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✅ Pros

The AngelSense GPS Tracking System is concealable and comfortable to wear.
Review Pros
Two-way “AngelCalls” let you call a special-needs child without them having to press any buttons.
It is very accurate.
It gives constant and accurate location monitoring.
Angelsense comes along with a rich library of resources that allows parents to access information on how to use the tracking device for an autistic child.
It has listen in mode.
Anglesense GPS tracker has magnetic pins that ensure that the device is safely attached to the child’s clothing.
It cannot be removed without a key.
The kit comes with everything you’ll need to get started.
You are able to listen in to any interactions your child is having during the day.
It alerts you when your child arrives or departs from any location.
AngelSense’s support personnel are available to talk with you via live chat, email or telephone.
AngelSense’s Listen-In function allows you to silently eavesdrop without alerting your child, ensuring they’re safe and sound.
Magnetic pins help you attach AngelSense to clothing and backpacks, or you can use the belt that secures around your child’s waist.
AngelSense serves a unique purpose and features great design.
It has great alert and notification settings
It works in conjunction with the AngelSense app that you can easily download from Google Play or App Store.
There is a SOS and call button on the device that your child can use in case of emergency.
It lets you know exactly where your child is at any point in time during the day and shows a full say’s schedule so you can review the day.
Charging the AngelSense GPS Tracking System is easy and painless.
The Angel Sense App works for both Android and iOS users.
You can listen in on your child’s surroundings.
They have a great customer service.
Angelsense tracker encloses the device into a sturdy, water resistance case.
You can opt to check your child’s location whenever you want.
Tough nylon sleeve securely fastens the device onto backpacks or clothing.
You can speak to your child through Angelcall and provide them with a calming and reassuring mood.
If the child goes to a place not labeled in the system, the device will alert the parent that their child is going to an unknown destination.
Parents can pay for AngelSense in a month to month service plan or yearly service plan.
AngelSense encases the device in a sturdy, water-resistant case to ensure even the worst of accidents won’t be a problem.
Runner Mode updates location every 10 seconds.
AngelSense has a few alerts that let you know if something is wrong, including failure to charge and tracking errors.
The device is a approximately 3 inches in length and can easily fit in the palm of your hand as well as in your child’s pocket.
The kit with its different components comes in a box and contains the phone, plug-in recharger, fabric belt, and magnets.
If your child doesn’t like the feel of the device in their pocket, AngelSense also sells accessories like a soft belt.
The device is designed with soft protective case and is fitted into an Angelsense belt to ensure that only the parent key can remove it.
When you purchase your kit, you can receive a personal consultation session with a customer service mom.
It offers voice monitoring and tracking functions.
The device allows you to pinpoint your child’s location inside buildings like a shopping mall.
It feels well-built and capable of surviving daily wear and tear.
Angel Call is a new feature that is available to users with AngelSense’s GPS2 device.
It has 10 second live location update.
AngelSense app sends you a reminder to charge the device which is certainly helpful in the greater scheme of things.
It tells omprehensive location history.
You can set up text or email notifications when your child changes locations.
AngelCall allows parents to talk to their child at any time without needing to click on anything.
It is designed for and supported by the special needs community.
GPS monitor allows you to call and speak to your child.
The tracker comes in an easy to open box with simple getting started instructions.
You can enable a special school dashboard for special needs teachers and administrators to use.
It is designed for parents with children who have autism to track and help their children stay safe.
It is made of highly durable materials.
The tracker comes in a sleeve that attaches to clothing with a magnetic pin, so nobody can remove it except you.

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❌ Cons

It is not waterproof.
It feels bulky.
The call quality can vary depending on the where the tracking device is placed.
It is more expensive than other tracking options for kids.
Once you exceed the 60 minutes, you will have a negative balance on your minutes.
Angel Sense’s customer service isn’t the greatest.
It doesn’t have privacy settings.
The battery doesn’t even last for a single day.
The AngelSense tracking device does not have a record function.
Given all of the AngelSense’s features, substantial battery consumption is expected.
It has the most expensive monthly subscription of any tracker.
It only has 12 hour battery life.
It has more expensive monthly fee compared to similar products.
Battery life is very short.
Short battery life is a very big concern.
It has expensive monthly fee.
It has pricey monthly plan.
The battery can only last up to 24 hours.
Because AngelSense is a bit bulky, your child may take some time getting used to it.
Listen-In mode also picks up some ambient noise from rustling clothing, making it difficult to discern specifics of the conversation.
Sounds are muffled and indistinct.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Due to its powerful functionality and the fact that it’s especially designed for children with special needs, particularly those with high sensory sensitivity, AngelSense is a decent choice. Though its battery doesn’t even last a full day and its monthly cost is pricy, the tracker is feature-rich and a powerful option for your special needs child.
The AngelSense comes highly recommended by parents and has exceptional customer service. AngelSense is specifically intended for children with special needs who might be prone to wandering or escaping from school. For this reason, AngelSense has the most comprehensive and reliable security features of any device.
Overall, a pretty good GPS tracker. It does the tracking very well. The app needs some improvement and the battery can be made to last longer. It’s definitely expensive with a $45 monthly plan.
This GPS monitor is essentially a customized Verizon cellphone that uses geofencing and tracking to broadcast the location of the device to a mobile app. Housed in a water-resistant case, the device attaches to your child with special fasteners that can unlocked only by the magnetic parent key.
Angelsense GPS has been recognized as a wearable GPS tracker which is oriented towards children with disabilities. It has numerous uses which parents find appealing in their family situations. Angelsense can as well be used on parents with dementia or even helping kids with disabilities to grow in a reassuring way.
AngelSense is an excellent way to give parents peace of mind. Many reviews emphasize how AngelSense can allow children with disabilities more freedom and independence. Though apparently created for nonverbal kids in mind this system can help many others to stay safe.
The AngelSense delivers the absolute maximum in tracking and safety for worried caregivers of children and adults with special needs.
This device was designed by a father with a tech background who has a child with Autism who felt that he needed a more complex device to help monitor his child throughout the day and help keep them safe. You attach it to a pocket or a backpack and it is quite small so your child won’t be bothered by it. Angel Sense has a lot of unique features compared to some of the other children’s tracking devices out there.
AngelSense GPS offers some of the most comprehensive tracking and monitoring features we’ve seen in a GPS tracking device, and it’s the one of the few designed specifically for special-needs children and their parents.
AngelSense GPS tracking devices are not only for tracking children on the spectrum. They are also great for families with elderly family members who can wander away. The app’s interface is clear and easy to navigate. A monthly service may be a deterrent to some. But with all of AngelSense’s features, it’s well worth it.
This level of tracking may be excessive for other families, but for parents of special needs children, it’s exactly what’s needed. It provides both the child and the parent with the security of knowing that no matter what happens, the parent will be able to quickly get to the child.
Angel Sense has two GPS trackers for kids with voice-monitoring and tracking. The Angel Sense 1 is smaller and works with AT&T and T-mobile while the Angel Sense 2 works with Verizon. Other than that, they’re the same. These child GPS trackers are amazing for children with special needs. Angel Sense listen-in technology lets you hear what’s going on with your child throughout the day.

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