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✅ Pros

You can keep your website active as long as you like with no additional monthly fees.
Review Pros
It has one-time fees only.
It has over 300 wedding templates.
The app and other features of Appy Couple make this site builder.
You can create app by leveraging the embedded communication tools.
If you ever wanted your own app, your wedding might provide the perfect opportunity to create one.
Appy Couple has made literally every list of top wedding websites, and it’s easy to see why when you log on to their site.
It is possible to organize entire wedding from one place.
It has 500+ expertly designed themes.
There are 14 options for pages you can turn on or off.
You’ll get an extensive gallery of 500+ pre-made themes, including some from top names like Carolina Herrera.
Appy Couple has introduced features like Entertain and Gallery which help you turn your wedding into a fun event rather than a stuffy and serious affair.
There are options to RSVP, directly message guests, and even invite select guests to pre-wedding events.
All of the wedding designs and packages are completely ad-free which ensures that you get to showcase your wedding website and app as a dedicated, professional and credible website that will appeal to couples of all types.
The FAQ covers all important aspects of the service, and it focuses on actual troubleshooting instead of promoting its features.
Appy Couple is available on iPad, iPhone, Android, and the web.
You can create a fun, streamlined, and informative website.
One of the main appeals of AppyCouple * for me was that guests could download the app and have easy access to our site.
Within minutes of setting up your site you’ll have a matching mobile app and chic, coordinated digital stationery that you can send to guests for your Save the Dates, wedding invites, and thank-you’s.
Guests can download app for free.
The templates have nice, cheery, intuitive layout and are modern and quirky in design.
It had a great user interface for our guests to navigate on a full website page for desktops.
It has lots of awesome features.
All wedding essentials are covered.
The guest book was a fun way to see thoughts from loved ones before the wedding!
Guests can use the Appy Couple app to take photos and upload them to your gallery.
RSVP and guest list features are available.
Payment plans are cheaper than most other website wedding builders or printing and sending out invites in the traditional fashion.
The support is helpful and readily available.
You can create website and app created in one single process.
Smartphone app builder is also available.
It’s completely flexible so you can RSVP on behalf of your guests, make changes easily and quickly access the most up to date list for each activity.
Appy Couple lets you compile all the information about your wedding.
You can choose from hundreds of themed designs to pick the one that best fits the mood of your wedding.
Appy Couple offers an email package that notifies all of the people involved that an app has been created for her wedding.
Appy Couple works great even if you aren’t tech-savvy.
From guest logistics and multimedia integration to photo streaming and dedicated apps for guests, there’s a module for every need you can think of.
The Appy Couple designs are modern and fun.
Interactive mobile app is offered.
Your guests are sure to be impressed with what a cool and functional site you created.
Multiple private event RSVPs can be added.
It comes with a personalized wedding app.
AppyCouple has a CSV template you can follow to upload your guest list.
Appy Couple has an extensive list of features that are invaluable to married-to-be’s.
There is a lot of powerful tech behind this builder.
Each Appy Couple plan gives you premium value for your money.
You only have to pay one-time fee.
Appy Couple also gives you the option to purchase a custom URL for your wedding website.
500+ designs are available.
You can choose between two template layouts.
The Appy Couple editor is straightforward enough,
You can add as many events as you have associated with the wedding.
The mobile app offered by Appy Couple removes the need for you to ensure that your wedding site is viewable on mobile devices.
It also featured a custom app for optimized mobile experiences.
It helps guests stay up-to-speed by sending real-time notifications about transportation, weather, dress codes, registries, and the like.
The features are interactive.
There are over 400 pretty, modern themes to choose from.
It takes some of the headache out of sharing all that information with 100+ people.
You can save serious time by organizing your entire wedding through the platform.
24/7 customer support is available.
You can stream photos from your gallery in real-time at your wedding.
There are hundreds of designs included with AppyCouple’s * “boutique” tier, and many more.
Guests can also upload photos of their own.
Appy Couple only charges a one-time fee for unlimited access to your website, no time limits.
You really don’t need any website building experience to make this full of details and look great.
You can choose from hundreds of exclusive themes that are elegant, luxurious, and lush.
There are more than 500 designs to choose from, so even the pickiest bride can find the perfect display.
It is easy to use.
It offers elegant, personalized app.

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❌ Cons

Some features are not very intuitive.
Customer support is slow.
The cost can cut into your budget.
Printed invitations that match your site are unavailable at this time.
The dashboard is online only.
The biggest drawback is that you are forcing your guests to download another app.
I don’t think those designs are worth the extra money.
Streaming music is not a supported feature, due to issues with music royalties.
There is no free trial.
Appy Couple gives you the ability to send out invites via e-mail or SMS, but their system does not yet support international phone numbers for SMS invites.
It has limited wedding planning tools.
It is not as much creative freedom as Wix.
It has longer set-up time than other builders due to number of features.
You need to sign up for a paid account immediately.
You’ll need to get custom pricing if you want to customize your chosen design or use a bespoke theme.
It is one of the more expensive options out of the competition.
The lack of real-time customer support options could prove restrictive.
Appy Couple will monetize its product through in-app purchases.
If you’re not sure guests will want to download your app, or if you prefer functional to flashy features, the site builder might not be worth the price.
There is upfront payment with no free plan or trial.
It has steeper learning curve and prolonged set-up.
It is one of the highest price wedding websites builder.
No custom domain option is available.
Mobile App isn’t rated as high as it could be (3.5 out of 5) for such a tech-focused platform.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Would I use AppyCouple again, given the current prices and current competition, such as from Minted, and knowing that our guests wouldn’t use the app? I probably would, because I like the ability to add custom widgets to each page and I like the overall look, even though the price is higher for AppyCouple, but it’s not as obvious a decision for me as the one I made originally.
So, while not the cheapest nor the most warmly welcoming of platforms, Appy Couple is still a strong choice of wedding website builder thanks to its in-depth wedding planning knowledge (you can even save toasts onto the app!), high-end design and quality end product.
You are able to create smartphone apps, which is a huge positivity. The guest management has lots of options; the editing tool is available in multiple languages; you are free to create huge photo streams or video shows; and there are also some creative additions like the slider puzzle that would make your guests smile. Handling the editing tool feels natural and guided by countless advices and hints. There is a huge pool of truly decorative designs, counting more than 500 themes divided into two groups. The customer support may not be as reactive as we wanted it to be, but they compensate this with clear instructions and guides, helping them maintain their budget-sparing pricing policy with only find one-time fees.
If you’re not sure guests will want to download your app, or if you prefer functional to flashy features, the site builder might not be worth the price. Couples who want features like photo sharing, live-streaming the ceremony, and virtual toasts may be willing to spend the money.
If you go with Appy Couple, I do hope you find it just as helpful as I did even… it takes some of the headache out of sharing all that information with 100+ people, plus it’s well designed and it looks great!
If you want a highly detailed wedding website, look no further. Appy Couple will give you a stylish design, as well as integrating everything seamlessly.
Besides the price, the biggest drawback is that you are forcing your guests to download another app. Some might jump at the chance, while others will groan or just skip it altogether. So unless you know your guests will be 100% on board with downloading and interacting with your app, this may not be the most worthwhile or cost-effective option for you.
A timeless and interactive website and Mobile App designed to simplify and consolidate your entire wedding experience across friends, family, and vendors — and a fitting choice for tech-centric couples who aren’t interested in printed stationery.
There are many dedicated website builders available on the Internet but finding a wedding website builder that simplifies the process extensively is difficult. Appy Couple, thankfully, offers a unique approach to the whole affair, making it fun, stylish and convenient. You can finish building your app and website in just a matter of clicks and the site gives you access to all the best tools you need to build a wedding app and website that caters to every aspect of your wedding. Source: https://www.webbuildersguide.com/website-builders-reviews/appy-couple-review/
Appy Couple is definitely one of the most fully integrated wedding tools out there, which means you can basically say goodbye to using multiple websites for photo sharing, website creation, email invitations, and guest list management. Plus, the fact that you can use it at home on your desktop or on the go means you and guests will have a seamless way to communicate about your wedding, no matter where you are!
Appy Couple is the Swiss Army Knife of wedding preparation, with a module or option for every task you can think of — and probably a couple that you didn’t even think of, too. More than just a robust guest list and RSVP manager, this website builder acts as a central control hub for your wedding plans. Every stage of your wedding — from preparation to the actual event itself, as well as the days after — will benefit greatly from at least one of Appy Couple’s wealth of features. With price tags topping out at below $100, it won’t break the bank either.
Appy Couple is one of the best wedding website builders on the market today! User-friendly, intuitive and inexpensive are features that all future brides and grooms want to hear. Their wedding specific platform simplifies the planning process, which by nature is stressful. Let Appy Couple make your wedding the most memorable celebration of your lifetime!
With Appy Couple, you have everything you need in one place, which can help save time. It’s worth mentioning that setting up your Appy Couple website may take a little longer than some of the other providers. However, being able to manage a large proportion of your wedding logistics from one place more than makes up for it.
Appy Couple lets you compile all the information about your wedding. You can choose from hundreds of themed designs to pick the one that best fits the mood of your wedding. Guests can also upload photos of their own. The dashboard is online only. Appy Couple will monetize its product through in-app purchases.
The website/app combo Appy Couple makes it easy for wedding guests to keep track of all the event details in a sleek app on their smartphones. Create and manage your guest list, including allocating plus-ones on the web editor. Guests can RSVP from the app or website and you can keep track of them via either platform.

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