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✅ Pros

It is incredibly comfortable to use – feels like a massage.
Review Pros
The 38L carrying case is small enough to fit as a carry-on yet big enough to fit all of the items.
The Air Relax compressor unit pumps 15 litres per minute into the boots which allows for a high number of cycles per session.
If you are concerned that your legs won’t fit in the sleeves, don’t worry, the leg attachments come in multiple sizes.
Based on how tight you want the sleeves to squeeze your legs, there are up to 4 levels of adjustable pressure and 3-programmed variations.
It is simple and easy to use with multiple program modes, pressure variables and time option 15 minutes.
The price is good, considering how expensive these boots are.
What I love about this device is that the control panel allows you to target specific areas of your body.
It is easy to program.
It is very easy to operate.
It increases performance by decreasing delayed onset soreness, reducing recovery time and venous circulation.
The control unit is easy to use and figure out.
Personally I find being in the boots very relaxing.
It also boasts a 15-minute automatic shut-off feature to ensure that you don’t overdo which I feel is incredibly helpful.
The entire system is small and easy to store.
The Air Relax leg massager system provides users with up to 4 levels of compression.
The compression is spot on.
It helps with blood flow, lymphatic issues, and circulatory issues almost immediately.
It is a durable and high-quality product with high maximum compression (230 mmHg).
An optional power bank can provide you with three extra hours of juice while away from a wall socket.
The Air Relax comes equipped with four zones (foot, calf, knee, and thigh) that are able to be filled in different patterns and filled to four different pressure settings.
Interested buyers can pick up their own Air Relax System for a few hundred dollars cheaper than some of the other well known brands.
This south korean designed and manufactured option is a reliable low cost compression recovery boot.
With a 1 year warranty you really can’t go wrong.
It reduces out of pocket massage therapy costs.
The AR-4.0 Recovery System is fancier than most interfaces in cars, with a 5.5-inch LCD built-in.
The basic design of the Air Relax compression system makes it very user-friendly.
All zips on the Air Relax boots are made from YKK zips which are a highly dependable and trusted industrial/commercial grade zip.
The features of the Air Relax 2.0 or AR 2 Compression Boots give them a very high value for money feel.
Through the control unit, you can control the level of pressure (four different levels) and how the pressure is applied.
It comes in at one of the most affordable price points out there on the market.
This style works targeted muscle groups in sequential order to help boost recovery and cut down on soreness time.
The design is slick, with uncompromisingly strong zippers and durable nylon fabric to help the chambers expand and contract.
The maximum pressure setting on the Air Relax is one of the highest pressure levels available of compression boots on the market.
It is extremely comfortable.
Range of compression level is good for those with different preferences.
The Air Relax Compression Boots have high level of performance and functionality for their price.
It is effective for reducing lactic acid and speed recovery.
Air Relax have a number of quality compression boots models online.
It truly does feel like someone is squeezing your legs and applying pressure to the specific muscle groups you target.
It is affordably priced at $450.
There are various compression modes for different purposes.
It is significantly cheaper than high-end competition.
The programmed variations and pressure levels are designed to treat different types of issues and body parts.
The pump comes with a convenient carry handle and is powered via a 5 foot cord that needs to be plugged in to a wall outlet.

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❌ Cons

Overall, the size of the console is quite large, and won’t quite fit in the palm of your hand.
The silicone hose tangles easily.
The system does not come standard with a carrying case.
You can end up dropping $1,250 for the Air Relax Pro.
The case adds little more than a way to keep things organized.
It can be easy to knock off the tub occasionally.
It shuts down after 15 minutes, so you have to reset it if you want longer.
Leg sleeves slide down your thigh a little depending on bottoms you wear.
One thing that I noticed is that the feet fit pretty tight.
There is no Bluetooth connectivity.
There’s no external battery you can use so that you can kick it with Air Relax in the back seat of your car while your spouse drives.
I’m sure some people will like the added portability, but the entire package isn’t all that light, so I won’t be lugging it around.
There is only one size boot to select.
On a hot day, your legs will feel a little sweaty inside the boots.
Some people may not respond as well as other to compression therapy.
It is difficult to store between uses.
One of the bigger drawbacks of this design is that it doesn’t come in a variety of sizes. If you are a little short or tall, you will likely have issues with the overall fit.
It is not portable or rechargeable.
The entire process is pretty quiet, which is nice if you want to throw on the Air Relax Pro boots while you catch up on House of the Dragon.
Each session only lasts 15 minutes.
Some countries may need a power converter.
There is no empirical evidence to support any claims from any compression recovery boots that they aid recovery.
You will need to be tethered to a power outlet at all times, which makes the portability of this option a little less than ideal.
It has short control unit cord.

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Review Summaries
The Air Relax Recovery is an essential aspect of my recovery that is simple to use, program and wear for a effective quality based time that will not only improve your performance but speed your recovery.
The Air Relax Pro AR-4.0 Leg Recovery System is amazing, but it can be a tough sell at $1,250. That’s a lot of money, especially compared to other recovery alternatives like rollers and ice baths. However, the Air Relax Pro is a safe bet if you are looking for a top-notch leg recovery system. You can customize your preference of boots, sleeves, and systems for a full-body experience — at a price.
All in all, if you’re looking for compression boots to bolster your recovery routine, this system is definitely one to consider both for the professional athlete and the weekend warrior.
Honestly, I am now addicted to using the Air Relax Boots. Compression boots have become a staple recovery modality for me and 30 minutes in the Air Relax boots have a huge effect on how well recovered and fresh my legs feel even after a solid run or strength session.
Interestingly, although these boots have less added features and tech compatibility then the other brands I have mentioned, they are still regarded as a good reliable recovery option for athletes. So if you aren’t fussed by “bells and whistles” the Air Relax Compression Device could be the way to go.
Buy Air Relax if you’re not rich enough NormaTec and you find compression recovery boots relaxing. There is no guarantee that they will help you recover faster, but I really love the squeeze and pressure around my aching legs after a hard workout and my legs feel so relax and happy afterward. I think compression recovery boots help me the same way a massage helps me, so in that sense, Air Relax is totally worth the investment.
We strongly believe that this is the best compression device on the market today, and we believe that almost anyone can benefit from using it.
Air Relax Recovery Boots exceeded all expectations. I was expecting an expensive and complicated product, but instead have something I use every night. Three modes and four pressure levels let me explore how best to use compression therapy to my advantage and I was able to find my go-to setting after only a few uses. The best part: it’s quiet and I can actually get other things done while optimizing my recovery. I recommend Air Relax to anyone looking to maximize their health and save a couple hundred dollars.
It’s hard for me to justify the high price point of many of the higher-end compression boots out there on the market. As a budget shopper, the Air Relax provides the best of both worlds. It offers quality compression to help melt away soreness, and it doesn’t come in at a price point that rivals my treadmill! The lower price tag on this design does come with a few disadvantages, but luckily overall performance isn’t one of them.
These compression boots are an extremely affordable option for anyone that is often active such as runners, cyclists and triathletes who are looking for an edge in their next workout or competition. They allow you to get the benefits to your lymphatic system that you would get from movement while remaining stationary. The pressure of the boots help reduce swelling and inflammation and prepares your body for it’s next workout sooner!

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