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✅ Pros

The material wicks moisture when dry, keeps your head cool when wet.
Review Pros
It helps keep you cooler than standard cotton shirts.
The shirt did an amazing job of wicking sweat so I felt cooler.
It feels great.
It offers good value – especially if you run hot all the time.
It really does keep you cooler.
While wearing the Arctic Cool Polo shirt, I was able to unplug my fan I felt fresh and comfortable with no complaints.
It is super easy to adjust the size.
The shirt’s fabric dramatically chills your body as you move.
The fit felt true to size, lightweight, and a good length.
It costs about the same as a cap of similar quality.
It works! It will keep you cool.
It feels great.
The neat thing about Arctic Cool’s clothing line is that you don’t have to do anything.
The anti-microbial design will also help fight off odors.
It is machine washable.
It looks great.
It even work great as a moisture-wicking undershirt.
Arctic Cool technology makes it easier to focus on completing your workout routine, not on how uncomfortable you’re feeling.
It is moisture-wicking.
If you like to layer when you workout, this is a perfect choice in that aspect.
Arctic Cool has a great lineup of clothing items and accessories for both men and women.
It can instantly cool by getting the shirts or shorts wet.
The more you sweat, the cooler it gets.
It offers very comfortable fit with great ventilation.
As soon you start to sweat, it goes to work big time, so you’ll feel cooler, longer.
It is easy to wear.
Unlike cotton, the Arctic Cool shirt didn’t weigh me down while I lifted or ran.
It also doesn’t ride up when you lift your arms, and doesn’t feel restrictive.
Ultralight construction is anti-microbial and easy-to-clean.
It is antimicrobial.

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❌ Cons

Cooling effect doesn’t last long.
It runs large.
There is a logo on the front of shirt and polo.
It’s not exactly stylish.
I wish clothes came in less “loud” styles.
Some items are a little expensive.
They currently can’t customize to put a team/business logo.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
As of yet, I have no dislikes about the Arctic cooling hat. It’s not exactly stylish, so I guess I could ding it for that. Then again, I haven’t seen too many hats out on hiking trails that are stylish. Function is definitely more important than form when it comes to outdoor gear.
It actually works. You will stay cool. Arctic’s Cooling Management System actually works. The first time we tried it, it actually reminded me a bit of our new Gravity Mattress. it almost feels cool to the touch. If you can live with the styles (we just wish they had fewer logos and were a bit more plane-jane), Arctic Cool actually lives up to the claims.
The Arctic Cool shirts should be a piece of your wardrobe when you get out in the tailgating elements. Stay cooler than a snowman’s toe when you wear an Arctic Cool shirt.
Similar to the women’s Arctic Cool shirt, the men’s version features technology that reduces the fabric temperature to cool you down when you’re heating up. Beyond the cooling effect, we like that these shirts also have a lightweight construction and UPF 50 sun protection, making them ideal shirts for hot weather running.
More than wicking. More than drying. Using HydroFreeze X Cooling Technology, the Arctic Cool clothing goes to work as soon as you start to sweat. The more you sweat, the cooler it gets. If that isn’t awesome, I don’t know what is!
Whether you’re going on a multi-day backcountry adventure or just a day hike to the local waterfall, these shirts make the trip more enjoyable. Also, perfect to wear as a base or mid-layer during skiing or outdoor activities in cold weather.
Arctic Cool tops keeps you feeling cool! The top is comfortable, functional, durable, and machine washable! If you take your workouts outside, the fabric will protect your skin from the UV rays.

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