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✅ Pros

Angel Watch provides the perfect watches for monitoring your kid 24/7.
Review Pros
It has features like location history and tracking.
The smartwatch helps save your kid from unnecessary trouble and monitors their health.
Family members monitor the child’s activities remotely.
Their products come with 14 days trial along with free shipping in the USA.
It is equipped with heart rate monitoring, blood pressure as well as blood oxygen monitoring.
It ensures parents peace of mind.
Angel Watch smartwatch has a lightweight design.
All watch features and communication capabilities are fully controlled by the Angel Watch App.
Angel Watch communicates to a secure, proprietary app using government-level encryption to prevent anyone adding the watch without your knowledge and approval.
Angel Watch works in any country and is programmed with 16 different languages.
The watch is waterproof and comes with a silent remote or audio drop-in, and photo capture always keeps you updated.
It comes with pre-installed games.
It allows health monitoring.
Angel Watch is IP67 Rated waterproof and made of hard plastic child-proof casing.
It allows discreet audio and visual check-ins.
The smartwatch has a shortcut button that kids can press in times of emergency.
Your kids can send messages directly in the wearable.
There is no access to adult or unacceptable content.
It has 3-second SOS button.
Kids can make and receive cellular voice HD video calls using cellular service, data or Wifi.
There is no internet, app store, or games.
To keep your kids health and fit, the smartwatch also supports step counter, distance as well as sleep monitoring.
It has attractive design.
It supports video calling, phone calls, and SMS.

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❌ Cons

It is not completely waterproof.
Cellular features come with a $10 monthly charge.
Setup is limited for long-distance family members.
Default settings aren’t safe for kids.
It comes with a physical SIM card(micro sim card).
It is not very durable.

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Review Summaries
If you are looking for a smartwatch for kids cheaper than Apple Watches, the Angel Watch Series R is for you. It comes with many impressive features that the parent and young kids like for sure.
Angel Watch offers the best smartwatches for your child, allowing for better monitoring and communication between the family and the child. Furthermore, this store’s smartwatch includes an in-built GPS as well as a health monitor. Consequently, the watch remotes easily capture the most important signs of health. The watch’s silent remote, audio drop-in, and photo capture always keep you up to date.
The Angel Watch smartwatch, is one of the kids smartwatch that is loaded with health and security functions. It is equipped with heart rate monitoring, blood pressure as well as blood oxygen monitoring. You can learn the current location of your child and see where your kids is located via GPS built in the device.
The Angel Watch has all the safety features that not only help me keep track of my children but allow us to stay in contact throughout the day. Clever programming has ensured that my children are less distracted by their device but gives them important access to family in case of an emergency. The health monitoring features make this watch great for kids & grandparents too.
The Angel Watch sets a high standard for kids safety. It’s the only kids smartwatch with stealthy visual check-ins and health monitoring. Plus, it has the fastest SOS button and works worldwide. We consider the Angel Watch one of the best kids smartwatches on the market. Still, you may want to consider another watch if you prefer games over health monitoring or if you need to prioritize durability and affordability.

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