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✅ Pros

Artza is a quarterly subscription box company that includes up to nine artisanal goods from the Holy Land as well as the stories behind them.
Review Pros
The items have been carefully crafted, handmade, sourced, and prayed over.
Each box will include Hebrew word cards and games to help you and your family learn the language of the bible.
This may be a great gift for someone on your list or something you’d like for yourself.
Another feature I love about Artza is that they will send you a specific ingredient from Israel and a recipe to use it.
You will get a variety of products like unique foods, gifts, and content that explores modern and ancient Israel.
The highest quality Locally-sourced, handcrafted gifts, foods, art, and crafts from Israel.
The thing that struck me the most as I was holding the objects in my hand is that it is a reminder that the stories in the Bible are real.
I love the Bible passages they share and the information they gave about the Negev desert.
Upon the arrival of the box, I was immediately impressed with how intricate and detailed just the packaging of the box is.
Each box will have locally sourced, handcrafted gifts, foods, and art and crafts from Israel.
Before I even opened the box, the most enchanting smell started to permeate my nose, it was so refreshing, yet invigorating and somehow familiar.
First off I am a paper person, and the quality of the postcards, artisan snipits, and other printables are super high quality.
Each box focuses on a specific part of Israel such as Nazareth or Bethlehem.
Each box includes 7-9 authentic products from around the Holy Land.
Boxes are quarterly and contain 7-9 authentic products from around the Holy Land.
You can learn about the artisans behind the products, and build bridges and connections with the people of Israel.
You can get a curated box of artisan products from the Holy Land.
It’s the perfect Christmas gift for someone.
What I love most about this subscription box is getting handmade goods that I would’ve never known about.
You will learn about each artisan that makes the products in your box, learn some Hebrew, and get photography from places around Israel.
You can get original and unique content and photography from around the country that you cannot find elsewhere.
Each box features a different area of the Holy Land and is packed full with items from local artisans.
Premium boxes contain 1-2 items more per quarter than the regular Artza Box.
All the products are made exclusively for Artza.
There are even cards that describe the work of each artisan.
Your box include products the whole family will love, from tasty treats, hand-crafted soaps and beauty products, custom spice mixes, unique games, and more.

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Review Summaries
I love the mission, heart and products that Artza is all about. It helps me see Israel in modern times while bridging a gap between what I read in my Bible. I think Artza makes for wonderful box for yourself or as a gift to a loved one.
Artza Box is a quarterly subscription box filled with carefully curated items that represent the best of Israeli culture and artisanal excellence. Whether you’re looking to learn something new or simply sample the unique flavors of the Holy Land, Artza Box is the perfect solution.
Artza is more than a subscription box. It’s a step inside the Holy Land. Artza includes a unique assortment of items that lets you experience cultures and places across the globe. I loved the hand-carved ornaments, the candle, and the table runner the most.
What I enjoyed most about the box was the connection to the artisans and to the land of Israel.bAs a Messianic Jew, these products made me feel closer to my homeland and I cannot tell you how moving it was to look through those postcards I mentioned earlier and see all those special moments that mean so much to me and my heritage. I cannot recommend this subscription enough. I was truly amazed at the quality and the care that went into each artisan’s creation.
I feel beyond blessed to have had the chance to receive an Artza box! The items that have been carefully crafted, handmade, sourced, and prayed over, fill me with abundant joy, and I hope that anyone who receives a box will feel the same way that I do! I am so beyond thankful that I was introduced to Artza, and plan to continue to bring pieces of the Holy Land into my home!
The Artza gift box is a tangible way to ground the Scripture stories in time and place, the next best thing to actually being able to visit. Plus I love the idea of supporting local crafters.
Each box is curated to deliver the most authentic experience, searching throughout Israel for exclusive, high-quality products for you to enjoy.

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