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✅ Pros

Everything about the brand is cool, and well done.
Review Pros
Instructions are simple and straight forward.
It provides exact GPS distance to any spot in the course.
Arccos 360 comes with an even better battery that Arccos claims can last over 2 years.
The Arccos 360 golf performance tracking system builds a stats-driven profile of your game.
The new version weighs just over 7g.
Arccos 360 takes pride in being about 50% smaller when compared to the original Arccos Gen1 system.
GPS distances were spot on.
It allows you to scroll through each hole on your iPhone immediately after your round.
The Arccos 360 system comes with 14 sensors, 13 the same and one designed for your putter.
ARCCOS comes with 13 universal tags and 1 putter tag.
ARCCOS tracks everything with no addtional motion.
You can manually edit and add shots if the system is not picking things up automatically.
Arccos has also improved their shot detection algorithm, so you shouldn’t need to edit your rounds.
You can learn a lot about your club distances and it logs this data in your app so you can review it whenever you’d like.
The app also provides real-time yardage information to any location on over 40,000 courses, utilising the accuracy of GPS 2.0 and 368 million course mapping data points.
You don’t have to tag your shots.
It offers easy and automatic data collection.
It also shows the Strokes Gained colour code system that is used on the PGA Tour.
Arccos 360 comes with a free app that provides exceptionally instrumental data so you can track your performance history on a given hole and a particular shot.
It’s a painless and relatively quick process to get set-up.
Unlike competing products, it requires no tagging, tapping or other annoying disruptions to a player’s routine.
It is a mighty, enlightening and game improvement tool.
Everything is delivered in real time via superbly designed, user friendly apps.
The Smart distance algorithm takes outliers out of the calculation.
It generates incredible wealth of data that is presented in insightful ways.
It allows you to play while your phone is in airplane mode.
If you don’t yet have the Arccos 360, you can launch the demo online to see what a typical dashboard looks like.
It offers accurate analytics.
The nice thing about the Smart Sensors is that you can easily transfer them from one club to another.
The Arccos 360 Golf Performance System helps you learn important analytics and data about your golf game.
Arccos 360 is one of the few tracking systems that does not require tagging of any sort – and that’s a massive plus for the system.
The revamped performance tracking system now features 14 robust and highly sensitive sensors for accurate shot detection.
The Arccos Caddie app is truly a golfer’s new best friend.
It gives you an unbelievable amount of details.
On the plus side the accuracy of the Arccos 360 sensors is good, probably because they are larger than most.
It is easy to setup and use.
ARCCOS also shows your rounds to your friends.
It comes with almost “set it and forget it” simplicity.
It also functions as an on-course distance measuring device.
It is easy to set-up.
It also allows players to see if their digits are being recorded correctly.
It comes with permanent long-lasting battery.
For the price of a new driver, you can get a system that will help you work on your game.
Unlike other shot tracking systems, the Arccos system doesn’t require you to select a club and tap a sensor before taking a shot.
The sensors activate every time you hit a ball.
Set up is quite simple.
It tracks incredibly well.
Arccos 360 offers lighter, smaller tags, and the system is designed to be more accurate across the board.
Arccos has the best app, the best data presentation, and some quality social features.
Arccos were one of the first companies to harness the power of GPS to track your golf game using sensors attached to the grip of your club.
Analysis of handicap by type of shot is offered.
It also includes free Arccos Caddie access for both IOS and Android.
Course maps show every shot in every round.
It makes club selection easy for any situation.
It has a fully automatic and hands-free design.
There are a lot more statistics available as well.
Arccos claim that on average, a golfer will improve their handicap by 3.52 strokes and approach shots will be nearly 15 feet closer to the pin when using the Arccos 360 system.
It analyzes every shot you’ve taken with Arccos, as well as 120 million+ shots taken by the Arccos community on more than 40,000 courses.
App also doubles as golf GPS device, with excellent integration with the Apple Watch.
It comes with GPS capabilities.
Through the app or your online account you can view each hole and edit or remove putts or full shots and change the club used.
Arccos 360 can now work when your smartphone is in flight mode to prevent a drain on your battery.
Tech giant Microsoft have partnered with Arccos to develop the AI caddie, putting their years of experience in AI and machine learning to good use for golfers around the world.
Player information provides your handicap breakdown for driving, approach, chipping, sand, and putting.
It provides comprehensive statistical data and analysis of your game.
There is built-in rangefinder feature.
It offers detailed breakdown of shot distance and distribution.
The most noticeable upgrade with Arccos 360 is the size of the sensors.
The app is superb, both easy to use and informative.

❌ Cons

There is higher battery drain on your phone.
ARCCOS only works with iPhones.
You have to play with your phone in the leading front pocket of your trousers, which could be an issue for ladies and cross dressers in the summer.
For the best results, you need to have the phone with you and in your front pocket and not the rear pocket.
It is a bit of a process to put the grips on.
There are14 batteries to manage.
At the time of review, the beta online Arccos Dashboard seems to be work in progress and is pretty basic with details of fairways hit, GIR and putts.
Price point will turn some away.
It will not give you the most accurate putting stats.
It can only be used on listed courses hence not ideal for practice in other places.
It lacks a pedometer and calories burned function.
You have to carry your smartphone in your front pocket during each shot to accurately capture the data.
It is hard to edit incorrectly-recorded shots during a round.
The app is only currently available for iPhones which is a bummer for you Android folks.
If you have an old phone, you will see your battery drain fairly steadily.
ARCCOS will use 60% of your iPhone’s battery for 18 holes.
Arccos 360 features long-life battery that can last more than 2 years, but a replacement is currently not available.
Batteries are not rechargeable.
You have to pay annual pricing for Smart Grips.
In order for Arccos to work properly, your phone has to be in close proximity.
There are some issues with batteries that were dead upon receipt.
Inevitable editing will be a challenge during a fast round.
It only works well with the phone in the front pocket.
Arccos is a GPS system, so it will use up battery.
The system doesn’t know where the hole is.

Final Say

Read the summaries of what reviewers think about Arccos Golf below.

Review Summaries
This is the first ever 10/10 product I’ve ever reviewed on the site. Does it mean it’s perfect? No, no product. But in thinking about how it fits each category compared to other reviews, it truly stands out across the board in terms of performance, price, presentation, and certainly, personal affinity.
Requiring no tagging at all, and providing accurate, instant data, Arccos 360 is one of the best golf tracking systems on the market.The second generation offers smaller tags and better accuracy, and is well worth the upgrade.The system does not work as well on Android devices, and will drain you battery if you have an old mobile phone.
The Arccos Golf Performance Tracking System is so elegant in its simplicity that it leaves behind all of the competitors for tracking shots on the golf course. Arccos combines an iPhone app, a set of sensors that attach to your clubs, and an intelligent algorithm for determining when you’ve made a “stroke” that should be recorded. As a result, you don’t have to do anything other than play a round of golf as you normally would.
For golfers of all levels, the upgraded Arccos 360 is worth considering when shopping for either a GPS system or a Laser Rangefinder. With the ability to track every aspect of your game, Arccos 360 can help you become a better golfer.
To be fair, everyone is struggling to get a system that is 100% perfect in all respects and this is due to that fact that the technology for collecting and measuring data is still evolving and is not at a level yet where there are no compromises. Therefore as always, whether the Arccos 360 measures up to your needs is down to you.
Arccos 360 does exactly what I hoped it would: it improved on some of the weaknesses of Arccos Golf and retained all the things that made it the best shot tracker. If you’re serious about improving your game, you need to understand it first. Arccos 360 is the best, easiest way to do that.
All in all, I think this is a pretty good system. The system is easy to set up and works as advertised for the most part. At $299, it is expensive, which is why I gave it a three for value. Except for the putter sensor, the sensors are not really noticeable, which I find as a plus.
The Arccos 360 golf improvement tracking system will highlight your strengths and weaknesses, improve your game and, most importantly, increase your enjoyment out on the course.
If you’re looking to track your golf performance, check out the Arccos 360 Training System. It comes with sensors for each of your golf clubs to help you record and analyze every golf shot during your round.
The Arccos golf system is an incredible addition to your golf game. Whether you are an experienced player or someone just starting out, there is value for everyone in the system. Arccos gives you real-time analytics of your game to help you improve where you need it.
If you play a lot of golf and want to get better, Arccos Golf is a reasonable investment for determining what areas of the game you should work on.
Arcoss’ design borders on superb, with minor room for improvement. It is an extremely impressive product generally hampered only by the confines of current technology. But the fact remains that this type of golf gadget can be a double-edged sword.
After numerous rounds with each unit, I’ve stayed with ARCCOS because it requires no tagging of my belt and everything is right on my iPhone instantly during my round. The new rangefinder feature makes it an all-in-one stat tracking and playing application to my live golf game. Their stats are also easier to use and apply to my game for improvement.
The Arccos 360 system has been accurate and in a game full of data and decisions, $250 for a personal data collector and assistant seems like a reasonable cost.
There are many reasons why this is a great buy such as the long battery life and the fact that it works for both Android and IOS. However, you should also not overlook the few demerits before making up your mind. But, the bottom line is that it is a highly useful tracking system worth having.

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