.
Users cannot search for any Amazon products directly from the plugin.
Only premium version is available.
Comparison table doesn’t work in AMP version.
One of the downsides of AAWP that is highly disappointing is that it doesn’t provide any search option to search amazon product directly from the plugins.
You can only use short-codes and there isn’t any button in the Admin area from where you can add the image, link, product box, etc.
You can not use this plugin without Amazon product advertising API.
The AMP version doesn’t support the comparison table feature.
To insert your product/box you need to know the Amazon ASIN and you can’t search for it in the Admin Area.
There is no affiliate dashboard.
The plugin documentation is a bit confusing.
In order to use this plugin, you need to have access to the Amazon API.
You have to plug the ASIN in manually for things like buttons and certain comparison tables.
The plugin does not have a product search embedded.
The pricing is relatively high, especially for starters.
Users can’t search for products directly from the plugin.
Some people faced license key issues.
You cannot search the product inside the plugin.
The user interface is not beginner friendly. You might consider familiarizing yourself first with the function and tools of this plugin.
AAWP only supported a few languages. It would be more amazing if it covers other international languages.
Some users, especially beginners, might find that the plugin is not entirely user-friendly within the WordPress space.
Users of this plugin need to open Amazon separately to find the products as this plugin doesn’t have the search option.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Overall, AAWP has been a fantastic addition to my affiliate tool chest. It makes it faster and easier to push out high-converting affiliate content while maintaining compliance with the Amazon Associates terms of service.
If you wish to be a successful affiliate marketer and scale your earnings to the next level, then you must get hand on this plugin. Increased conversions and click-through-rates is the ultimate key to passive sales and revenue.
For anyone who is into Amazon affiliate marketing, this is one of the best plugins out there. It directly helps in boosting the earning which makes it a complete value for money.
AAWP is the best WordPress plugin for Amazon affiliates. It has all the features which need to run successful Amazon affiliate sites. By doing $37 investment you can get great returns.
Without any doubt, AAWP is one of the well-designed Amazon affiliate plugins for affiliate marketers. It is relatively easy to configure and comes with tons of customization choices typically not available. You have to just install the Amazon Affiliate Plugins And you are ready to earn money.
If you don’t use any other Amazon Affiliate plugin or are using EasyAzon, I highly recommend this plugin. For me, switching to it was really a no-brainer. This is the best Amazon Affiliate plugin for WordPress endorsed by its majesty Amazon itself (the EU division). It’s highly customizable and optimized for conversions.
Without any hesitation, AAWP is certainly one of the well-made WordPress tools for Amazon affiliate marketers. It is relatively easy to configure and comes with tons of customization choices typically not available.The automated updates undoubtedly put this plugin among the best in the market. It is efficient and does everything it promises perfectly well, allowing you to reap its benefits at reasonable costs. In other words, AAWP is probably the best Amazon affiliate plugin you can get for WordPress.
AAWP is a plugin built specifically for Amazon affiliate marketers. It comes with cool features that can help you make more money. The price is affordable for everyone. However, only premium version is available.
The plugin is really a great solution to Amazon’s affiliate marketing program. Any blogger who wants to start earning through their blogs can start with an Amazon affiliate program and incorporate it into their site using the AAWP tool. The various features offered by the tool help bring in new traffic and increase your visitors’ conversion rates.
If you are into Amazon affiliate marketing then get AAWP plugin to scale your earnings to the next level. Boost in conversions and revenue makes it a complete value for money product.
If your site relies on Amazon commissions, AAWP is an affiliate marketing WordPress plugin built for the Associates program. Get up-to-date product info, flexible shortcodes, and customizable designs. Fully equipped with a 30-day money-back guarantee and direct contact through email or live chat. You’ll also gain access to pre-built templates and styles, widget integration, Google AMP support, and geo-targeting which directs foreign visitors to their site’s local Amazon store.
Overall, we are impressed by how this plugin works. This is a very polished and well-made plugin – everything operates exactly as it should, easy to configure with a good amount of customization options. The resulting output looks good and should fit in well with any theme you choose to use – having the option to tweak it with some custom CSS is a bonus if something is not displaying quite right for you. Including Amazon links in your posts can be quite lucrative.
AAWP is a perfect choice both for beginner and experienced affiliate marketers on Amazon. The plugin is efficient and does everything it promises well, allowing all niche site owners to reap its amazing benefits at a reasonable cost.
The plugin has many features that allow you to easily identify the best-selling products and create impressive boxes that persuade visitors to click your links. Even if you are new to affiliate marketing, this tool is simple to use to can help you start making more cash faster. With AAWP, you can never go wrong.
The first thing that I liked is the nice design that the plugin has and how is perfectly integrating with the WordPress theme. With AAWP you get various widgets and boxes to insert into your posts. They have a nice design and also they pull out details like, price, reviews, description, etc. With the help of Geo-Targeting you can increase you’re earnings without any real extra work.

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