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✅ Pros

There is a freedom to study your own way.
Review Pros
It is a nice modern platform to take course.
Varied student experience options (on-demand or live-streamed) are available.
It gives excellent access to instructors for questions.
There is pass-or-don’t-pay guarantee.
Allied Real Estate Schools offers pre-licensing real estate agent courses, broker courses, exam prep, and continuing education classes.
Up to date materials are available.
You can email, call, or use the online chat function, or check out the FAQs, which is convenient when you have a question that you want a quick answer to.
If you start the course and decide it’s not for you, you can get your money back up to one week after starting.
You can also get your money back up to one month after you purchase a course if you haven’t started it.
Phone support is available.
They also give access to instructor support.
No proctoring is required.
It has long track record since 1992.
There are no hidden fees.
You can choose whichever online format works best for you, either self-paced or livestream.
Optional hardcopy books are available.
Money-back guarantee is available.

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❌ Cons

It is not quite as interactive as some courses.
If you want to go to a campus location and interact with instructors and other students, then this isn’t the school for you.
The school only offers courses for California and Texas licensure, so if you want to work in real estate in another state, then you will need to find another school.
Pass rates are not as high as other schools.
It is on the higher end of the price range.
No mobile app means courses can’t be taken as easily on the go and need to be taken from the website.
There is limited live instructor support.
It is not a mobile-friendly experience for most students.
No hard copy textbooks are available for the two lower-tier packages.
Software User Interface looks like it’s from the ’90s.
The Fast Track option requires a lot of reading.
It only offers courses for two states.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
When it comes to experience, it’s clear that this school has a long track. Since 1992 they have been creating good content to teach people how to pass the state exams. We do like the course platform used to deliver the course material. It is very modern and works well. It’s also easy to use and understand. One of the great things about using Allied Real Estate School to get your pre-licensing education is they offer the “pass or don’t pay guarantee”.
Overall, I’m happy with the Fast Track Premium Plus package. On the outside, it looks old and outdated, but on the inside, the program delivers solid content with very attractive features, such as their money-back guarantee and no surprise fees.
Allied Real Estate Schools is a viable option if you’re interested in attending online real estate courses at your own pace or via livestream in either California or Texas. It is priced on the lower end of what other schools charge.
If you’re in Texas or California, you should definitely consider Allied Real Estate School for your real estate prelicense education. Their effective program offers both live-class and self-paced options. They offer real-time or next-day access to course experts for questions and provide a money-back guarantee you’ll pass your test.

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