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✅ Pros

Anita has an online platform where she includes videos with instructions and you can choose to do either gym or at home workouts.
Review Pros
Anita has a wealth of information around nutrition, gym techniques, and other great stuff on her platform.
The program is geared towards the female body.

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❌ Cons

The program markets a customized meal plan, but in reality you only get one customized day and then it is up to you to use her food swap table to put together variations that can get you through the six weeks.
You need to put in a decent amount of time and dedication into this challenge.
The gym routines were a bit too long and sometimes incorporated overly complicated movements.
While there is certainly a community around “FitQueens” the group felt a little too large and it never felt like I was getting truly personalized information from Anita.

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Review Summaries
This workout does wonders if you want to build that “bubble butt”. I saw some great results in my glutes and legs and am fairly happy with the outcome. That said, if glutes are not your primary target, I would recommend other fitness challenges that are a bit easier to follow, are not as time consuming, and you get a bit more bang for your buck.

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