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✅ Pros

8.5″ solid tyres means no need to worry about punctures.
Review Pros
Although the scooter is lightweight with a weight of 25kg, it can easily bear a rider of up to 150kg.
It is compatible with AOVOPRO app.
The battery compartment and circuit of the AOVO electric scooter have excellent waterproof performance, and the wading depth can reach 15cm.
The double braking system gives more safety and confidence when driving.
When you want to recharge it, you will barely need 4-5 hours to charge it to 100%.
The battery compartment and circuit of the AOVO PRO M365 electric scooter have excellent waterproof performance.
The new AOVO PRO M365 electric scooter works with a 350W motor, compared to the old 250W motor.
AOVO PRO electric scooter max climbing degree is 20°.
The AOVO Bogist S5 Pro has 12″ large pneumatic tires that are puncture-resistant, wear-resistant and shock-absorbing.
The double braking system of the light scooter Bogist AOVO Pro it is also very efficient.
The battery capacity of the new AOVO PRO M365 electric scooter has been upgraded from 7.8Ah to 10.5Ah.
IP65 rating means you should be able to ride in the rain, although I would still personally avoid puddles.
It is easy to operate.
The app has some useful functions, particularly the security lock function which disables the scooter remotely.
The overall build quality of the scooter exceeds its price.
It comes with improved battery life.
The scooter has two LCD displays: one is for displaying all details about speed, battery, total mileage and speed during a ride.
There’s a 30 day return period for the scooter starting from the day the scooter is shipped to you.
With a convenient and compact design, it easily fits in the boot or trunk of your vehicle.
The AOVO Bogist S5 Pro electric scooter’s folding mechanism is effortless.
It comes with a smart battery management system.
It comes with a newly designed mechanism for easier folding.
With up to 40 km of travel, it offers 10 km more autonomy compared to the previous model.
The new AOVO PRO electric scooter battery capacity has been upgraded from 7.8AH to 10.5AH.
Aovo ES80 / M365 Pro looks like a very good e-scooter for the price.
Multiple riding modes are available.
Its Honeycomb tire design is solid to avoid unwanted punctures and it has rear shock absorbers for greater comfort on speed bumps.
It is a powerful eco-friendly electric scooter.
AOVO PRO electric scooter max load is more than 120KG.
This scooter has an app that you can synchronize with both your Android or iOS mobile.
Aovo pretty much has international coverage, as they have several different warehouse locations throughout the world.
The acceleration is also pretty good.

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❌ Cons

It will not be as smooth as the rides with a pneumatic-tire scooter.
Based on my own personal experience riding very similar electric scooters, this will not be suitable for heavier riders.
The maximum indicated load is 120 kg, but with more than 100 kg the speed of the device suffers, especially on slopes.
It is heavy.
The rear mudguard of the scooter may cause some rattling in some units.
As is usual in this type of vehicle, the autonomy decreases after several recharges.
I weigh 102kg and find that a 350w e-scooter is suitable for riding on flat ground only and will not have enough power for even the slightest incline.
While you can install some custom firmware to unlock the maximum top speed this scooter is capable of, you will be risking some other firmware issues by doing so.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Even though the scooters look similar on the surface, the Aovo Pro is much more performant, and comes with better features. It’s also a newer model, and that always means it will come with fixes for some of the issues that older models have. The overwhelmingly positive feedback from owners for the Aovo Pro is also a very good sign, and can easily counter the pre-established status of the Xiaomi M365.
Anyone who wants to ride an electric scooter for adults with maximum power, speed and comfort, the AOVO Bogist S5 Pro electric scooter will do the job. A maximum driving distance of 40km and a top speed of 45km per hour make it the perfect vehicle for going anywhere. And speed lovers will love the unique features it provides.
The brand of Bogist e-scooter has earned a prominent place in the electric scooter industry with a very balanced catalog. The AOVO Pro model is the most complete of the brand to date, with greater power and autonomy.
The Aovo ES80 / M365 Pro is competitively priced and offers a good specification. If you are looking for an electric scooter for short, flat commutes (less than 10km) and you are not too heavy, then it will do the job just fine.
AOVO PRO scooters is a powerful green vehicle that is your right solution to be cool and reduce emissions into the environment at the same time.
AOVO scooter is always the best choice for you with many discount codes and coupons that you can find. AOVO – shapes your style, builds your characters, influents your success. Let the AOVO brand make your life easier.
Whether you’re planning to use it for recreation or as a mode of transport, then, there’s no question that the M365 Pro is a better scooter than its hugely popular predecessor. It’s more powerful motor makes it better suited to riding in hilly areas and the larger battery means you’ll get more use out of it on every charge.

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