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✅ Pros

You can also look at the secret deals that Agoda selects for you.
Review Pros
It offers coupons and insider deals that save you money.
Agoda provides you a higher commissions as the amount of sales you complete increases which is a great reward for higher partnership.
They have an easy to navigate website.
Agoda also has a points system called PointsMAX so you can earn points on your hotel and flight bookings.
Agoda is good when you need a hotel overseas because they have so many overseas hotels in their index.
Agoda does have more deals than most of their competitors.
It accepts all major credit cards and Paypal.
It has a decent rewards program.
There are hundreds of rooms to choose from.
You can refine the search based on hotel rating, neighborhood, accommodation type, and facilities.
Agoda offers you the chance to book hotels in a wide variety of countries.
Secret deals promise high-end accommodations at steep discounts.
Agoda offers a straightforward service that makes it easy for users to quickly search for deals on hotel rooms and flights.
Agoda is the undisputed champ for Asia.
They also allow you to download a Hotel Data File which gives you a data dump of all hotels on record currently along with all of the relevant information about each.
You can get in touch with Agoda 24/7 by phone.
Agoda has a favorites section so you can save your favorite flights and hotels and book later.
Agoda tends to come out on top for both inventory of hotels and prices.
The Agoda Affiliate tool is extremely comprehensive with so much customization available to you.
They provide 24/7 customer support services in 17 languages, which is particularly useful.
The Agoda Affiliate program also has an easy to use tracking program which shows you the amount of unique visitors and bookings along with your commissions.
Agoda also allows users to filter their results by payment option.
The website is easy to use.
There is a certain level of convenience that comes with ordering from Agoda.
It has good search functionality.
Agoda lets you sort search results to find the lowest price or the most highly rated hotels for your target dates.
Agoda offers a well-designed, streamlined user experience, with clear features for its customers.
Agoda has integrated their affiliate tool into WordPress which makes it easy for you to install the plugin and quickly add text links and banners to each of your entries.
Agoda has great search functionality.
Agoda also has price matching, and will reimburse you the difference between what you pay and a lower price you find.
Agoda will send you notifications if the pricing of your hotel changes.
Agoda offers insider deals.
It provides simple email confirmation to show at checkin.
It also has the ability to book non-traditional accommodations like hostels and private houses.

❌ Cons

Prices can be a bit more expensive than Airbnb for similar-type apartments.
Sometimes it takes a while for the hotel/hostel to receive the confirmation.
The hotel reviews that you read on Agoda are not reliable.
You won’t earn loyalty points or elite night credits from the hotel’s rewards program.
Taxes and service charges add between 10 to 25% more to your costs.
Customers don’t know the exact identities until they complete their booking.
The customer service department has a common excuse where they often say it was the fault of the system.
Agoda hides the final total you pay until the very end of the booking process.
You can’t purchase a flight and hotel package through this service.
Insider deals don’t always save you money.
Agoda has higher than average prices.
It shares the same parent company as Booking.com.
Great deals often have several dozen people viewing them at the same time.
Cookies are no longer retained.
Agoda doesn’t include landmarks and attractions in its filters.
You can’t rent cars through this service.
There is no commission click rate.
Agoda only offers hotels and does not offer flights and tours like some other affiliate programs do.
The website doesn’t offer experiences or tour bookings.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
Agoda is an excellent option for booking travel accommodations. The large number of properties they work with, as well as the multitude of filtering options, ensures that customers will be able to find exactly what they’re looking for.
The Agoda travel service specializes in hotel bookings around the world and has some of the best deals available. Although Agoda primarily focuses on hotel deals, you can also book flights through this travel site. Perhaps because Agoda specializes in just flights and hotels, the site seems to have better deals on both than found at other sites. The site also offers excellent service available around the clock.
Although it shares the same parent company as Booking.com, prices and listings are often different. In Asia, Agoda tends to come out on top for both inventory of hotels and prices. Plus, Agoda has great search functionality and even a decent rewards program.
Agoda.com is one of the fastest growing hotel booking platforms on the market today with it’s main offices in Asia and a growing influence in Europe, Middle East, and the Americas. If you’re looking for a great way to make passive income for helping people with their travel destinations, then the Agoda affiliate program is perfect for you.
The company is less-than-impressive. I should reiterate that the company has produced many happy customers, and the company hasn’t been the focus of any scandals or security. Yet, there are quite a few people who have a big problem with Agoda and say they have had a bad time thanks to the company.
Agoda is a hotel booking service that has helpful options for finding the best hotel to fit your needs. It’s great for finding hotels, but not for complete travel planning because you can’t bundle flights and cars together with your lodgings.
Agoda doesn’t offer much as far as searching for flights, but if you’re looking for accommodations, it’s worth checking out. In addition to traditional hotels and resorts, Agoda lets you search for hostels and private houses.
Agoda is one of the largest booking engines in the world and I prefer it when booking hotel rooms. They provide instant pricing discounts and accept a wide variety of payment options, including Paypal. They also have a partner program where you can save an extra 2 to 5% on your bookings.

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