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✅ Pros

Because not all of us respond equally to every diet; Ample offers 3 different variations of their shakes.
Review Pros
It’s a decent source of Vitamin D, magnesium, calcium, and sodium.
I was also happy with the taste.
It contains probiotic bacteria.
Ample is affordably priced.
Ample shakes offer you food sources without any additives.
To my surprise all 3 variants were incredibly smooth and easy to mix.
Excellent macronutrient balance is offered in product.
It is easy to get through airport security.
It comes with added probiotics and prebiotics.
It may provide antioxidants.
It contains high-quality ingredients.
If you do not like it, you can return the product and get your money back.
It comes in recyclable, BPA-free bottles.
The Ample packaging is what makes this a quick on-the-run option for busy folks.
Ample uses real foods.
There are no artificial ingredients.
There is good balance of fat, protein, carbs, and fiber.
It’s available pre-bottled or in a bulk pouch.

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❌ Cons

Antioxidants are not quantified.
It is pricey.
Even though it has great ingredients, I wish they included more components from their Ample Original like organic psyllium husk and collagen protein.
They do not provide you with all the vitamins and minerals your body needs to function.
It is not a great source of vitamins.
Top-notch ingredients come to a cost, and unfortunately, Ample products will not fit everyone’s budget.
It is only available in vanilla flavor.
There is no mention of Omega-3 fatty acids.
It is pricey.
All 3 Ample shakes are only available in the Original flavour.
It only has one flavor; berry.

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Review Summaries
If you’re aiming to live a healthier life and have never tried Ample meal replacement (or any other meal replacement) drink, I encourage you to give it a shot.
Ample is relatively new in the market, but it’s already making waves with their natural ingredients and supportive nutritional profile. It passed all of my tests for vegan-appropriateness, taste, high-quality ingredients, and feeling full for a few hours until my next meal. A bottle of Ample is a great option if you don’t want to think about cooking for one of your meals.
Ample can be both the greatest meal out there and the worst at the same time. We applaud their commitment to quality prime ingredients and focus on the digestive system. Because of that, they offer some of the most natural and healthy shakes. However, we cannot get over the vitamin and mineral deficiency in the products, which you will have to boost through your diet or supplements. At this price tag, Ample should be offering a full package.
If if you keep an eye on your fruit and vegetable intake and just want something healthy to tide you over between meals, Ample has a solid amount of calories and macronutrients, a decent amount of key nutrients in which most people are low, it won’t leave you hungry, it tastes awesome, and it definitely succeeds on the digestive health front.

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