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✅ Pros

The smart alarm feature makes it easier for you to stay in tune with your fitness lifestyle.
Review Pros
Actofit is also water-resistant, with an IP67 rating.
It is powered by AI.
It is a worthy product that perfectly justifies its price.
It is breathable, washable and comfortable.
It is simple to use.
Actofit is a renowned brand and has a good reputation.
It stores up to 16 users.
It has good design and build quality.
It has support for up to 16 different profiles.
Actofit gives you an opportunity to track the amount of calories you burn during your fitness sessions.
It is compatible with a number of apps including Actofit Beat, Wahoo Runfit, Wahoo fitness, Runtastic Pro, Strava etc.
This is one of the most durable and accurate body fat analyzers that can help you plan your fitness regime accordingly.
It helps you keep track of the important day to day occurrences while you are working out.
Actofit also shows you the calorie burned for each exercise.
It prvides graphic illustration of your body data.
It has a function that allows you determine your heart-rate zone.
All the metrics and pattern developing over time can be seen inside the app.
Actofit provides you with a range of unique tracking qualities.
It can measure up to 14 different body metrics.
You will directly get all the notifications directly from the device.
It tracks your heart rate accurately 24/7 and gives you all the data.
Every time you wake up, the alarm reads and adjusts all the algorithms to set a predictive wake up and bedtime for you.
It has a blue black-lit large display, soft-touch buttons and durable ABS body.
Actofit can identify at least 75 exercises.
It has excellent reviews that showcase the level of satisfaction among customers.
It will use its algorithms to figure out what you are doing and log it automatically.
The company uses Dual frequency BIA technology for measuring these metrics.
It syncs instantly with your phone.
It provides accurate data.
The glass panel makes it look premium while there is plastic at the bottom that makes it durable.
The device has a form evaluation mechanism.
One of the most interesting features of this device is its compatibility with advanced Android and iOS devices through an elaborate app.
Design and build quality wise, the ActoFit Smart Scale looks really nice.
The burning calories capabilities enable you to review how many calories you are burning during your workout based upon your performance and heart rate.
It is extremely user-friendly.
There is nothing much set up to do as ActoFit Smart Scale is super easy to start with.
It is also IP67 waterproof.
You also do not have to manually enter the details.

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❌ Cons

The biggest drawback with Actofit is that it is the first product of an unknown company.
Actofit needs to be worn on the left wrist if you want it to accurately identify your movements.
It is a little pricey when compared to competition.
The app’s UI could have been better.
If you haven’t strapped on your Chest Strap well enough, it may slip from its desired position, making it difficult to capture the heart-rate.
The most damaging comments ranged from the battery charge not lasting a day to the tracker not pairing with or not connecting to the relevant mobile device, or the tracker not working as it should.
It does not come in cheap.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Take your money out cause this product costs a bomb and is probably the costliest one in the list. But with a high price, the exaptations are also high and Actofit delivers.
ActoFit SmartScale is a smart scale which can measure fourteen different types of body metrics and can support profiles for sixteen different people at a time. While a bit pricey when compared to its competition, it remains one of the best smart scales that you can buy right now.
Overall, the Acrofit Fitness Tracker is a unique, useful, and effective device that can help you effectuate progress and a great workout routine. With this product, you’ll be able to ensure that your fitness journey is a positive one and that you are constantly experiencing the prominent results that you are hoping for. Do not forget to keep checking back on the brand’s website for ordering information.
In all, if you were looking for a great looking, reliable and feature-rich body fat analyzer for yourself, this product from Actofit would be an ideal buy. Start searching for the exclusive deals and get the best price and value for your money.
The Actofit Tracker is unique, effective, and useful for all workout routines and most business and lifestyle routines. It gives you the data and indicates tips that are key in devising and maintaining an effective workout routine. Every quality of this device makes it a key tracker to incorporate into your lifestyle. Due to its consistent performance, the device helps you to monitor or change your workout processes based on reliable data.
The ActoFit Smart Scale is one of the best smart scales available right now. Alongside sporting a great build quality and looks, it measures complete body vitals. Moreover, you can also get personalized tips from an AI chatbot. The scale also possesses good accuracy and over traditional methods with its dual-frequency BIA technology. So, if you are planning to buy a smart scale, the ActoFit smart scale with all its features is really a good option at this price.
The Actofit Heart-Rate Monitoring Chest Straps acts as a workout partner, calorie counter and heart rate identifier. It also maintains session logs which allow you to optimize your fitness routine. It is powered with long-lasting batteries which means you can go on for a long time without charging it. It also comes with a one year warranty!
If you are looking to buy an Actofit, you must remember that it uses machine learning to recognize your exercises. If you do an exercise that is not among the 75 exercises in its database, you might need to wait for it to learn that movement. On top of that, the buzz for Actofit died out after it started shipping. You might also consider that the original Actofit is no longer offered on the company’s official Web site, and that their attention is focused on the launch of Actofit Rise. They, however, continue to update the mobile app. The biggest drawback with Actofit is that it is the first product of an unknown company, as well as the negative feedback on the products’ Indiegogo space.

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