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✅ Pros

You can earn an average of €35 for every valid claim, depending on the country in which the claim was made.
Review Pros
All you have to do is send the necessary documents.
It operates under European Regulation EC 261 of 2004.
It is super easy to file a claim.
You’re not charged anything if your claim doesn’t end up paying out. Essentially, you never have to pay them out of pocket.
AirHelp is able to accommodate a wide range of customers by offering services in 16 languages.
You get to educate your audience about their rights, and help them get the money they often don’t even know they are owed.
It has global reach.
It makes researching passenger rights easy.
Money is automatically deposited after your claim is approved.
AirHelp manages the claims paperwork.
If the claim is denied, you don’t have to pay anything.
The service provides a seamless way to request compensation for overbooked, delayed, and downgraded flights. You don’t have to fill out EU 261 claim forms or reach out to the airline directly.
Complete membership includes lounge access.
Previous clients have noted excellent service as a benefit of using Airhelp.
It alerts you of any claims due automatically.
They have established legitimate outlets in different countries.
AirHelp Plus can help you request compensation for lost, delayed, or damaged baggage.
AirHelp will not charge any fees for claims that do not receive compensation for.
The partner doesn’t have to wait until the airline pays out.
AirHelp has approximately 95k reviews and 4.7 of 5 ratings over Trustpilot.
AirHelp’s tracking is able to determine whether your audience came back to make a claim within 30 days of visiting their site.
Customers will often receive more through Airhelp than many other flight compensation websites.
You can easily make a claim against an airline.
You pay nothing upfront (only when your claim is paid).
AirHelp takes their smallest commission on EC 261 flights.
It offers assistance with flight claims.
AirHelp takes care of everything, including going to court for you.
You can always see your AirHelp claim status on the website.
AirHelp is a fast and reliable service and have been recognized by prominent business and news review sources.
AirHelp has been expanding into the U.S. market and can be a good solution for issues you have on domestic flights.
You can request compensation for flights that were delayed, canceled, or overbooked within the past 3 years.

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❌ Cons

The process takes several months (though that’s not AirHelp’s fault).
AirHelp Plus has a relatively small set of premium features.
AirHelp takes a portion of your payment (about 25%, sometimes more outside of the EU).
It can take a while (expect 6 months to 1 year for payment).
You must provide full documentation (ticket, payment, identification information).
Compensation payout can take several months or longer.
It is not clear as how a potential customer might contact an AirHelp representative directly in order to ask questions. They rely heavily on the FAQ.
You can be charged up to 50% of the received Flight Compensation for their service.
The AirHelp service fee can be up to 50% of your compensation.
AirHelp doesn’t help with lost or damaged baggage claims (unless you have AirHelp Plus).
AirHelp might not be a fit for passengers who have the skill, time, and patience to file claims directly without a representative. charges customers 35% success fee which is a little over industry average.
AirHelp takes a cut of your compensation.
The service takes a 35% to 50% cut of your compensation. This is generally not worthwhile for simple EU 261 claims as filing the claim on your own is a relatively simple process.
It takes a considerable percentage of claims and legal payouts.

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Review Summaries
If you’re already familiar with how to get paid back everything you’re owed for a cancelled flight, then you’re better off doing it on your own. You keep the entire amount, instead of giving a quarter to AirHelp. But it is in the airline’s best interest to give you as little money as possible to keep you happy. So consider that Airhelp has done this a lot and it’s in their best interest to get you as much money as possible. That helped me decide that it was better to hand it over to them.
AirHelp is a flight compensation company that provides the service of claiming compensations for passengers who have undergone the burden of a cancelled or delayed flight. AirHelp assists its customers by claiming on their behalf and fights for their rights in court if the airline shows reluctance to pay, saving their customers time and headaches.
AirHelp Limited is a flight delay claim company headquartered in Hong Kong, China. They have established legitimate outlets in different countries. You can be charged up to 50% of the received Flight Compensation for their service.
AirHelp is the world’s largest organization specializing in air passenger rights, educating people and helping travelers to get compensation for delayed or canceled flights. They use human legal experts, as well as artificial intelligence and state-of-the-art technology, to process claims. Since 2013, AirHelp has helped more than 13 million air passengers around the world in 16 languages.
Claims, compensations, and all that jazz, AirHelp is a useful tool that puts travelers first, and that’s seriously underrated.
All in all, we think that AirHelp is a solid service if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of airline compensation. While you’ll get less money than if you filed the claim yourself, you’ll save time by offloading this task to AirHelp. However, if you have the time to file the claim on your own, we recommend doing this so that you get the full amount of compensation for your delayed flight.
Overall, AirHelp is a useful service that saves time and paperwork headache of filing for compensation for delayed or cancelled flights in the European Union. The process is super simple and they don’t get paid unless you do.

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