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✅ Pros

It comes with very good and concise user manual.
Review Pros
It comes with mechanical filament sensor.
It offers excellent print quality with little errors.
It is easy to use slicing program.
It has lead screws for Z-axis.
It offers easy initial setup.
It produces prints of high quality with an impressive resolution of 25 to 100 µm.
It prints reliably out of the box without any tinkering required.
It gives super fine print detail.
It does an amazing job of rendering very small and intricate detail right down to HO scale.
It has exceptional heated print bed.
It offers excellent quality for the price.
It comes with a free slicer software that works quite well.
It has great customer service and technical support for a lifetime.
It has a strong frame for accuracy and reliability.
The screen not only displays the model at first but also shows each layer as it is printing, which is super cool and useful.
At under $350, the Mega-S is one of the cheapest 3D printers around that we would actually recommend.
It has solid metal construction.
The Ultrabase bed is amazing.
The printer’s TFT (thin-screen transistor) touch screen is easy to use and labeled intuitively.
It has nice, glass-like build plate/print surface.
Resin sands very well.
It has fast and responsive user interface.
It offers massive build volume: 300mm x 300mm x 305mm.
Anycubic packs this printer with a number of thoughtful accessories.
It delivers astonishing 3D printing quality for a low price.
It comes with easy-to-use software.
This machine comes with a slew of valuable accessories and extras.
It offers very quick assembly.
The filament detection and resume functions work together to give you better control of the printing process.
It is insanely cheap.
It has relatively small footprint.
It is easy to use and adjust.
It comes with adequate instructions for assembly, cleaning, etc..
User interface is easy to learn and navigate.
It is easy to set up.
There is great print quality, especially for the price.
It works nicely with most materials.
Many of the sub $200 screens I find need a stylus to be responsive, and this does not.
There is not much waste for failed prints.
This durable textured print bed helps adhere all filaments more reliably, leading to better print quality and user experience.
It is well-designed and has sturdy build quality.
Essentially it is fully assembled, needing only to attach two more pieces and leveling one.
All tools needed for assembly are included plus many more.
It is easy to set up to help get printing quickly.
It offers extremely high-detail prints.
It has sturdy construction.
It is easy to reach full-sized USB on the side.
There is ease of use.
It offers eantastic print quality.
It is easy to assemble with great instructions included.
It is easy to operate with an intuitive touchscreen.
Good documentation and spare parts are included.
Wash/cure station is a cheap add-on.
It is easy to swap between filaments.
It is sturdy with well-built aluminum frame.
It has affordable price.
Prints, when they work, are high detailed.
This 3D printer comes mostly assembled and requires just a bit of time and patience to complete.
Very affordable compared to other DLP 3D printers.
Both the slicer and the output software is free and open source, which means a wide range of accessibility and customizable.
You can find the Anycubic i3 Mega for under $400 dollars at a variety of reputable sellers, and that makes it one of the best desktop 3D printing deals out there.
It is easy to assemble.
Touchscreen interface is great.
Improved packaging ensures safe delivery to your door.
It prints multiple materials without any issue.
Bunch of spare parts are also included.

❌ Cons

It has a loud motherboard fan.
It arrived with a loose X-axis belt (easy fix).
Use of sticky resin can make 3D printing messy.
Printing success was sporadic.
I’m not going to try and sugar coat it… it’s messy!
This is a single-extruder printer, so you won’t be able to combine colors or types of filaments in your creations.
With this printer, you will be limited to the type of printing filament you can use.
It is not the most silent printer out there.
It is somewhat noisy.
It required some initial fine-tuning.
Ranging from loose screws and wiring to dented and warped print beds, the Anycubic Mega-S has quality control issues that doubtlessly stem from the machine’s ridiculously low price.
It has a confusing interface.
It needs much better instructions and product support.
It has fairly small build volume.
Touch-screen is not always responsive.
Spool of sample filament was extremely bad.
It has small build area.
I know the build plate is small, but the 854*480p resolution is also not very “hi-def.”
Cleaning after each print is time-consuming and messy but that’s SLA printing in general.
Its layer resolution range means great detail work – but it also means a slower print time for things that don’t have variations in their surfaces.
There are reports of the build surface heating up quickly but not evenly.
There is no way to tell if a print fails early on without pausing it.
It has a long filament feed.
There is no enclosure so not suitable for ABS and a little noisy.
There is no peel mechanism.

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