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✅ Pros

It is quick and easy to set up with support if you have trouble.
Review Pros
Their single-country data plans are cheaper.
If you run out of data, you can top up anywhere, anytime, by purchasing another Airalo eSIM data pack online.
The customer support is excellent and fast.
Global and regional packages mean you don’t have to switch SIM cards from country to country making it a perfect option for digital nomads and long term travellers.
Customer service team is available 24 hours a day.
Every time you purchase a new eSIM for travel, top up your eSIM, or take part in promotional offers; you earn credit.
Short-term and long-term plans are available.
They have a friend referral program with a code you can share and earn credit, you also earn credit with every purchase.
With Airalo, you can connect to the local network as soon as the pilot turns that seatbelt sign off.
Their eSIM provider gives you the opportunity to opt for 3-day or 7-day deals, dependent on how long you are in each country.
It also provides language support.
You can keep your original SIM card in your phone and still receive communication and texts from friends and family back home (using your same mobile number).
One of the most popular benefits of Airalo’s eSIM is that you get to keep your phone number, no matter where you end up.
The data gauge on your account/app means you can easily keep track of how much data you have left and top up.
Airalo eSIMs are very affordable.
It has affordable prices.
Airalo’s 7-day eSIMs offer good value for short trips abroad.
Different data plans are available with very competitive pricing.
You can also renew or top up an existing profile, or buy a new one as needed.
Airalo has detailed instructions available for both Android and iOS.
You can also store multiple eSIMs in your Airalo account and effortlessly change between them using the Airalo App.
The website has a list of over 190 countries and regions where service is available.
No matter where you are globally, you will have internet service.
You can use the data from an Airalo eSIM to use apps like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger for calling and texting.
Airalo was very straightforward and there were no hidden fees.
Packages start with as little as 1GB of data and cost as little as $5 making it ideal if are travelling on a budget or just need a little boost.
You can use the dual-SIM functionality on your phone to stay connected on your normal phone number.
You can refer your friends and family, and you get $3 USD deposited to your account once they buy an eSIM.
Credits for customers are also available.
They have coverage in 190+ countries and regions.
You can get multiple eSIM access.
Having an eSIM means that your phone doesn’t need to have a physical SIM slot.
I also loved that I didn’t have to worry about losing my regular SIM card from home.
Airalo eSIMs are also really affordable.
While you can have up to 2 activated, you can have eight or even more installed and stored on your phone with you at all times.
It offers instant connection.
It literally takes 5 minutes to download the app, choose your eSIM, buy and install.
It offers local, regional, and global plans.
Using Airalo eSIM, you don’t need to continue swapping SIM cards to access your banking app or receive other daily messages and codes.
They offer data coverage to up to 190 countries worldwide.
Each time you buy an Airalo eSIM or top up your eSIM, you get rewarded with credits.
You can save 6 to 15x in roaming compared to your local operator.
The Airalo app allows you to easily manage your eSIM plans.
With Airalo, it’s incredibly quick and easy getting a local eSIM when you travel.
Using an Airalo eSIM makes it super easy to stay connected while traveling abroad.
They work with the most advanced and fastest operators around the world.
You can buy a data plan before you arrive at your destination or when landing.

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❌ Cons

Your phone needs to support eSIM and be unlocked to use Airalo.
There is no local phone number.
SIMs are data-only for most countries.
Roaming on your normal domestic SIM card can sometimes be cheaper.
The data also expired after a certain time, typically seven days or thirty dates depending on what package you have picked.
The main disadvantage to Airalo is that most of their eSIMs only support data, not phone calls or text messaging.
I had a few issues in the past, but customer support always fixed the issues quickly.
Airalo provides no guarantee of stable availability of the network service.
Airalo’s eSIMs do not give you a local phone number and you won’t be able to make phone calls or send SMS text messages.
No unlimited data plans are available.
According to several users, cellular coverage in some countries is not so good.
Their customer service is not available in several different languages. So, if you do not know English, you may have some problems communicating with them.
If your primary cell phone carrier offers great international roaming plans, it may be your best bet.
The Airalo eSIMs are expensive for regular, longer-term usage.
Airalo only offers data plans, which means you can not make phone calls or send text messages.
It is limited on selected devices.
In order to use their service, your phone needs to be eSIM compatible.
Airalo’s Cambodian eSIM profiles, like most of the packages it offers, don’t come with a local phone number: they’re data-only.
Data and voice are available for limited countries.
The main downside is that your eSIM doesn’t offer call or text capability.
The Airalo eSIMs only work on a handful of newer devices.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
All in all, I was impressed with Airalo’s eSIM service. Especially given how unpredictable travel is at the moment, having a fast, reliable, and affordable internet connection available within minutes of touching down in a new country is genuinely valuable to me.
If you’re looking for the most bang for your buck, Airalo eSIM is definitely more affordable. If you’re just looking to connect to the internet from time to time, and will not need heavy usage, Airalo might be a good choice for you.
Airalo is an excellent solution for people who travel internationally regularly. It will save you time and money, allowing you to travel anywhere with peace of mind. With the ability to instantly connect to data and have multiple eSIMs in place, frequent travelers can save so much time not having to wait in line for your SIM card at the airport.
If you value your time and hard-earned money and your device is compatible with Airalo eSIM, then the pros far outweigh the cons. This product is easy to use and it’s Convenient (with a capital C!)
Airalo is one of our favourite and most reliable ways to pick up data quickly and easily, anywhere. The customer service is excellent and they have plenty of information on their site meaning you won’t have any trouble installing things yourself.
Airalo is a leading provider of prepaid eSIM plans for tourists and business travellers to more than 190 countries around the world. Rather than paying the normal international roaming rates charged by your home provider, you can get a low-cost eSIM from Airalo for use in your destination country.
The eSIM market is a competitive one, with many honorable mentions such as WhatSim, Ringmemaybe, Holafly, and Yesim. However, through lots of cross-comparison, we have decided that Airalo is top of the league.
The plans are cheap, the data was always fast and reliable, and it was so easy to set up. The only downside is the limited number of plans that support voice calls and come with a phone number. From now on, Airalo will be my go-to eSIM provider. While I’ve only used it in two countries so far, it has shown itself to be a convenient, reliable way to access data while abroad. I look forward to using it again on future travels!
I liked Airalo due to its reliability, easy app. interface, and affordability.
Airalo lets you save 6-15x in data roaming when you travel. It offers local and regional travel eSIMs at the most competitive rates in 2022. It’s straightforward to set-up, and it works in most countries around the world, including the fastest 5G operators.
I strongly recommend Airalo because I’ve been using it since 2021, and my experience is positive.
It’s convenient, easy to use, and affordable. It makes traveling better and easier. That said, as a nomad, having an eSIM makes my traveling lifestyle better.

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