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✅ Pros

It embraces the Blake construction with its elegantly slim profile and sleek contours, which gracefully curve from the toe to the throat.
Review Pros
The leather used to make these is of great quality.
The sizing is meant to be precisely the same.
They offer blake stitch construction for replaceable sole.
Free shipping & returns are offered.
Ace Marks is the only brand that we know of that will buy back your shoes when you want to replace them.
They don’t cause any foot pain and they look great.
It is handmade in Italy with 100% full grain skin leather, a premium material by artisan shoemakers.
Ace Marks is fantastic DTC (direct to consumer) brand.
It is hand-crafted and hand burnished in Italy.
It is hand dyed and burnished.
It is direct to customer, no middleman, no markups like traditional luxury shoe brands, with pairs costing from $224-$345.
With this brand there is a high level of design across the board.
They’re comfortable to wear all day long.
Ace Marks has a buy-back system. Return an old pair and get $50 off your next purchase.
They also donate your gently used shoes to Career Gear, which helps men in need get back on their feet and re-enter the workforce.
Free US shipping and returns also include pre-paid labels.
They also use Blake construction so the shoes are lightweight flexible, and really don’t require a break-in period at all.
The color combination and the design of the Griffin could easily be mistaken for a $1,600 shoe from John Lobb, Alden or Berluti.
A variety of high-end designs, colours, and styles match the sophisticated male shopper.
It is excellent price to performance.
They’re extremely versatile and I can wear them with jeans, chino’s and obviously dresses trousers.
They run true to size.
They used the Brannock device to determine sizing.
Each returned pair of Ace Marks is given to Career Gear to help other men get on their feet.
They are a great lightweight and flexible shoe for the guy on the go.
The stitching is masterfully concealed to create a streamlined design, which ensures that the cap toe remains a subtle rather than obnoxious detail.
Full grain Italian calfskin leather is used.
Crisp and clean shoe and boot styles are available.
The shoes can be recrafted over time.
The shoes are very well made.
Their Ace last is slim, sleek and modern that follows the curves of the foot which makes it more comfortable.
The color is rich and vibrant.

❌ Cons

Everything is made with leather so not many casual options, besides a few sneakers.
One of the most that annoys me about the shoes is that water seeps right through.
Pricing is only in US dollars, so the conversion for some countries plus the fee may be just as expensive as luxury brands.
In this price range, flaws are expected.
There are no vegan or non-animal material options.
Although I do like the last because of how it fits my feet but I don’t like how elongated it is.
International returns and exchanges have a $59 fee and no prepaid label, as well as possible duties and taxes.
Sneaker insole is glued on the bottom.
Sneaker leather is a bit rough at first.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
Indeed, Ace Marks is founded upon the philosophy of rendering real luxury accessible. While many new and ambitious shoe brands may throw around the term “luxury” in their marketing, Ace Marks endeavours to truly reflect it with their beautifully-crafted creations.
Ace Marks is another fantastic DTC (direct to consumer) brand offering high quality footwear at a more affordable price point. Their Italian aesthetic coupled with their buyback program makes them a lucrative option if you’re in the market for some good shoes without having to empty your wallet. Give them a shot. You won’t be disappointed.
This is a super shoe for the money. The fit is fine, the design is exceptional and the comfort factor is a plus. The Griffin is designed to be a closed lacing shoe, so for guys with a wider foot or high arch, these may not be the ones for you since they don’t have the give of an open lace (such as the Stuart or Vincent).
I think Ace Marks shoes are worth it. The shoes are offered around $300 but it might be slightly overpriced for Blake stitched shoes. With that said, they do age well and the materials used are decent in quality. The price per wear will go down over the years because these shoes last. Of course, They have to be cared for, meaning, using shoe trees when they aren’t worn and occasionally shined.
All of their shoes are built on a proprietary last that’s designed to not only look great, but also to reduce the common pressure points on your foot. This is why they’re comfortable to wear all day long. They also use Blake construction so the shoes are lightweight flexible, and really don’t require a break-in period at all. I’m so glad I have them in this color because it’s the only pair of shoes I have like this and I find them to be pretty darn versatile.
By cutting out the middle process that increases prices and adds markups, Ace Marks delivers a handcrafted pair of shoes straight from the artisan to the customer. Each pair of Ace Marks shoes are made in a small factory in Italy operated by fourth generation artisans, using 100% full grain calf-skin leather.
Ace Marks is a brand that flies under the radar, but my experience with their leather sneakers and chelsea boots over the past 6 months have been stellar. I’m thoroughly impressed with their entire collection of shoes, from the comfort and durability to their pleasant customer service experience. For men who are in the market for a pair of leather sneakers or chelsea boots, Ace Marks is not to be overlooked. I recommend them highly.

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