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✅ Pros

The aligners are of good quality.
Review Pros
AlignerCo is easily the most affordable option among the aligner companies we reviewed.
It is affordable at-home aligner system—starting at $1,145.
AlignerCo is easily the most affordable home aligner treatment on the market.
Users can eat whatever they want with the aligners.
The aligners are made of Essix plastic, which is a well-respected and experienced dental materials provider.
It accepts HSA/FSA.
AlignerCo’s aligners are made by RaintreeEssix—a respected dental supply company that’s been making clear aligners since 2005.
AlignerCo allows customers to pay for treatment with their Health Savings Account and Flexible Spending Account.
Convenient in-home treatment—no office visits are required.
Nighttime-only aligner systems are available.
It’s great to use for adults and teenagers.
There’s no need to book dental appointments.
It accepts FSA / HSA and they’re often eligible for insurance reimbursement.
Free whitening treatment is included.
Their prices for aftercare retainers are the lowest in the industry.
It offers flexible payment plans, including monthly installments with or without a down payment offers flexible payment plans, including monthly installments with or without a down payment.
You can refer friends and earn $100 cash.
Monthly payment plan is available.
It has relatively quick treatment time.
To ensure that its customers have peace of mind with their treatment, AlignerCo offers a WorryFree Protection plan for $500.
Incredibly competitive price – far cheaper than other clear aligner providers.
It offers clearest invisible braces.
It can be removed easily.
Their aligners are made of Essix plastic, an experienced and well-respected provider of dental materials.
Multiple payments plans are available that allow AlignerCo to cater to different financial situations.
It is safe to use on mild to moderately misaligned teeth.
A dentist or orthodontist will provide a personalized treatment plan.
It is very effective.
AlignerCo has three payment options you can choose from.
AlignerCo’s dental team reviews photos of your teeth every two weeks to help keep your treatment on track.
If you purchase an impression kit from AlignerCo and are not a good candidate for its invisible braces, the company will refund 100 percent of your money.
AlignerCo provides an affordable option for those who are looking to straighten their teeth with clear aligners rather than traditional metal braces.
You can choose from several payment plans.
Two-step qualification process helps ensure your safety and that treatment will work for you.
AlignerCo offers three simple payment plans.
It is dentist and orthodontist directed.
Treatment is accessible and convenient-customers now have the option to complete treatment entirely remotely via a mail-in impression kit, or they can visit the in person Smile Studio to get assistance with taking their teeth impressions.
It is arguably the most affordable option on the market, starting at just around $1,200.
Several payment plans are available.
AlignerCo’s support team is regularly praised in their online reviews.
Corrections can take as little as four to six months.
With a series of aligners worn for 10 days each, your teeth will be gently guided into a corrected position.
Invisible aligners cost around 65% less than traditional braces.
If you are deemed ineligible for treatment, you’ll be refunded for the cost of your impression kit.
AlignerCo now offers NightOnly treatment as a more convenient & flexible treatment option.
It is more affordable than braces and Invisalign.
The customer service of AlignerCo is also often praised.
Daytime and nighttime wear options are available.
It’s the most affordable online aligner company.
It has flexible payment methods.
Plan includes impression kit, 3-D treatment plan, aligners & retainer at no extra charge.
All treatment plans consist of a whitening kit.
It is more affordable than braces and other invisible aligner brands.
It has short treatment time.
AlignerCo allows customers to schedule a video call with one of its smile specialists for free if additional guidance is needed when completing the teeth impressions.
These are easier to clean compared to braces.
They’re quick to respond to emails.
AlignerCo claims that they offer the “world’s clearest invisible aligners.”
AlignerCo has partnered with DENTSPLY Raintree Essix,Inc to provide you the best invisible aligners in the market.
These are some of the clearest invisible aligners on the market.
24/7 customer support is available with live chat on its website.
There is a night-only aligner option available.
Reviews on AlignerCo are sparse, but those that are available are relatively positive.
AlignerCo has a cheaper impression kit than most of the leading invisible braces brands (that charge close to $100).
A mail-in impression kit and online treatment plan makes it possible to straighten your smile 100% remotely.
It is more affordable than most at-home clear aligners.
They can straighten teeth and fix minor bite problems like my husband had.
NightOnly option is available.
Their aligners are FDA-approved and specially designed by an expert group of orthodontists.
Affordable monthly financing starts at just $86/mo.
The entire process, from taking impressions to wearing your aligners, is fully remote.
Aligners are customized, handcrafted, and trimmed for comfortable wear
They check in with you often for photos, which made us feel more comfortable.

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❌ Cons

It has a BBB rating of F.
You have to pay for refinements.
You can’t get a refund if you’re not satisfied with the treatment.
Impression Kit is not eligible for returns.
They don’t have as many customer reviews as larger, more established at-home aligner brands like Byte and SmileDirectClub.
It is not applicable for treating severe cases.
No in-office scans mean it is less predictable.
Must purchase a plan or kit before eligibility is confirmed (though a full refund will be issued if you’re not a candidate).
Once you pay for it, I’ve heard it’s hard to get a refund (so be sure about it when paying upfront!).
They can’t do any cosmetic filing or filing between teeth if necessary for crowding.
It is not covered by insurance.
It can’t treat complex orthodontic problems.
AlignerCo’s treatment plans range from 6-12 months, vs just 3-4 with Byte.
NightOnly option costs more.
It has only one physical location.
The NightOnly treatment is a little more expensive and takes longer for results.
It may cause dry mouth in some people.
Some people almost experience dry mouth.
There is no option for teeth whitening.
While AlignerCo provides remote oversight, it’s not as robust as the regular hands-on care you’ll receive from in-office treatments.
No refunds are available on treatment.
Impression kit doesn’t provide detailed instructions.
There is extra cost for replacement retainers.
It does not work on severe cases of misaligned teeth.
If you have severe misalignment or bite problems, then you will have to consider going for metal braces or Invisalign, in some cases.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
AlignerCo could be a great, economical choice for clear aligners. You can choose a payment plan to fit your budget, as long as you don’t mind a slightly longer treatment time. Byte aligners give similar outcomes, but may be slightly faster.
If price is your #1 factor in deciding which aligner company to go with, though, and you want to go as inexpensive as possible, go with AlignerCo. Maybe the thought of “paying yourself” $1,000 to suck it up for an extra 3-6 months intrigues you.
As a fully remote option, AlignerCo’s dental team uses molds of your teeth to develop a personalized aligner treatment, then crafts the aligners and mails them to you. AlignerCo not only has the most affordable price tag on the market at $895, but they also provide convenient financing plans for their treatment.
Every treatment plan in this store is licensed Orthodontist and reviewed by experts. It should clear up any doubts you may have about this brand as it offers the lowest price compared to others. The well-packaged service ensures your invisible aligners arrive safely. What’s more, countless people have proven the effectiveness of using these aligners regularly. So we have no reason to doubt the trustworthiness of this brand.
AlignerCo is a competitive provider on the market with an affordable overall upfront cost, a no down payment option, and a 100 percent smile guarantee. However, the company does have a higher monthly fee and a lengthier treatment time than most leading invisible braces providers.
If you are looking for a practical and affordable way to get straighter teeth, we recommend ALIGNERCO. It offers a middle ground between DIY braces and professional dental services.
All told, AlignerCo is a good (albeit newer) option in the home aligner sector. We rank them as our #3 choice for home clear aligners. To us, it’s pretty impressive how quickly they’ve established a good reputation in the market. And we expect that reputation to keep on improving. Pair that with their high product quality and unrivaled prices, and you’ve got a safe treatment that won’t break the bank.
Compared to other popular teeth aligner brands, like Candid Co., and Byte, AlignerCo does have the advantage of having the lowest cost- by quite a bit as well operating partially remotely with the option to visit an in-person location, similarly to Candid Co. and Byte.
If you’re a budget-conscious shopper that doesn’t want to compromise on quality, or you simply prefer an in-home experience at an unbeatable price, ALIGNERCO is a great pick for you.
Although the price point of ALIGNERCO is appealing to many people, it’s not always the best idea to go with the cheapest option. If you are looking for more hands-on care and remote monitoring, ALIGNERCO is not right for you.
This AlignerCo review readily recommends this invisible aligner service for anyone looking for a more affordable way to straighten their teeth. Compared to other competing companies, their prices are more cost-effective, as reflected in numerous AlignerCo Canada reviews.
Alignerco’s invisible aligners are an affordable, at-home teeth straightening method for patients with mild to moderate orthodontic needs such as crowding, spacing and overbite.
Overall, we were very impressed by AlignerCo. Although we might have liked more background information on the brand, the excellent results and happy customers are really more important than the background color.
AlignerCo is an affordable option, and we’re glad that my husband went with them to straighten his teeth! They look so much better, and though there is one or two that could be a bit more straight on the bottom, we’re both happy with the experience.
Even though AlignerCo doesn’t have advanced facilities like the HyperByte technology or remote monitoring device, it does a pretty good job according to its price. Moreover, its product and treatment quality as well as customer service are equally good when compared to its competitors.

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