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✅ Pros

It gives complete protection to your kids’ teeth.
Review Pros
The brush will play fun, upbeat music throughout the duration of the brushing timer.
It contains attractive auto-brushes for your little ones.
The kids finally want to brush their teeth.
It vibrates at a high frequency to remove harmful bacteria with ease.
We found many favorable Autobrush for Kids Reviews.
It has soft Silicone bristles.
Brush head design and fit is great.
The unique shape fits the smaller shaped mouths perfectly allowing the vibrating silicone bristles to clean every surface area of the teeth without worrying about missing spots.
It can be cleaned with normal rinsing, like a regular toothbrush.
It is cheaper than branded electric toothbrushes.
It has button layout.
AutoBrush Body can be shared while each member of the family use their own brush head.
The toothpaste AutoBrush provides is great and most importantly, safe.
There are positive Autobrush reviews from customers.
It gives proper cleaning that is 360 degrees.
The site has provided in-depth information regarding its products.
The cute animal shapes are enticing and make it a fun activity & the lights and music are the true winners here.
Mouthpiece is made of antibacterial silicone that kills 99.99% of bacteria.
Bristles are at a 45 degree angle to the gums for optimal cleaning; bristles are also soft to prevent gum irritation.
If you compare to well established branded electric toothbrush that has more gadgets and functions, the AutoBrush is a worthy investment for the functions that it gives.
Each charge can last 3 hours.
They have 30 days refund policy.
Battery life is great.
The toothpaste is easy to apply.
They kids flossers are shaped in fun animal shapes and perfectly sized for a child’s mouth.
There is affordable price on the combo packs.
AutoBrush for Kids makes brushing for kids fun & easy.
It cleans all the areas properly within 30 seconds.
It works.
These automatic electric toothbrushes contain silicone bristles.
The silicone bristles offer a more hygienic alternative to nylon bristles as they are not prone to harboring bacteria.
The Red light technology helps promote healthy gum growth and prevents inflammation of the gums and the blue light technology whitens while they brush.
It plays music.
It’s a perfect solution on those busy days when it seems you don’t even have a spare minute to brush your teeth.
It has a highly informative user interface.
There are several positive Autobrush Reviews available on the website.
It comes with an easy to use mouth piece .
It’s cleaner and lasts longer.
The Deep Cleaning mode vibrates at 30,000 sonic pulsations per minute.
It gives battery status feedback.
You need not required to take your kids to the bathroom for brushing teeth as Autobrush can be used anywhere.
We noted results after a few uses.
AutoBrush does make easy to handle flossers.
Different flavored kinds of toothpaste for kids are available.
It is having a wide range of oral health care products available on it.

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❌ Cons

The light doesn’t really do anything.
Customers have to pay for return shipping.
The device isn’t made on an individual basis.
Lights are not that effective.
It does not clean the teeth very well.
The charging pad might get warm.
It is not endorsed by most dentists.
The AutoBrush simply is not as effective as a thorough brush with a traditional toothbrush.
It has poor fitting mouthpiece.
People with braces might feel some discomfort.
This is not a brushing system that I would recommend for children that already have a good handle on twice daily brushing the traditional way.
Special toothpaste is required.
You cannot use your regular toothpaste.
The Autobrush does not have its plug, so you may have to borrow it from any other device.
It is more pricey than a similar U-shaped electric toothbrush.
The site has a few unsatisfactory customers.
Brushing with AutoBrush is an adjustment.
The size of the brush really matters.
It is not a replacement for flossing and dental visits.
The brush comes in eight different sizes, so you need to be sure while picking the size. Size brush will not prove to be effective.
This product comes with the USB charger, not the actual plug that goes into the wall. You’ll have to borrow the plug from your phone or other devices at home to charge the AutoBrush V3.
Your kids may find some difficulties in adjusting and knowing the complete functioning of the Autobrush.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
The AutoBrush indeed is an innovative and smart invention that can certainly fit with the busy modern lifestyle. It brushes using the Bass toothbrushing method in 30 seconds with music built-in for the AutoBrush for Kids, has soft silicone bristles, blue dental grade LED light for whitening effects and red light for decorative purposes. Though it is a small toothbrush, it is power-packed to last for 3 hours after each charge.
On the surface, this brushing device sounds pretty promising. It addresses many of the issues you’d expect from a stock brushing device while offering innovations.
AutoBrush is an electric toothbrush. Redesigned and effective , this is an electric toothbrush you don’t even have to hold up and brush your teeth with. It’s shaped like a mouth guard and you just gently bite down and the device will gently brush your teeth. Sounds amazing right?
These automatic electric toothbrushes contain silicone bristles along an easy to use mouth piece that vibrates at a high frequency to remove harmful bacteria with ease. You can use the AutoBrush while you’re doing your hair, makeup, getting dressed, anywhere and everywhere with a sparkling clean mouth to show off after zero effort. Talk about efficiency!
AutoBrush is the new way to take extra care of your teeth in less time. This new technology is overwhelming and exciting to use. We want to remind you that even though the AutoBrush technology is efficient, the automatic toothbrush does not solve dental problems. Hence, it is better to see a doctor for any dental issues. Educate your kids about dental health and traditional cleaning method as well. As per the reviews, the product is worth giving a try as we could not find any severe flaw faced by customers so far. But in the context of the mixed reviews, we suggest an in-depth research on your own and explore the site and products entirely.
As a pediatric dentist, I see living proof day in and day out, that brushing is not readily done well by a majority of children. Typically it is due to lack of will and motivation. Making brushing more fun and “easier” is half the battle, and I believe that the AutoBrush goes a long way into doing this. If you find yourself and your child in this boat then I think giving this product a try is a good idea.
While looking at Autobrush for Kids Reviews, we can only say that buy the product today to grab the deal. Be checked every detail of the auto brush because it is for your kids, and we care for them.The product has some minor cons, like it requires a plug to charge, and your kids can face problems in adjusting during the initial time; all these can be ignored. It’s pros definitely outweigh the cons.
AutoBrush has made reasonable improvements with version 4 of this mouthpiece style toothbrush. But, I still recommend that you do not buy it. It is not able to clean the teeth anywhere near the standard necessary to maintain a good level of oral hygiene. I can remove more plaque in 30 seconds by brushing with a manual toothbrush. Yet AutoBrush is 50x the price?!
Autobrush is the legit store to shop with as it has gained massive popularity on its social media and has built everlasting customer trust. We haven’t found any suspicious things or loopholes that can raise any doubts due to this reason we are declaring the Autobrush store reliable. But, yes, in the context of both types of reviews, positive as well as negative, we suggest you to explore the site carefully before making the purchasing decision.
Using the AutoBrush for kids toothbrush to replace regular toothbrushes has been one of my favorite mom hacks and I am so excited to be sharing all of the details of both how to use and why we love it.

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