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✅ Pros

All of the Soundbox suitcases come with a limited 3-year global warranty.
Review Pros
Weighing in at 11.5 lbs, this is a pretty light case.
One of the key areas where American Tourister suitcases stand out is in their ability to handle the most rugged and rough handling that traveling can bring.
The push-button handle is smooth to extend.
A mesh and wetpack section on the lid can be used for separating wet items or toiletries.
It is lightweight but durable.
They offer one of the best warranties in the business.
If you don’t travel that often and are looking for a trustworthy, yet economic option, American Tourister is one of the best brands you can choose.
It has TSA-approved lock.
It is available in a gorgeous teal, purple, or sleek black.
The finish is clean and crisp, shining like a clam-shell in the sun.
It comes with TSA friendly lock.
The 66cm Bon Air case weighs just 3.4kg (7.5 lbs) – which is incredibly light considering how hardy the thing is.
The book opening style allows easy access to all your items so you can just unpack what you need.
The Zoom Turbo softside range also offers 25-inch, 28-inch, and underseater options.
Each American Tourister luggage piece is designed to help you hold all of your belongings in a convenient way.
It comes in a variety of colours.
American Tourister’s customer reviews are much better when compared with other affordable luggage brands.
The amount of space inside the suitcase is great.
Just like Samsonite, American Tourister offers warranties from 5 to 10 years.
The Bon Air fits nicely into the seat next to me or into most luggage racks.
These luggage bags are built with materials designed to stand up to the conditions.
You’ll find TSA-approved locks only on American Tourister’s hardside bags.
Handle is easy to adjust.
This case offers expandable storage space for when you need those extra inches.
Everyone knows that Samsonite has a dependable warranty. But most people don’t know that Samsonite owns American Tourister and both warranties are nearly identical.
Most American Tourister bags have plenty of room for expansion which is always a huge bonus.
The Moonlight comes with some pretty sturdy and comfortable handles.
With a deep main compartment that features cross straps to keep your clothes compressed and a mesh divider with a waterproof modesty pocket, your clothes will stay clean and tidy internally.
With its spinner design, this suitcase floats effortlessly through the airport and over hard surfaces.
The roomy spinner will help you save space for your things.
It has expandable capacity.
Both sides of the case are equally deep and both side have packing straps to secure your stuff with.
With the combination of a sturdy lockable extension handle, side carry handle and durable spinning wheels this luggage is easy and comfortable to manage.
For a carry-on, expect to pay 50-100$. For a luggage set, 60-180$. In the affordable range, American Tourister offers the most value.
All their luggage is very stylish, modern, and convenient to bring with you anywhere you travel.
These sets are designed to fit inside one another when empty, so you only have to slide the largest one under your bed or tuck it away in the garage.
There is enough room for all your luggage.
This is a fun range and could work for young and old alike.
It is an expandable case with zippered expander.
They produce durable products.
Eye-catching colors and design are fun and stand out from the crowd.
Outer shell is durable.
They come with great features.
All of the bags across Amercian Tourister’s broad family of luggage offers all the features you need to maximize the packing, organizing, and maneuvering of your bag.
I love that the case opens in the middle so you can really maximise the interior space.
With most American Tourister luggage, you will have many options for colors, materials, and features.
Storage and organization are simple and thoughtful in this suitcase.
They let you choose between hard-case or soft-case luggage bags.
The four wheels have 360°, so you can easily get around in all directions.
Lightweight materials reduce the weight of the luggage.
Deep interior elastic compression straps stablize luggage.
There are two pockets in the fabric divider section which are great for storing smaller loose things like accessories.
I also found the handle was really reliable and easily slid in and out.
4 spinner wheels help reduce the load when pushing.
Hard sides provide protection for breakable items, stack easily and guarantee a no-bulge fit in storage compartments.
Known for being a relatively inexpensive line of luggage, these bags are priced to be affordable and economical for just about any budget.
The case has a 3-digit combination lock that holds the two zippers in place. It’s a TSA approved lock, so is safe for any US adventures too.
It is very light when empty.
All of their bags come with a warranty.
American Tourister offers luggage in different sizes.
It comes with a pretty lethal looking TSA combination lock, so you don’t need to worry about buying a lock to fit it with.
The Soundbox range comes in three sizes – a cabin size case, a medium and a large.
It is decent and fashion-forward.
All of the pieces are expandable so you can pack that extra “just-in-case” outfit or shop to your heart’s content.
The wheels on this thing are slick.
It’s really fun, and so bright you’ll spot it from miles away as it makes its way around the luggage belt.
It has ample expandability feature.
If you stick within the guidelines, you can expect their bags to last anywhere from five to ten years.

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❌ Cons

The outer 100% lightweight polycarbonate is especially susceptible to scrapes, scratches, and blows.
It felt like we have to pull the suitcase on cobbles and tarmac.
There are no external pockets or organizational features.
It leaked slightly through zip line.
Another point of concern is the wheels. They are quite small, and while they glide well on flat and smooth surfaces, we worry about the construction.
Their luggage is only great for short trips.
Wheel handle is not height adjustable.
The light grey/red color combination is more likely to show scratches or wear and tear from routine travel than the darker colors
While the Technum Spinner Hardside series has patented TSA approved locks, you have only 1 chance to set the combination.
When you start using them more often, the life expectancy of their bags starts to decline rapidly.
It is only available in one color.
We must admit American Tourister doesn’t offer the highest quality in the market.
It is quite heavy for a carry-on case.
Handle, when extended fully, feels quite wobbly.
It is pricey.
The design is not as sofisticated as suitcases from other brands.
Most cases are pretty limited and don’t offer many extras, like TSA locks, expansion zippers, USB chargers, suiters, or other smart packing features.
One thing I don’t love is the top handle, which feels a little weak when my case is packed heavily.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
The Ilite Max from American Tourister is a nice light weight option if you are after an affordable soft case. These are the upmarket line from AT and have a lot more top-end features and materials which you will love.
While they may not be the most high priced , luxurious bags, they are definitely an optimal choice if you’re looking for solid quality, highly durable, and greatly affordable luggage that provides a wide choice of colorful and functional individual suitcases as well as matching luggage sets.
You will probably notice some similarities with most of the American Tourister luggage on the market today, great quality and great pricing being the most common. Also, the luggage features unique styles, sizes, and colors.
The American Tourister Lightweight Two-Piece Spinner Set allows you to travel with greater ease and comfort with greater convenience
American Tourister definitely sticks to their goal of producing high-quality luggage that you can rely on and at the same time stylish and fun. I can really that is a smart choice for you and your family. So be on the go with the gear that is right for you!
The fun colors, easy access and large capacity of each piece in the Technum Spinner Hardside collection make them a smart choice when traveling across town or around the world.
We did find it felt flimsy and wobbly when it was full. But we still think this is an ideal suitcase for a two-week holiday. It’s durable, spacious, and pretty good-looking too!
I’ve completely fallen in love with mine and it has taken its place as my number 1 go-to bag. My favourite things about the bag are how easily it moves and glides along when I’m walking with it and how easily the zips and handle slide. I also love the straps on both sides and how secure my luggage stays inside the bag, those are really important features to me and the Bon Air really nails them.
The Flylife suitcase is a 21” expandable carry on with some really great features. This luggage is made from pure polycarbonate, and it is probably the most durable American Tourister bag in this review. The shell is textured and it has a matte finish, so scuffs and scratches won’t really be visible.
Hardwearing, affordable, and incredibly attractive, American Tourister makes some of the best-loved suitcases in the world. Strong and durable, yet lightweight and easy to maneuver, its collections come in bold colors and innovative and fun designs. With TSA-approved locks and plenty of clever storage features, this brand really does offer some of the best value, most beautiful suitcases out there.
This is a fun range and could work for young and old alike. It’s really fun, and so bright you’ll spot it from miles away as it makes its way around the luggage belt.With its hard plastic exterior, it feels very durable, although time will tell on that one.
We love the stylish look of this suitcase. It is available in emerald green, rose gold, universe black and wine red. Plus, the American Tourister quality makes it a perfect choice for anyone.
If you’re looking for a solid case that fits a ton and is really easy to use but won’t break the bank, the Bon Air from American Tourister really could be the one. I genuinely love it!
Overall, American Tourister offers some really solid options in the affordable price range. Their suitcases are durable enough for most people, backed up by a solid warranty, and well-reviewed. However, we wouldn’t recommend getting American Tourister if you’re planning on traveling frequently, because they lack the durability that other brands offer.
The American Tourister Moonlight Spinner is a four-wheel clam-shaped suitcase that offers great glide over hard surfaces. It’s perfect for airport travel or while strolling down the sidewalk. However, while it is beautiful in design, its value is questionable as it lacks sturdy and quality craftsmanship.

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