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✅ Pros

It has great taste.
Review Pros
It increases energy.
It has premium Ingredients.
They have disclosed label.
It is not a super complex stim and focus package, but a fine tuned one.
It offers 8+ grams of pump.
It boosts up energy.
It is a true complete package pump formula for a stim junkie-like pre workout.
It has great taste.
You also have 350mg of L-Theanine which is actually a tranquilizer that allows you to fade out easily rather than crash.
It offers good recovery benefits.
They weren’t holding back when they said superhuman doses.
It has strong energy.
It contains premium ingrdients.
It has decent taste.
It builds muscle.
Theanine is always welcome in stim-based pre workouts.

❌ Cons

Ittt has banned substances in it.
It is a bit pricy.
It is not widely available.
It is a bit pricey.
They used brands in minor ingredients.
It contain artifical colors.
350mg is definitely on the higher-end of quantity.
It is not widely available.
This product is pretty high-end so the price is not on the low side.
It is just a little strong for some people if your stim sensitive.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
Alpha Lion Superhuman is broke into 5 different categories, being: Energy Matrix, Pump Matrix, Strength Matrix, Anti-Crash Matrix and Absorption Matrix. SuperHuman by Alpha Lion, don’t hesitate and pick yourself up.
Alpha Lion SUPERHUMAN pre-workout’s promises on giving insane energy, massive pumps, raw strength, and decent focus are accurate upon analyzing what the formula gives. The only real issue I have on Alpha Lion SUPERHUMAN pre-workout is the presence of banned substances.
Great balance between a stim junkie-like pre workout with all the good stuff and a super solid pump formula. That being said, If you’re still saying to yourself ‘I wanna feel that crackhead feeling though’ you can try what I did, and roundscoop it to 1.2 scoops, which escalated the effects quite dramatically. So this can be a dual use for both objectives.
What I really like is that this is not all just heavy on stim but has a lot of other really good stuff in here to help with other areas and not just all energy. I will for sure being putting this in my top tier for pre-works I have used and really like a lot. If your looking for a good performing pre-workout that really delivers I highly recommend checking this out.

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