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✅ Pros

The fetch tool is such a simple thing, but it makes the job of putting the rotisserie accessories in and taking them out so easy.
Review Pros
The Audew 1500A Jump Starter comes with a six month period in which you can receive a refund for the purchase.
It is the smallest cigar cooler of its type on the market at only 10” wide, 20” deep and 18” high.
The compact kit that contains everything you need to jump-start your vehicle or power multiple devices at once — even wirelessly.
Charging two devices simultaneously is excellent.
It prevents overheating.
It’s exterior is made of what feels like an incredibly sturdy plastic.
It comes with intelligent jumper cables.
I like the black color with red outlines that would be useful in low-light situations.
Audew states that this product has a 3-5 year service life, which is not bad.
It comes with short circuit protection.
It is backed up by solid customer support.
Three smartphone charging cables are included including Micro-USB for Android and Lighting for Apple devices.
There are three standard ways to recharge: AC, solar and 12V DC of a traditional car.
It is compact and durable.
It is built to last long.
Handy jumpstarting function could be a lifesaver when your car’s battery won’t simply crank.
It is extremely quiet. I don’t think it makes any noise at all.
There are built-in flashlight and emergency light options.
The seal on the door is excellent for keeping the temperature and humidity constant.
It gets the job done.
Once the inflator is screwed into the tire valve and you turn on the unit by pressing the power button, it automatically reads the pressure of the tire.
The Audew jumper is compact and comes with a charging cord, carrying case, and a built-in flashlight.
The 2 USB slots make it easy to charge a smartphone, tablet, or most any small electronics.
Five LED indicators are available.
For the beauty inclined, the unit is a sight to behold. Compliments are bound to occur during carriage and usage.
Smart portable size that is light (only 14 lbs) and carryable without much ado. This reality also makes it great for picnics, camping, RVing and general outdoor use.
It fits perfectly in the cargo hold in the rear of the Jeep.
You can carry it around in a backpack.
Even though the Rockpals jump starter is cheaper when comparing purchases with available coupons/discounts, the six dollar difference is worth it to get the Audew and its guarantee/warranty.
Multiple functions make it handy for all kinds of situations.
The Audew tire inflator also has a handle that flips up that makes it really easy to carry the unit around.
It comes with low price-tag.
It is a nice looking appliance for your kitchen.
It gives 1500 peak amps.
It has quick fill times.
The power bank has a Peak 600 Amp load for starting a car or truck with a dead battery.
It is easy-to-use.
When fully charged it has the ability, to jump-start a full-size vehicle up to 30 times.
The storage capacity of 20,000 milliamps per hour is much more than that of the two jump starters to which I compared it.
Everything comes packed into a hard case with a zipper to hold it shut.
It has ultra-powerful 20000mAh battery.
It has 12-month warranty.
It comes with dual quick-charge USB ports.
It is light weight.
The drawer and shelves are solid cedar.
Easy to use interface is practical and simple, even in the dark.
A full charge can last 6-12 months.
It is easy to understand and operate.
It has 6-in-1 design.
Audew offers 2000A peak current.
It offers excellent temperature control with a nice wide range.
It has an easy-to-use interface.
The food tastes great.
It is good for CPAP devices.
The Audew Portable Tire Inflator has a nice design and is very portable.
The front has the power button and LED lights to shows the charge state of the battery.
It has dependable power delivery.
It is simple to use.
The jump start cables are also incredibly sturdy, they really take some force to prise open and the plastic is nice and thick.
It has 20000mAh capacity.
After seven jump starts and two times charging my phone, the charger was at 19%. It started my car again and lost only one percent.
Customer service is available 24/7.
It comes with 18,000mAh Audew Epower-188 battery.
I love the rotisserie component and accessories.
The presets are very helpful.
It has multiple safety features, including over-charge protection.

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❌ Cons

The screen is quite dull. It can barely be seen at all head on, you have to angle the pack, and then you can see the dim LCD screen beneath the black plastic.
The hinges of the door are at the bottom of the unit.Food falls into those spaces.
The charging time is higher than competitors.
The glossy front section which hides the small LCD screen will no doubt pick up scratches along the way.
Jumper cables are a bit small.
Clamps may be too bulky for certain vehicles/batteries.
AC charging takes about 8 hours, no thanks to the 4 Amps charger. It is a little more than other units in this category.
Though capable of solar charging, Audew does not make the panel available with the unit neither does the even sell it separately. You’ll need to buy a (random) solar panel of your choice.
Only 12-month warranty is offered.
It doesn’t appear that Audew offers a warranty on this product.
The battery pack wouldn’t fully charge with the supplied quick charger past 88%,
It has a limited range.
The LED light in the top of the humidor is totally useless but at night if you put it on in the dark it lights up the inside and looks cool.
Display is prone to scratches.
The inflator unit is made of a plastic housing and doesn’t seem very durable.
The mouth of the vacuum is only 2 inches wide at its widest point.
I was disappointed in the blooming onion I tried to make.
LED display can struggle to show battery performance in bright sunlight.
Although the battery and the filter are both removable, I couldn’t any mention of where to buy replacements, should that be necessary, neither on Audew’s website nor on Amazon.
There is slight noise while operating.
The humidification is just a plastic rectangle shaped container to put water in. I chose to get a humidification device from the Oshkosh Humidor Company. It works well, no moving parts means it’s not electric so you don’t have wires sticking out of the door.
The decorative analog hygrometer is useless but it looks nice.
It has awkward cord and hose storage.
It is not as light as some products on the list.
It has dim LCD screen.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
At £69.99 it makes total sense to go for one of these over an ordinary large sized power bank. Especially if you need the ability to jump-start your older car from time to time. Oh, and it comes with a 12 month warranty as well.
With 300 Amp Starting Current and 1,500 Amp Peak Current, the Audew Epower-188 Multi-Function Jump Starter has the power to jump-start most vehicles, including cars, light-duty trucks, motorcycles, lawnmowers, and snowmobile – 35 times.
Audew Jump Starter is built to assure users the best experience. It is powerful and versatile to accommodate different needs. Its multifunction design makes many people prefer it. The jump starter is compact and portable, making many people prefer it. It was built to assure users of great results in their everyday operations.
Small and compact, it packs just enough power to keep appliances like laptops, tablets, and even mini-refrigerators running. There’s inverter technology that keeps the output steady and a battery management system to keep the device safe. Moreover, the lithium-ion battery can be charged from a standard AC wall outlet, car battery, and standard solar panels. When you consider the price, it’s a value for money choice for those on a budget.
In the end, Audew’s Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is a welcome addition to our house. This vacuum is perfect for those small jobs where it’s either too much hassle to get out your big vacuum or for those hard-to-reach places. It’s definitely worth your consideration, so long as you keep its (few) limitations in mind.
Overall, I’d say this is a solid car maintenance/emergency tool that works well and has nice features included. The build is plasticky, but it does look nice and appears to be sturdy enough for occasional use (as would be expected for such a tool). I do have a few reservations about long-term use due to some poor reviews on Amazon, but there are many good reviews as well.
The bottom line is that this ‘cool’ humidor was rated best value by several review sites and by Tim at I think it is a great value especially in the dry, hot Southwestern part of the US.
The Audew 500Wh Portable Solar Generator is a nice, light piece of portable solar power. Unfortunately, it charges a little too slow for my liking, no thanks to its 4 Amps AC charger.
The Audew Portable Air Compressor Pump has some small design foibles that are easily forgiven on account of its utility, reliability and price-tag.
Power banks such as the Audew are not really thought of until there is a problem, then they come in very handy. I am still testing the unit so far with good results and will update if anything changes. As always be sure to read the reviews on Amazon, forums, or elsewhere to be sure a unit is a good fit for you.
The Audew air fryer is an amazing appliance that gives you many options for meal preparation, saves time, and eliminates the calories from oil if you choose to go oil-free. It is fun to experiment with different recipes that will impress your family with how quickly you whipped up that roasted chicken dinner. Based on my use of this product, I highly recommend it to anyone who is searching the market for an air fryer.
Keeping your Jeeps toolkit up to date with the essentials is crucial to make sure you are safe out on the trail. Your tool kit is not complete without a portable jump starter and we recommend the Audew portable jump starter.
The best jump starter for diesel engines, thanks to a high-speed polymer battery that can handle diesel engines up to 8.5L, with a number of additional features, including dual USB ports and SOS lights.
If you’re looking for a premium portable jump starter, the Audew 2000A device comes highly recommended. With its 20000mAh battery capacity, the portable jump starter can also serve as a competent battery bank to keep your devices fully charged at all times. Although we were unable to test it on vehicles with larger engines, we’re confident based on user reviews that it’s up to the task.
After considering this product for a couple of days, I have to say, I am impressed. Audew has put together a unit that will charge a vehicle over and over again while charging phones and other accessories at the same time.

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