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✅ Pros

This product ships everywhere in the world.
Review Pros
It contains 500 calories per bag.
It is natural superfood.
It has 18 real food ingredients.
It is very good source of proteins.
It is natural, organic, GMO-free.
It’s a drinkable meal made with organic food.
It has fat profile and omega-3/6 ratio.
Ambronite tastes like raw.
Ambronite is made from real food.
Ambornite is made of organic and all natural ingredients.
It has 500 kcal a portion.
It is entirely organic and vegan.
Ambronite is Vegan, created with clean ingredients and nutritionally balanced.
This product is available in four flavors.
It is nutrient dense meal supplement.
It has organic oats.
It has high nutritional content.
It has no dairy, wheat or GMOS.
It has 9 veggies, berries and fruits.
It is almost semi-palatable if gulped quickly.
It is all vegan, organic, and whole foods
It is easy to prepare.
Ambronite come in several different flavors.
It has a massive load of Vitamins and Minerals.
It uses 100% organic food ingredients.
It is good in Quality ingredients and free of artificial additives.
Ambronite is meant to be used as a quick and easy source of food.
It consist of all essential nutrients.
It comes close to a 40/30/30.
It contains vitamin A.
Ambronite can deliver the fast nutrition.
They offers free shipping worldwide in orders above $150.
Ambronite shakes contain 10g of plant based protein.
It increase productivity.
It has organic coconut.
Ambornite has organic ingridients.
This shake contains 18 organic ingredients.
It has just 160 calories per serving.
It maximize training.
It has 500 kal.
It has organic, natural ingredients.
It helps to getting fit and healthy.
It has omega 3.
It does have a very balanced nutrition profile.
It helps to lose weight.

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❌ Cons

Only one product of ambornite is available.
Ambornite $10 per meal (for 500 calories version) is expensive.
The sea buckthorn berries can cause changes to the smell and color of a person’s urine.
It is expensive to reach at your door steps.
It has slight baby formula smell.
It’s a little pricey.
It’s expensive.
This is fairly expensive at 10 usd per meal.
It is not cheap.
It is expensive.
Ambronite contains a high amount of chlorella algae.
It is not a good source of Omega 3, choline, chromium.
it’s taste is not bad.
Ambornite packets contain no preservatives.
This is joyless sustenance.
It is low calorie to weight ratio (~142g/500kcal).
It is pretty low in Vitamin C.
It is epensive as compared to other products.

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Review Summaries
Super food, naturally sourced without any additives and GMO free, that is Ambronite. Ambronite wants to help you reach your dreams, and in order to do so aims to provide a meal replacement that will take the best out of you: focused, strong, energetic and healthy.
Ambronite is a blend of 24 easily identifiable, non-factory-derived ingredients such as herbs, arctic berries like bilberry and sea-buckthorn from northern Finland, and four organic nuts.
Ambronite contains almond which is a source of vitamin E. It is rich in minerals such as manganese, molybdenum, phosphorus and magnesium as well as several B-group vitamins.
Ambronite is a complete meal in a drink, but what’s different to other meal replacement shakes, is that this is made from organic superfoods, designed to give you a complete balanced meal that’s packed full of nutrients.
Ambronite is a real food drinkable meal that fulfills daily nutrition recommendations in 2 minutes. It is all natural, contains no GMO.
It has Great nutrition profile. It has No artificial ingredients. It is very tasty.
It tastes so good, It comes in apple and ginger mix. It comes with other different flavours. It is all natural drink.
There are herbal products in Ambronite though, so it isn’t a good idea for pregnant or nursing women to drink it without first talking to their doctor.
This is intended as a meal replacement and geared towards individuals that want a healthy, filling and nutrient-dense meal on-the-go.
They are all natural, organic, GMO-free and Vegan. The taste thus: is neutral, thick (depending on the amount of water you use) and with a light Black Currant and Spinach after-taste would be my take on it.
Ambronite comes with huge amount of kal, which obtains from all natural sources. It has no GMO or artificial things.
The Drink is composed of all organic and whole foods resourced and developed into Ambronite in Finland. The mix is considered all vegan and nutritious.
Ambronite markets itself as “the world’s first Real Food Drinkable Supermeal.” Like all drinkable supermeals, Ambro R&D regularly tweaks its formula.

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