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✅ Pros

It has 100% natural rubber resistance band.
Review Pros
It is latex free.
The waist band is tight to help hold the pants up, but it is also thick enough to properly disperse the pressure so it was very comfortable.
Each pair of AGOGIE resistance pants has eight actual resistance bands sewn inside.
The pants are available in two different resistance levels.
You can wear it anytime and anywhere.
The AGOGIE resistance pants are awesome for daily wear.
The pants also have stirrups and a drawstring to help hold them in place.
Many customers stated they were thrilled with the results and were going to invest in another pair.
I feel these pants would be an especially good training tool.
AGOGIE pants have men’s and women’s sizing ranging from X-small to 3X-large, as well as women’s petite sizes.
The drawstring waist of these pants means that you won’t have to put up with droop or creep over time.
The pants provide resistance training for your lower body without needing any equipment.
AGOGIE offers free shipping, free exchanges, and free returns for domestic orders.
You can wear them out shopping or on the track and enjoy plenty of comforts.
The fabric is not sheer when stretched, but feels nice and lightweight.
Customers praised the positive, helpful experiences with the customer service representatives.
Each pair of AGOGIE pants has 8 100% natural rubber latex resistance bands sewn into an elastane and polyester fabric to craft the perfect workout pants.
The pants are made from a moisture-wicking material made of polyester and elastane.
AGOGIE offers free shipping on all orders over $99 and offers shipping protection for $1.95.
They provide a compression style fit but never feel overly tight.
These pants add resistance to any activity you are doing.
The bands inside the pants are made using 100% natural rubber.
It comes with a thicker waistband to anchor resistance to your hips.
The ankles are also tight to keep them from riding up, and I found the elastic around the ankle to be the least comfortable aspect of the legging.
The leggings are great for moves that have a lot of range of motion in your legs, and also when your leg straightens out entirely at some point during the move.
I find the resistance bands unobtrusive and often forget they are even there.
These are made with SweetFlexx’s FlexxSupplex fabric which provides 4-way stretch and combines comfort and strength so you can wear them all day.
The natural latex bands inside these pants should last for approximately two years if you don’t get them too hot in the washing machine or subject them to the dryer.
The key to their effectiveness is the fact they provide resistance without affecting your usual biomechanics.
For best effect, these pants fit down over your heel and fasten tight around your waist.
The Agogie pants are lycra pants that use two front and two rear sewn-in elastic bands on each leg to provide resistance to normal movement.
I was the most concerned about this, but honestly, I think they look normal.
It comes with pockets at the left and right to store mobile phones, wallets and/or cards.
The waistband never rolls, which I love.
The AGOGIE pants are awesome for anyone who is looking for a way to get fit without having to work out every day.
The fabric is also light and breathable, so I didn’t feel like I was overheating at all during my workouts.
While the resistance bands add resistance, the pants themselves are quite comfortable and offer breathability.

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❌ Cons

Pockets are another addition expected to improve these products.
They cost more than your average workout leggings, but you’re technically also buying resistance bands.
They have a bit of a jogger look and the fabric scrunches, more so at the bottom.
If you want more than black, you may have to wait.
Putting these pants in the dryer and adding heat will shorten their lives, so you may need two pairs.
If you have an inseam longer than 36 inches, these pants may not fit well in the groin because the heel hook may tug them down too far. Crotch droop may be a problem.
I do recommend only wearing them for cardio or strength training where you stay on your feet.
Many customers struggled with the high price of the pants but said the results were well worth the price.
They are currently only available in black, but the company is launching new colors soon.
A few customers struggled with a long, awkward crotch or too short of a crotch on petite sizes, making it difficult for lengthy, comfortable wear.

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Review Summaries
In this hustle bustle of busy lifestyle, we are so busy with many responsibilities; whether it is parenting, office works or other commitment in various companies/industries or organizations, by the time we hit home, we just want to rest and sleep. As a result, working out will always be ditched out of the window. With rubber resistance bands stitched inside, AGOGIE 2.0 turns your daily activities into workouts.
AGOGIE resistance pants have eight actual resistance bands sewn inside. Running in these pants can be a runner’s dream — it’s training with resistance bands while running. Two birds, one stone. If you’re looking to hit some new running goals this running season, these pants are sure to give you a leg up.
outlining your muscles with resistance, these pants burn more calories, fat, and engage all the muscles of your legs as well as abdominals, lower back, and hip flexors for all around strength building. They come in regular and petite women’s sizes ranging from X-small to 3 X-large.
They are for men and women and they come in different resistance. I got the women’s +40 resistance pants in black and love them. Since I already work out every day, these were a great addition to my daily lifestyle. When I am not working out, I am still getting some resistance from wearing these workout pants. I love them! Do AGOGIE pants work? I say YES!
I am very happy with these SweetFlexx Leggings! What more can anyone ask for? They look good, feel comfy, and I get the benefits of burning extra calories. I look forward to wearing them as often as possible!
In the end, the choice of your training and/or racing gear comes down to what your biggest determining factors are at an event like WTM. If you feel the added wetsuit fatigue kills your completion miles then I’d definitely recommend you purchase a pair of Agogies. If you are not a WTMer but are looking for another tool to add to your training arsenal then you should give them a go. Either way, their benefit will be well worth it for you!
Agogie resistance pants make every activity a way to increase your fitness. Wearing them to your regular workout can improve your results without boosting your workout time or exercise intensity. You can also wear them for regular activities and increase your calorie burn with each step.
Overall, I think that these leggings really do add enough resistance to make body weight exercise and day-to-day activity significantly more challenging. I think it’s great that Agogie makes two different levels of resistance, so the +20lb version can be worn all day, to add subtle challenge to daily life, and the +40lb version can be intentionally worn during a body weight workout, bike ride, run, or any other activity that utilizes primarily the lower body.

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