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✅ Pros

The chair comes in fabric as well as faux leather and in three colours.
Review Pros
It is a slouch proof chair.
You can get the Backstrong for an early bird price of just $250, which makes it look good compared to even mainstream quality office chairs.
It offers absolutely unreal comfort and support.
When I got the C1. Within a few days, I noticed that I had more energy and better focus throughout the day.
It has a reactive support that essentially means the seat base moves with you to ensure a proper posture, no matter how you squirm.
Numerous users have shared their positive experience in the online A1133 Chair Reviews on the official website.
The chair can be used to help prevent sciatica, herniation, muscle strain, scoliosis and fatigue.
It claims to deliver high productivity.
The A1133 Backstrong Chair is ergonomic, and research shows that sitting in ergonomic chairs may alleviate back pain and improve posture.
The small seat base is both shallow and wide and is lined with a comfortable cushion that would appeal to goldilocks.
It helps improve dissemination just as the breath.
It naturally encourages you to lean back for better poster, correcting how you sit by encouraging you to revert back to your proper position after you are done leaning forward.
It builds back and center strength.
This chair is specially designed with the therapeutic seating option.
This chair is specially designed with the therapeutic seat option.
This chair is easy to assemble and requires no special knowledge to put together and use.
The reviews of the A1133 chairs are overwhelmingly positive, with some people saying that the chair saved their backs.
The All33 genuinely forces you to sit up straight.
It is very easy to assemble and users do not need to go through the large amount of online information or the user manual.
You can try it for yourself with their awesome 60-day money-back guarantee.
It increases back and core strength.
A chiropractor named Dr. Dennis Colonello helped in the design of this chair.
It’s actually comfortable.
It helps make an ideal stance.
Numerous users have shared their experience in All33 chair reviews online on the official website.
Lightweight and good-quality casters make this chair unusually mobile.
This sturdy chair comes with 360 degree swivel.
Being forced to sit up straight has helped my productivity.
The chair’s key feature is obviously its pivoting bucket seat, which can withstand a Maximum Weight Capacity of 275 pounds.
With Backstrong, you’ll be able to leave your best posture corrector behind for good.
It’s innovative seat base helped alleviate hip pain.
This is very easy to assemble, and the users don’t need to go through the massive online information or the user’s manual.
It increases your flexibility.
The tolerances are tight, construction feels solid and all the moving parts function smoothly with satisfying action.
The quality of materials is good.
This backstrong chair comes with 360 degrees swivel.
The chair also comes equipped with high-quality smooth-rolling casters to allow users to move it / slide it around with ease.
The All33 Backstrong chair comes with Fabric and Vegan leather options.
The chair is available in multiple color combinations and is attractive to look at.
It reduces the pressure from your back, and feels like the maximum load from your back is taken up and into the front part of your leg.
It cradles your lower back to relieve pressure points and can reduce neck and shoulder pain.
It provides solace and proficiency at work.
The office chair is designed to induce perfect posture for all 33 of your vertebrae.
It is an ergonomic chair with all the comforts.
It reduces back torment by assisting with keeping up great stance according to All33 Chair Reviews.
It can be raised and lowered.
Instead of forcing your posture, the Backstrong follows your spine wherever you put it.
It has eye-catching, retro-futuristic good looks.
The A1133 Backstrong Chair was designed by a chiropractor with the goal of providing people with chronic back pain with a comfortable, therapeutic seating option.
The BackStrong chair was designed by a big-time chair designer and a well-credentialed chiropractor.
Doctor recommenced this chair for anyone who eats throughout the day.
It’s supposed to relieve stress and cure back pain of all sorts, and even help with things like scoliosis and fatigue.
It offers decent support to maintain the ideal posture and movement during your sitting hours.
The doctors recommend this Chair.
Since this chair is only composed by 6 simple pieces, the chair can be assembled in less than 10 minutes.
You can flip up the armrests entirely if you want to belly-up tightly to a desk or table.
Customers have been very pleased with the conforms, style, and design.
The saddle technology reacts to your sitting position to give you support and the ideal posture.
The specialists suggest this Chair.
Assembly is pretty straightforward.
It has 275-pound user weight limit.
It makes development to build oxygenation and breath.
It builds your energy.
You can increase or decrease the height of the seat very easily as per your requirement.
The chair is made of high-quality materials.
It underpins you back in an ideal stance and development to expand adaptability.

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❌ Cons

It can handle the heaviness of just 275 pounds.
The trade off for this innovative seat base is that the all33 chair does not come with much more adjustability.
It has underwhelming build quality.
It does not have social media existence.
You won’t get any headrest as it encourages you to sit more upright.
This chair encourages active sitting so you would be more productive during work, but you won’t get much reclining options as you get in a regular chair. However, you can recline to some point using the tilt tension.
We didn’t like the squeaks and other noises.
No chair can replace a doctor’s visit for back pain.
Only three variations are available.
While it’s available in a number of different colors, there appears to be only one size and no way to actually adjust the chair.
This backstrong chair from a1133 is quite pricey and is not available in offline stores.
This chair is only available online and is not sold in stores.
Some people may find the price to be a bit high for an office chair.
It has non-adjustable armrests.
It’s ugly.
It is expensive.
No chair can be substituted for the doctor’s consultation for backache.
No chair can cure a serious back problem, and it’s important to remember that sitting in an ergonomic chair isn’t a substitute for a visit to a doctor or chiropractor.
The seating area is a bit warm due to the fabric, and the arms do not adjust for elbow/forearm support when using a mouse.
We’re not sure about durability.
Adjustable arm rests would make a huge difference and bump this chair up to near full marks.
It might be a little pricy for some budgets.
This sturdy back chair from all33 is quite expensive and is not available in offline stores.
It might be an expensive product for some.
The “vegan leather” upholstery we tested is best described as “acceptable” (there’s also a fabric option we did not receive or test.)

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Overall – and based on our personal experience with this chair – we believe that the pros outweigh the cons. This is an attractive and comfortable chair that’s ideal for people who sit all day and need proper support for their backs.
People might say the current price of this chair is $800 and it’s too much. If you also think it costs a lot of money and in this range of chairs they cost, it’s kind of incredible how much they cost, but you will find there are people who say that they are sitting in the chair all day.It’s their body, their back, and they work on a computer, and therefore they care and are willing to make such an investment on a chair.
I can’t confirm all of the brand’s claimed benefits of “stimulating circulation, improving flexibility, and encouraging an increase of oxygenation and respiration” but I would have to agree that it helps “improve posture, reduce pain and enhance well-being.” And that makes it welcome addition to my home office.
The ALL33 BackStrong Chair is a “must-have” for anyone who spends their days sitting. Standing desks are not always an option and they too can lead to poor posture, back, and neck pain. ALL33 is an amazing solution to improving your posture and health. It can also be used alongside other office fitness equipment like the Cubii under-desk elliptical.
Overall, you’ll be highly satisfied if you do end up deciding to purchase this ergonomic office chair. While it might be indeed a bit costly, just look at it as a long-term investment for your health. You simply cannot put a price on health, including both yours and your family members’ health.
In reality the facts demonstrate that we as a whole are dazzled with the highlights and particulars of this all33 Chair. In addition, this Chair doesn’t just profess to give you comfort yet additionally guarantees you to reinforce your center. As indicated by the specialists this seat offers greatest help to keep up the ideal body
If you often find yourself fatigued or have back, neck, or shoulder pain at the end of your workday, a good chair can be the solution. It was for me, and that’s hard to put a price on. The best I can do is tell you that the BackStrong C1 from all33 has been a total gamechanger for me. So, yeah, I’d pony up the $800 for it.
We did this detailed research and posted this unbiased review to make our readers get informed about this chair’s truth. This backstrong chair is made with high-quality upholstery and is available in different elegant color options. But it has no social media presence and is very expensive. Moreover, we could not see any genuine review in the online review sections except the positive comments on the official website, which seems biased. So, we suggest the buyers go online and read all the available information and the online A1133 Chair Reviews before placing an order.
Indeed it is true that we all are impressed with the features and specifications of this al133 Chair. Moreover, this Chair doesn’t only claim to provide you comfort but also assures you to strengthen your core. According to the doctors this chair provides maximum support to maintain the ideal body posture. Still, we recommend our readers cross-check everything from your end regarding it as we have also found one bad review. Similarly, we can’t ignore it, though.
Backstrong! You are officially worth a closer look. And this might be one of the best ergonomic office chairs. With this chair, you’ll no longer be struggling with how to fix an office chair that won’t stay up.
We infer that the item is certifiable and is helpful. The client audits show that the clients are satisfied and like the item. The evaluations are additionally amazing. Subsequently seeing the All33 Chair Reviews, we view this item as a helpful one. We prescribe the clients to shop the item on the off chance that they need solace and wish to keep up stance according to their exploration and need.
The all33 chair is forgiving for the average woman’s body type by suiting several heights and having good amount of space for hips and thighs. It’s innovative seat base helped alleviate hip pain, but the rest of the chair is stagnant and won’t support those who prefer a head rest and certain adjustability. It was comfortable for long periods of play time and certainly answers the “hip pain” call that many make after spending too much time in gaming chairs, so if that is your target issue, this could be the chair for you.
It’s a magnificent chair for desk-jockeys, so long as you don’t mind being forced to sit up straight, act right, and do some work.
I really hope to see a follow-on design from this company with a full range of ergonomic adjustments and features. In the meantime, it’s difficult to wholeheartedly recommend the Backstrong C1 as a high-end, full-purpose office chair—because despite the price, it really isn’t one.
This chair with backrest is made with high quality upholstery and is available in a number of elegant color options. But it has no presence on social media and is very expensive. Also, we couldn’t see any genuine reviews in the online review sections, except for the positive comments on the official website, which seems biased. Therefore, we suggest buyers to go online and read all available information and All33 Chair Reviews online before placing an order.

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