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✅ Pros

It comes With 28 ad networks.
Review Pros
With full-text image search, you can see which images are converting the best.
You can even join the overwhelming community of Anstrex power users on its private forum.
You can build landing pages with zero coding experience and knowledge.
Free dropshipping Chrome extension is available.
It improves RoI.
The landing page deployment tool allows you to copy and adjust your competitors’ landing pages with the help of the WYSIWYG HTML editor.
It has economical pricing.
It has extremely in-depth data and stats.
It supports FTP or AWS S3 bucket.
It displays bid amounts (CPC) for some ads.
It has intuitive dashboard.
Upon logging into your account for the first time you are offered to watch their tutorial videos to learn how to use the spy tool effectively.
You can use its game-changing image search feature for finding the most successful pics in your niche.
The top bar contains all of the filters you can use to find successful CPA affiliate campaigns.
Anstrex comes fully integrated with Alexa and Similar Web.
It has keyword search option for accurate target.
It offers 100% money-back guarantee.
You can get high-resolution screenshots of every advertiser’s page.
Anstrex can help shorten your revenue turnaround and increase the amount of money generated over a specific period of time.
It has a powerful search feature.
It’ll help you find new dropship products and marketing strategies.
It offers 100% money-back guarantee.
It also has a speedy landing page creator.
The platform brings together data from 27 native ad networks.
It provides a high-resolution screenshot of every advertiser’s page.
You can purchase the push notification and native ads tools separately.
You can create downloading landing pages & customize them.
With the search filter, you can limit your research to a specific company or narrow topic.
It is easy to install and configure.
Reliable data sources are available with Anstrex.
Like most spy tools available these days, Anstrex Push has the ability to set up alerts so you can monitor what your main competitors are doing.
Now its easy to get more traffic as it has Alexa and SimilarWeb integrations which tells from where all your competitors are getting clicks
It helps in content marketing.
Lifetime discounts are available.
With the powerful filters of Anstrex, you can now see what your competitors are running and where.
It has advanced search option with the help of which you can get the unbeatable research of a month at your fingertips
It helps in direct sales.
It also helps in downloading the landing pages and allows customization.
It comes with risk free trial.
When you log in to your account, you see a pretty intuitive dashboard.
It has a user-friendly dashboard.
Anstrex Push offers a 2-day money-back guarantee.
Free dropshipping Chrome extension is available.
The platform comes with the Affiliate Offer Wall feature that lets you analyze the entire campaigns of your competitors that are from your category.
It runs in more than 100 countries.
It has extremely advanced filters and search-capabilities.
One feature in Anstrex that I’m sure a lot of non-technical affiliates love is their landing page downloader and deployer.
It has more data than any other spy tool in the market.
It allows full Integration with Alexa.
You get to explore your niche from various angles.
Anstrex can help you unveil all of the strategies that the leading marketers use in every vertical and/or GEO.
It is great for affiliate marketing.
It helps to download, customize and upload the landing pages.
It offers more data as compared to other spy tools.
It comes with money-back guarantee.
It has 3 tools in one dashboard.
There is a free trial.
It’ll help you save time and money.
It is user-friendly.
It comes with advanced boolean searching.
It’ll help you stay ahead of your competition.
It has a user-friendly dashboard.
It also has a quick landing page builder.
For those who want to access the selection of the most remarkable native ads without logging into their account, there’s the exporting feature.
It has automated “duplicate/edit & upload” feature for landing pages.
Its easy to get immediate access to Anstrex community and just watch how others are doing
You’ll be able to divide your time wisely and work only with offers that have a high chance of success.
It uncovers hidden landing pages.
You can maximize your advertising returns by checking into the most effective campaigns of your competitors.
The platform is integrated with Similar Web and Alexa.

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❌ Cons

It takes time to get familiar with this platform.
It offers limited free trial- only for 2 days.
While there’s live-chat available, it’s not 24 X7.
There is no mobile carrier data.
The sheer volume of competition data could take more time to compile and make decisions for startup companies with no experience.
They have poor customer support.
There is no mobile carrier data.
CPC-bid is not available for all ad units.
Learning curve is complicated.
There is no trial.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Given the number of features available on the tool, Anstrex Native offers the most lucrative deal on the market. It truly makes advertisers’ lives easier. Give it a try today and see how easier it is to build strong campaigns with all the data about your competitors’ ads at your disposal.
I have been using this platform for a complete year and there is no doubt that it is the best site for those who want to know the competitors’ secrets. It comes with so many networks and three tools available in one platform. Anstrex allows to filter and sort in a particular way to get specific results. The most amazing part is we can download the landing page, customize and directly upload this to the direct server.
Anstrex Push is priced very reasonably at $79.99/month. The value you get from this tool as an affiliate will pay for it self on your first campaign. Don’t believe me? Anstrex Push offers a 2-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t like the spy tool you can get a refund within 48 hours.
Anstrex is a native and push ad spy tool for content marketers, affiliate marketers and bloggers, and influencers. It builds quick campaigns and landing pages for better ROI.
If you’re looking for an ad spy tool that can help with native ads, pop ads, push notifications, and dropshipping research, Anstrex is worth checking out. Try out Anstrex today and see the difference it can make for your business.
Anstrex is a powerful competitive intelligence tool that helps you identify the best marketing strategies for your brand and take advantage of them. With Anstrex, you’ll be able to target your competition with the right strategies, uncover their marketing tactics and find their target market on the fly. With Anstrex, you’ll get unlimited ideas for content and promotions to increase your revenue.
Anstrex is the top Spy tool for marketers of products and services. You can use it for detecting, analyzing, evaluating, and rating your competitors across every region, city, state, and your country. Apart from spying, the tool can perform market analysis, improve web traffic to your sites, and give you push and native ads.
It covers both Push and Native ads. Was extremely easy to use and understand even on my first day. And is extremely data-rich. I just don’t see enough “downers” so to say. As for the pricing, I’ve spent a lot more for a lot less previously so I really can’t complain.
A lot of native publishers and advertisers will agree that Anstrex Spy Tool is more than just a native and push ad spy tool. It is an apparatus for a lot of marketers that are not only innovative but it is also ambitious in the sense that it boasts gradual development in its API. For the most part, it also succeeds in living up to its vision and promises to its clients. If you are serious about upgrading your campaigns, this is certainly a must-have.
With Anstrex you can easily get a sneak peak on the ads that other advertisers run on native ad platforms. You can spy on all kinds of native ads. You can even explore new niches.
Yes, Anstrex is totally worth it for the number of features that it brings to the table. You can make your life easier by using Anstrex as you won’t have to do anything. If you are advertising, then you should use it without any question. It will provide you with all of your competitor’s data so that you can stay ahead of him at all times. The customer support is also beneficial and friendly and makes it much more appealing as well.
Anstrex is one of the best advertising spy tools that are available especially for those affiliate marketers or native advertisers. It helps to boost the page traffic and let you know what your competitors are doing. And after looking on its features, I don’t think that you will get better value other than this.
Anstrex helps locate dropship items and marketing techniques. By observing your competition, you may rapidly adapt their strategies and begin seeing results in your eCommerce and dropship business.
Anstrex is definitely among the top competitor analysis and digital marketing intelligence tools you can work with. That said, the platform is relatively complex, so you should invest time into learning how to use all of its features to make the most out of your investment.
Anstrex comes with several useful features and 4 different tools including pops, native ads, push notifications, and dropshipping ad spy. It helps to make your business easier. Whether you are an advertiser, marketer, dropshipper or involved in any sort of online business, you should use Anstrex without asking.

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