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✅ Pros

Allurez carries fine storage for jewelries, watches, and other accessories.
Review Pros
Allurez strives to host the largest selection of diamonds and jewelry available on the web.
All of their jewelry is designed and made in America.
Allurez enjoys numerous positive feedback from their customers, mostly commending the quality of their items and competent support.
The customer support team at Allurez.com is comprised of jewelry experts eager to help team members every step of the way.
All diamonds sold by Allurez are natural and have no affiliation whatsoever with conflict zones.
PayPal, Google Checkout, eBillMe, checks, money orders, wire transfer, and major credit cards are accepted as payment.
Aside from the usual accepted methods like major credit cards and PayPal, Allurez also accepts other forms of payment.
This company often runs sales and promotional opportunities that will cause prices to fluctuate throughout the year.
They only work with companies that follow the strict standards and guidelines that are required in the United States jewelry industry.
You can use their filtering tool, enabling you to sort by product type, price range, gender, metal type, stone type and shape, and style.
Because of their 100% satisfaction guarantee, Allurez has a 30-day return policy to allow any customer to return their purchased product in its original state for a refund.
They have provided an online education center as well as a Jewelry Expert Customer Service Team who is dedicated to helping you find the perfect piece of jewelry.
Those who are budget-savvy will take a delight from Allurez’s clearance section, where they can get up to 70% off for select items.
It appears that this company seems to have mostly positive reviews.

❌ Cons

While Allurez does have actual images for some of their items, this is not a standard in their product pages, and some only has illustrations of the stone.
Almost all the negative reviews stemmed from a poor customer service experience.
Their Return Policy is very specific and must be followed exactly if customers are hoping to secure their refunds.
Unlike other leading diamond stores that offer a lifetime warranty for their items, Allurez only has theirs for a year, although an additional warranty period can be purchased.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
Allurez has its hits and misses when it comes to their offerings- while they have a variety of products, including storage boxes for jewelries and other accessories, multiple payment options, a standard return policy, and a clearance section for budget jewelry, their limited warranty that runs only for a year makes them lag behind the competition by a long shot. You have the option to buy an extension of the warranty, but why pay when you can have it for free in other stores. Overall, Allurez is a good source of diamond jewelry on its own, but can still improve in the long run.
Allurez.com is an online retailer of fine jewelry that promises their customers not only some of the highest quality available jewelry, but also some of the best customer service in the industry.
Allurez.com is a decent online jewelry company but they pale in comparison to the service standards offered by James Allen. For the best online shopping experience where you can view diamonds in full fledged HD videos, we recommend JamesAllen.com instead.

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