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✅ Pros

The placement of the triggers is perfect and are installed precisely where your fingers naturally sit at the rear of the controller.
Review Pros
Every controller comes with removable bumpers.
Every button that you can find on a DualShock is available on the Aim.
The front of the box has a clear window so that you can see your controller in all of its glory.
You have your full warranty with Aim Controllers so if you ever have any issues with your new controllers then help is at hand.
Each button is strategically placed around the controller to keep the immersion alive.
The controllers are kept in place with foam packaging that is cut to the size and shape of the controller, keeping the controllers nice and snug in their box.
The tension of the paddles is just right so that it avoids accidental presses during gameplay.
All of your most used buttons are in easy access where your hands will be resting anyway.
The controller is a Microsoft product at its core, so it has all the V3 features you can expect it to have.
Anyone who orders a device that exceeds a specific price gets sent a controller travel case, free of charge.
They even have their own handle with their logo on for the case, and it looks so cool.
It’s very obvious that the games with Aim support have put thought into ensuring that the controls sync up with the controller in your hand well.
The design doesn’t feel cheap in any way.

❌ Cons

The shipping time might be very long.
They require a little bit of pressure in order to press however not too much pressure where you are not able to comfortably press them.
I don’t like the fact that they’re only programmed once.
The grip on the backside doesn’t work as well as the grip that Xbox put on the Design Lab controllers.
Design Lab doesn’t offer personalized customization at this level.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
If you are looking to raise your game and get the competitive edge with console gaming then you should be considering a modded controller. Even if you are a casual gamer and just want a better overall gaming experience you should look at getting one. Aim Controllers offer some of the best modded controllers out there and the quality is fantastic. At an affordable starting price of $69USD there is no reason why Aim Controllers shouldn’t top your list.
The website is simple and straight to the point, and the shipping time might be very long, but the moment that controller is in your household, it’ll be worth it. The product quality is something truly extraordinary, the controller really feels great in the hand, and the design doesn’t feel cheap in any way. It really feels like they sure took their time to create a a one of a kind device. On top of it all, every order comes with a nice stylish box to place the controller in, as well as a useful travel case, which is just insane (at least I received one)! The only thing I don’t like with Aimcontrollers is that they’re not focused on Xbox, they could offer a lot more for the platform.
If you’re a big fan of first-person shooters you’ll need this beauty in your collection to revolutionize the way you play games in virtual reality. PlayStation Aim is comfortable, lightweight, and comes with all the same buttons that you would find on a DualShock controller.

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