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✅ Pros

The unique construction is such that the entire shoe is made from one piece of rubber, with no separate toe piece.
Review Pros
Archies Thongs retail for $40, which is significantly lower in price, than most other arch support thongs currently on the market.
It provides the same amount of arch support as a prefabricated orthotic, encouraging a more optimal foot posture but look like a ‘normal’ trendy thong.
Archies Footwear Reviews are available on social media sites, which is beneficial for the customers.
The website is providing six months manufacturer warranty.
The tight strap means that your toes will not claw.
The thongs help to relax the toes which takes the strain off our feet for long periods.
Archies Thongs are light, but still very well made with a memory foam construction.
Developed by an Australian physiotherapist, Archies Thongs have a cleverly designed arch support.
The website holds easy to use interface.
You will get free express shipping on orders over two or more pairs.
None of the products by the company contain rubber or latex, and they are also free of PVC and formamide.
They are made from a super soft, air injectable foam material, which makes them perfect for anyone that just wants a ridiculously comfortable thong, regardless of whether or not they have foot problems.
It is perfect to wear inside the house for those suffering from foot problems such as plantar fasciitis when not wearing footwear and orthotics.
They offer soft and comfortable footwear to customers.
They are built specifically in one-piece to prevent ‘blowouts’.
These thongs offer a comfortable and practical option for those who want to combine the casual aspect of thongs, with special orthotic support to keep your feet well supported during leisure activities.
The brand’s products can be found in more than 3000 locations.
Health professionals are advising their patients to wear the Archies footwear for relieving foot pain.
The wide collection of unisex flip flops is available.
The arch support is ideal for controlling your excessive mid foot pronation and may help with some of your medial knee pain due to internal rotation.
Archies are suitable for a large range of pathologies that may affect your feet.
Archies are an Australian company and they are designed by physiotherapists and endorsed by podiatrists, everything has been taken into consideration and there is nothing that they haven’t thought of.
It reduces toe clawing with a tighter strap and allows a more natural walking pattern which makes them a better thong for walking.
The benefit behind this design means that pressure is distributed more evenly through the soles of our feet, which helps to reduce focal pressure on bones and joints.
Archies come in so many different colours – there is bound to be the perfect one for you.
Archies orthotic thongs incorporate the same amount of support that you would find from an ‘off the shelf’ orthotic, however they look just like normal thongs.
This web portal is very old and popular among American citizens.
All of the footwear produced by Archies is 100% vegan friendly.
The underside grip is also very good, so you won’t find yourself slipping on unstable surfaces.
You would be hard-pressed to find another thong which would provide the same degree of correction as these beauties.
If we talk about the trust of the product, then the trust score is excellent.
Archies Footwear is also cruelty-free in the truest sense.
Customers also reported a noticeable improvement in foot pain while emphasizing how comfy Archies flip flops are.

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❌ Cons

The web portal does not contain an address.
The website delivers at limited places such as AU, USA, EU, UK and NZ etc.
The customers have posted mixed feedback.
Buyers will find it difficult to contact directly with the customer due to the absence of a phone number, and email id on the site.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
This website sells footwear with great comfort and quality. All the positive reviews are favoring the site, and we can suggest you shop.
Archies Thongs are quickly taking over the Australian marketplace. Plus, they’re Podiatry approved! If you’re after supportive arch contoured thongs (but not something your Grandparents would wear) look no further. Plus – they don’t come with a 3 figure price tag!!
Designed by a local physiotherapist in Melbourne, Archies not only look great, they feel amazing and provide a lot more support to your feet than regular thongs.
Comfy footwear in warmer weather such as flats and sandals are hard to find; especially if you have heel pain, arch pain or any pain for that matter. Archies may help reduce strain on your lower limbs and redistribute areas of high pressure in your feet as you walk. And they come in a huge range of colours to suit everyone!
Archies Footwear is a blessing for sore and painful soles. The shoes are designed to provide maximum support and comfort to your feet. Not only are they made of high-quality materials, but they are also designed to last long. You can wear them all day long without feeling uneasy.
We would highly recommend Archies Thongs to anyone looking for a stylish, comfortable, and ergonomic footwear option.
It is a fact that Archies Footwear is appears to be an authentic website, and people can trust its services and products. But, still, it is suggested to go through the customer feedback on all the available portals as the website has earned mixed remarks.

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