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✅ Pros

The carrying case is especially nice—it’s vertically oriented, like a binocular case, with ample internal padding and a detachable strap.
Review Pros
Lots of naturalness and midrange presence can be found in this one, challenging even pricier headphones.
They have high customer review scores on Google sellers ratings.
It has clear and informative display.
It offers refined and smooth sound, even over Bluetooth.
It comes with luxurious pads.
It has robust build quality.
The combination of strong bass response, midrange energy and resolution really brought a number of classical pieces to life.
Moving from the higher midrange into the decrease treble the tonal steadiness stays pretty balanced and there isn’t a lot of change with the presentation.
I felt that the headphone responded best overall with source equipment and headphone amplifiers that were on the more neutral side.
The Apos Caspian has a darkish wooden and flat metallic aesthetic that provides it a really businesslike look.
The Caspians are admirably light for audiophile headphone.
On the low end, the Caspian delivers good bass extension and impact without sacrificing clarity in the process.
Instrument separation is nice within the higher registers.
Preamp mode a useful addition.
I have to say that the value here does match the asking price pretty closely.
It’s punchy, rich, and hits hard.
Some well-thought accessories can be found in its package.
Everything sounds fairly pure.
It offers a perfect platform for IEMs and full-size headphones with plenty of power.
You are getting a one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted headphone.
Financing payment plans are available with Affirm.
It is super easy to drive thanks to its extremely high sensitivity.
It has full MQA support.
This is a headphone that you can wear for extended periods without fatigue.
The headphones aren’t needlessly heavy like an Audeze, but they feel robust and durable.
There is free standard shipping to select locations.
It is lightweight and highly comfortable in the long.
There is an higher midrange carry that brings feminine vocals ahead within the combine and offers violin a pleasant higher vary with out turning into brittle or steely sounding.
The bass is definitely the highlight.
Everything sounds quite natural; a small club or large auditorium are faithfully reproduced but the tonal balance diminishes what could be one of the Caspian’s best attributes.
They use price-matching practice.
It houses a large catalog of quality audio equipment.
The ear pads are hand-sewn leather and again similar to other Kennerton models and one of the better made memory foam pads available in my personal experience.
It is compact and produces a clean sound.
It has solid build quality.
Every stroke of the drummer’s brushwork on the snare was easy to hear.
These are excellent pairings for $500 or $530 with the balanced cable from Apos Audio.
It has bottom end bass extension.

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❌ Cons

The E50 including a power brick would be better than having the consumer source the power adapter.
I felt there was a little too much upper bass, which caused some of the articulation of the notes to be lost.
It is a little too bassy.
Soundstage could be wider.
The volume knob is not as firm as it could be when adjusted.
I found it odd that a headphone that was designed to work using a Dongle DAC, phone, or tablet does not come with a cable compatible with any of them.
It is only good if you want to pay for MQA and all the input options.
I discovered it odd {that a} headphone that was designed to work utilizing a Dongle DAC, cellphone, or pill doesn’t include a cable appropriate with any of them.
The vocals can sometimes be a tad overshadowed by the bass.
Remote feels cheap compared to DAC itself.
Darker sounding sources will come across as quite dull and lacking in detail through these headphones.
Settings menu could be easier to access.
Adding a slightly more expensive knob would give the amp more of a premium look and feel.
It is limited in the low to mid-treble region.
Bass control is not good.
This is a fun sound, not an analytical or immensely detailed one.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
With a tuning that’s reasonably heat and barely thick, I’d truthfully recommend that it’s higher suited to headphone listeners which might be utilizing it with extra impartial sounding and even brilliant supply parts or headphone amplifiers.
With a tuning that is rather warm and slightly thick, I would honestly suggest that it is better suited for headphone listeners that are using it with more neutral sounding or even bright source components or headphone amplifiers. Is it for the Head-Fi folks who want to conduct a critical listening session every single time they put them on? Not really.
Our Apos Audio review team feel that this company is worthwhile if you’re looking to save some money on great audio products. We recommend doing some research about their shipping and return policies before you insert your payment information. But besides that, we feel that this brand is good to go!
After several hours of late night listening of the Apos Audio Caspian, they tend to wear me down with the heavier bass output, and I consider myself a bass lover. The vibe I get from them is of hunkering down in a leather arm chair nestled by a fire in a cold winter night with the lights dimmed for an album or two.
The E50 DAC and L50 Headphone amp from Topping are excellent pairings for $500 or $530 with the balanced cable from Apos Audio. The L50 offers a perfect platform for IEMs and full-size headphones with plenty of power, a black background, and a balanced connection using a 4-pin-XLR. Is this a perfect combination? No, but at around $500, we can recommend this stack, especially since it is compact and produces a clean sound.
There are a lot of very good headphones available in the mid-three-figures range, but I have to say the Caspians have what I think might be the clearest, most natural-sounding mids and treble of the bunch. They’re also super-comfortable and extremely easy to drive. These are a superb choice—as long as you’re willing to give them just a touch of EQ in the bass.
It works incredibly well, and it’s tuned nicely even despite the obvious fact that it’s kind of trying to impress you. For me, the bass is definitely the highlight, and what makes these worth it because for the most part it was handled very nicely. Still, there are moments of uncertainty, as the vocals can sometimes be a tad overshadowed by the bass
It’s immediately obvious that Topping have again achieved something special with their flagship DAC. The first adjectives that come to mind for this DAC are ‘resolving’ and ‘effortless’. The D90SE is highly adaptable, thanks to the plethora of inputs and outputs, and the onboard preamp, making it a great unit for someone who likes to experiment. The Bluetooth sound is excellent. The D90SE is a serious contender at the premium end of the market.
There aren’t that many audiophile-worthy headphones in the $500 to $1000 price bracket and this is where Caspian fits in like a glove. It can serve as an upgrade path to your entry to mid-level headphones, until you declare war to your wallet and go the high-end route.

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