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✅ Pros

It has relaxed trading rules.
Review Pros
You can trade with multiple accounts up to a max of 20.
Once funded, there is a monthly subscription fee, but there is no activation fee.
Apex Trader has two different packages for you to choose from.
Monthly withdrawals are unpopular but can help traders focus more on long-term consistency and less on short-term wins.
Apex Trader supports a number of different crypto exchanges, including Binance, Kraken, KuCoin, and Bybit.
It is a Rithmic-integrated platform.
Their evaluation programs provide access to funding with minimal stipulations and requirements – giving you the opportunity for financial gain without having jump through hoops.
It offers 7 day only evaluations.
Apex Trader Funding is a prop trading firm based in the USA.
The ability to keep the first 25k per account based on the pay-out schedule, then 90/10 split after that is a plus.
Apex Trader Funding requires only 10 trading days until the first payout, which is above average compared to most other funding programs.
You can create and store unlimited strategies.
You also get access to trading tools.
It offers great profit splits.
There is no daily drawdown.
Here you have the freedom to trade maximum allowed contracts from the first trade.
As soon as you place a trade during ten different trading days and have funded account balance above starting balance + profit goal, you will advance to funded money account to trade for real money profits.
You can receive 100 percent of the first $25k paid out, per account.
All plans are priced well, and the $80 resets with complimentary reset on renewal is a great deal.
Apex offer a budget-friendly price as well as a convenient global availability.
There is an option for fast funding.
There is no daily draw down.
The value they provide is tremendous considering the price.
Flexible trading hours, including the ability to trade on holidays.
Within a strategy you can setup multiple buy and sell groups which consists of any number of indicators and signals.
Only trade evaluation accounts for seven days instead of ten to qualify for a PA account.
There is a good community and support resources are available.
You can run multiple accounts.
You are getting an opportunity to leverage a small dollar amount into a significant leverage real money trading account.
You also get to trade a full contract size with very minimal daily drawdown for your account.
It is easy to set up bots and strategies.
Minimum funding of up to $25,000 for a starter account with large account sizes on offer as you gain experience.
You do not have to trade full size at once, and you can trade just one at a time.
Traders can get paid twice a month.
A wide range of TA enhancements are available.
Apex Trader Funding has a decent payout structure.
Bigger accounts with larger max drawdowns give more room to trade, so if you want more room for P&L fluctuation, it’s available.
It only takes 10 days to pass the assessment and start trading with your preferred funding plan.
You don’t need to install the Apex application on your computer to monitor and manage your trading bot.
A wide range of tradable assets is on offer, including energy futures, mini natural gas futures, and even interest rate futures.
It is easy to set up.
Apex Trader appears to have an advantage in the form of its ease-of-use features, which comprise mostly its point-and-click interface.
Apex Trader allows you to access all funding accounts using one login only.
The micro e-mini commissions are fantastic, the lowest I’ve seen on any futures funding platform, by 30%.
You can enjoy 100% payouts on the first $25,000 in profits – earning an impressive 90% thereafter.
You can get a funded account with up to $300,000 in balance and a 90% profit split payout after an initial 100% profit split during the first $12,500 profits.
The prop firm also provides extensive training for traders before funding is provided.
The most popular Futures platforms are available to trade including NinjaTrader.
You can trade up to 23 hours per day with full confidence knowing there are no drawdown qualifications or contract limitations on your path toward success.
Over 100 technical indicators are covered.
It has dedicated Rithmic server.
Apex Traders can retain a 100% share of their profits for the first $10,000 they make.
Apex Trader Funding is a great funding program that offers the best prices in the business for futures funding.
It is a UK based company.
There is a large variety of account sizes to choose from.
You can trade Futures.
Apex Trader does offer its clients automation, bull/sell, auto-reverse trading, and auto dollar-cost averaging features.
It has solid reputation.
ByBit is supported.
You can get a free Ninja License and access to live data, allowing you to start out without size restrictions and scale up as needed.
Apex trader immediately allows you to scale your exposure without penalty.
Apex Trader doesn’t mandate daily drawdowns, providing a tough time for its competitors to get an edge over it.

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❌ Cons

There is no mobile app.
It is not available in all countries.
Apex Trader hasn’t spent too much time making its features and platform stand out as others in the same arena.
If you like to trade news, then this is not a good prop firm for you.
Holding trades after the close of the day is not permitted.
It only supports futures trading.
There are limits on the maximum position size in your live account.
It only supports 4 exchanges.
There are recurring monthly fees.
Some of the rules that you need to follow to get funded accounts can be too much for the average person.
Apex Traders can only withdraw their funds once a month.
Their policy requires you to build a small emergency fund and stay on top of your finances, which is extremely important as a trader.
The e-mini commissions are just slightly above the lowest I’ve seen, by .10 (a 2.5% difference) which is negligible.
You can only request a minimum of $1000 withdrawal.
Limited trading platforms are available.
Maximum withdrawal amounts first 3 (I wouldn’t really consider this a con, but be aware of it at least).
There are other more well known prop firms.
It is a newer platform.
The Apex trader funding program is suited for people who are already very good at trading.
You are limited to Rithmic, but for most people that’s not a problem.
Apex only releases payments via deels.
It only supports 4 exchanges.
There is live trailing draw down during evaluation.
There are many people who have said that it isn’t the most user-friendly trading bot, but it is supposed to offer a wealth of knowledge to its users.
It requires good trading skills to pass.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Apex Trader is a solid performer in a sea of crypto bot trading platforms and probably most suits individuals with a specific set of trading needs. The support for Binance, Kraken, and Kucoin makes Apex an obvious choice for anyone active on those exchanges while the MAKO bot suits anyone looking to automate trades on ByBit.
Apex Trader Funding is a prop trading firm based in the USA. You can get a funded account with up to $300,000 in balance and a 90% profit split payout after an initial 100% profit split during the first $12,500 profits. To get access to a funded account you need to pass an evaluation, with different rules depending on the account type that you want to apply to.
The firm has a proven track record of supporting talented traders and has access to a huge pool of capital to help you. The firm is also built by traders and for traders, making it a decent choice for anyone. The trading rules are simple, and you get a lot of flexibility to manage your risk in the best way possible. But despite this, there are some issues too with the firm. Customer support, for example, needs to do better, and besides, the monthly fee for these various account types seems oddly high. But with everything said and done, this is a decent funding program for the best traders out there.
Apex Trader Funding provides funding to futures traders that pass their evaluations. Apex Trader Funding has a variety of different-sized accounts to choose from. The lowest is $25,000, and it goes all the way up to $300,000. To gain access to their funding, you have to show you can handle the pressure of trading. Apex Trader Funding requires you, the trader, to complete an evaluation.
I love Apex Trader Funding and look forward to a long relationship trading with them!
Apex Trader Funding is the perfect choice for aspiring futures traders! Not only will you get a free license to NinjaTrader, but Darrell puts in extra effort to help out; he wants everyone starting with Apex to understand their business model and ensure good risk management. If a trader succeeds, they can be copied via API into an official Prop Account – everything you need on this journey towards success at tradings lies within reach through Apex’s generous offerings.
I like how they have done what they can to make this as easy as possible for you removing as many obstacles as possible so that you are free to pursue your own success in a way that works best for you. They don’t have hidden rules deep in the terms and rules are simple hit your profit target without hitting your drawdown day trading up to 23 hours a day. The Apex Trader funded program seek to be a great resource for you with genuine concern and care to help you succeed.
Apex Trader Funding is a stand-out prop firm for futures traders. It offers exceptional profit splits, lax trading rules, and frequent payouts. While there’s no Discord community, Apex Trader Funding is an overall solid choice.
Yes! I recommend Apex Trader for multiple reasons. First, the company has a seamless evaluation process that takes no more than ten days to complete. Secondly, depending on your budget and risk appetite, you have multiple options to select. Unlike other prop trading firms, the company offers flexible conditions and allows you to trade your way around the clock. Traders can qualify in as little ten trading days. Besides, no recurring evaluations are required for upgrading, and the company doesn’t mandate daily drawdowns.
The platform is highly configurable, and provides over 100 technical indicators. Anyone can create their own automated trading strategies and then deploy them to run 24/7 on a wide range of trading pairs. Strategies based upon Profit Taking, Reverse Trading, and Dollar Cost Averaging are all incorporated. You can create and store an unlimited number of strategies. While it is easy to set up it is a platform more suited to either more experienced traders or those with a specific strategy already in mind.
There have been a lot of funding companies that have gone and gone, so it is fair to be concerned that the company that is offering seems too good to be true deals. APEX has been around for almost 14 years operating in trader education and trader development space. They have a massive community of over 30,000 traders spanning most of the world. Founder Darrell Martin has worked with many funded trader funding programs before to take away their best features to bring you simple trader funding opportunities without adding too many hoops to jump through even to pass a single step.
Apex is a great trader funding option. It’s my favorite, and for many people, it may be the best option available. I don’t use words like ‘favorite’ and ‘best’ very often. You’d have to put me in a headlock to make me assign a ‘favorite’ out of the places I’ve visited, foods I’ve tried, etc. But this is one of my favorites.
Apex Trader has been around since 2018 and is based in England. They haven’t amassed the kind of following that they were hoping for, but they continue to share updates on their social media accounts and website in regards to trading bot offerings.

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