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✅ Pros

The Hosting provider gives users access to a robust database system since it already has the MySQL system for reference.
Review Pros
All packages include a free subdomain.
You get access to automated backups provided by Apex Hosting.
Video tutorials are also available on their page so customers can get more detailed information.
The company works with cPanel/WHM for files and data protection and control.
All packages include unlimited bandwidth to ensure that your Minecraft server run smoothly.
It also offers automated offsite backups for free.
Its Minecraft hosting servers use MySQL Databases to store data and for automatic backups.
You get to choose between server spaces ranging from 1GB to 4GB.
Setup Minecraft server with Apex Hosting is easy, quick, & affordable.
Global server locations are available.
You can choose among locations situated all over the world.
Apex Hosting offers Minecraft Java and Bedrock Edition servers starting at $7.49 a month.
It offers 7-days money-back guarantee.
It has 99.9 % uptime.
It offers a custom sub-domain name to use with its servers.
The experienced support team is available 24/7 via live chat and tickets.
Players get reliable – uptime from game servers in nine server locations.
The domain name you get from Apex Server Hosting does have an area code about the location you are in.
Apex Hosting provides you with a robust yet reliable control panel.
MySQL databases are available.
Unlike other server hosts that are done and dusted in terms of server locations, Apex Hosting is still expanding.
The service uses solid-state drive (SSD) RAIDs to protect against data loss.
Multicraft is included (tool similar to cPanel).
You get a refund within 7 days from the purchase of the product in case you are not satisfied with the services at Apex Minecraft Hosting.
The subdomain is free.
Fully automatic backups are available.
You get 24/7 support from a live customer service team.
You can choose a Minecraft server hosting price plan according to your usage and needs.
It offers great ease of use and installation.
Installing this server is quite easy as you do not have to go through any special steps for the same.
It offers high-quality servers.
The compatibility and simplicity make it easy to use with most of the applications and modifications.
In case you are worried about data leakage or other privacy issues, you need not stress yourself with Apex server hosting.
They offer 99.9% uptime guarantee which means great speed optimization and an almost improbable possibility of experience downtime.
It is ease to use and install.
Security and DDoS protection is their top priority.
24/7 live chat and ticket support is available.
It has responsive customer support.
24/7 technical support is available.
Apex Hosting’s networks are well protected from both small and large scale DDoS attacks, thus ensuring safety to players.
There is 99.9% uptime guarantee.
It also includes a seven-day money-back guarantee.
There is money-back guarantee of 7-days.
Apex Minecraft Hosting has an A+ rating from the BBB.
You can apply for a refund within 7 days of purchase.
It offers one-click installs for modpacks.
Apex has a MySQL system which gives you access to the entire database.
Every package is automated backups, which will ensure the safety of your Minecraft world.
All packages come with a free subdomain.
24/7 technical support and live chat is available.
It has a dedicated Multicraft tool which, like cPanel, makes setting and tuning the systems easy.
It support Modpacks.
One-click installation of modpacks is available.
With Apex Hosting, you get the benefit of DDoS attacks protection.
There is an introductory discount to new customers and free subdomains.
It provides an efficient site.
It is very easy to install even for people with little or no experience.
They offer unlimited storage.
Offsite automatic backups are available.
One of the biggest advantages of using the Apex server for Minecraft is related to 24/7 live chat customer support.
The controls attached to the Minecraft Apex hosting server are simple to operate.
There is a wide variety of server options.
They have worldwide data center locations.
Apex hosting panel is easy to use.
All plans come with unlimited storage and bandwidth.
Tech support is available nonstop and they can be contacted on e-mail, live chat or ticket support.
It offers locations in different parts of the world.
It offers enhanced security as well as DDoS protection.
You get the benefit of a free subdomain with Apex Hosting.
Apex Hosting has many options through which you can make transactions.
There is good server availability.

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❌ Cons

There are no advanced features like VPS dedicated servers.
It is not available in multiple languages.
It has relatively expensive pricing.
“Unlimited player slots” are actually limited.
There is absence of advanced solutions.
There are some restrictions on Unlimited Player slots.
Hosting is only available in a limited language.
There are absent advanced features like VPS dedicated game servers.
The pricing of the service is relatively expensive.
It is expensive in pricing.
There are other inexpensive options available in the industry.
There are cheaper options on the market.
They only offer non-dedicated IP.
There is no dedicated IP.
Live chat is only available for registered customers.
As a hosting provider, Apex does not have a dedicated IP.
It is available in few languages.
The service and controls are available in limited language options, which can be a problem for some users who are non-English speakers.
It is not available in many languages.
Multilanguages are not available.
There is limited FAQ.
An advanced feature like Dedicated Server, VPS, Cloud is currently not available.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Apex server is a better choice to provide a reliable Minecraft server. It provides more simple features as well as easier installation for users. Its control panel helps to solve problems related to the Minecraft server setting network. Along with that, It also offers additional bandwidth which is quite useful and lets you play Minecraft without any issues. This makes it better than the other popular Minecraft servers.
Apex Hosting has several strong points, such as adequate server resources, good security, and helpful customer support. However, its self-serve help resources are not extensive, and the live chat is only available for registered customers.
The plans are pretty affordable and are built keeping in mind the gaming requirements. Overall we can determine that the speed, uptime, and security are up to mark, so you can definitely give it a try. However, you will not find it available in multiple languages, which can make it difficult for other people to access.
Although the price is not the most affordable in the market, it has maintained a high esteem for the resources it offers. Some resources: Unlimited slots, automated backups, powerful control panel, preconfigured mini-games, instant configuration. APEX is synonymous with quality, speed and power, if you want a quality experience this hosting is the one.
Apex Hosting entered the market very late but compensates for it by providing practical features at prices that are unmatched in the industry. It offers enough capacity and has a straightforward but appealing user interface. Additionally, Apex provides a dynamic database on which to host a Minecraft server and is incredibly safe to use.
In short, we recommend the use of APEX hosting if you are looking for a reliable Minecraft server provider, with an adequate price and with a lot of compatibility with the different tools. Users of this server do not encounter connection speed problems, so this is another plus point for this hosting.
Apex Hosting is a Minecraft server provider from the USA with servers in eighteen locations around the world, which implies low latency. The company provides a decent amount of server options, some top-notch features (such as one-click modpack installs, free offsite backups, DDoS protection, free subdomain and user-friendly version of Multicraft) and all at a fair price, which makes them a good pick for all Minecraft fans out there.
There are numerous reasons behind the growing reputation of Apex Minecraft Hosting among professional Minecraft lovers, including an assortment of server choices and complete authority over it. At the point when we add quick and slack free performance, backups and DDoS insurance, easy-to-utilize control panel tools and top notch customer support service to the deal, it’s truly difficult to say no to the Minecraft server offered by Apex Hosting.
Its user interface is simple, yet attractive, it offers enough storage. Apex also offers a dynamic database to host your Minecraft server on, and is extremely secure to use. With a consistently running up-time, the platform has our highest recommendation.
Apex Minecraft Hosting is a hosting provider focusing on Minecraft servers. They include a variety of features in their services. The company operates in multiple Tier III data centers around the globe and plans come at competitive prices. If customers are not satisfied with their choices, they can get their money back in 7 days from the purchase of the product. The company hosts great game servers for reasonable prices that can be managed and controlled on the popular cPanel control panel or Multicraft control panel.
Apex Hosting is specially designed for Minecraft gamers with Minecraft Control Panel with the free domain name. Apex Hostings has high-quality servers with Java and Bedrock Servers. It also has advanced DDoS protection which gives high security while multiplayer from different locations. The latency time is very less because of various Apex Hosting servers worldwide.
If you are looking for a server that gives you amazing features at an affordable price along with no headaches associated with it, Apex Hosting is the game host for you.
For the best Minecraft gaming experience, try the Apex server. With top-notch speed and instant access, this server is capable of true support with a good and stable performance.
Overall, we must conclude that if you are looking for the best hosting company and service for your Minecraft game server, then APEX Hosting is definitely among the leading services to choose from.
Apex Hosting offers Minecraft Java and Bedrock Edition servers starting at $7.49 a month. It also includes a seven-day money-back guarantee. Apex Minecraft Hosting has an A+ rating from the BBB, and its TrustPilot Rating is 4.8 out of 5, though it has fewer than 500 reviews.

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