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✅ Pros

It includes nearly every tool and feature offered in high-end, professional editors.
Review Pros
It works with UA Audio.
High-end hardware and support policies are tops in the industry.
New, low-cost Artist version is a welcome step forward.
Most features of the paid version are available for free.
It is fully customizable.
It offers sophisticated multi-cam editing.
It is still the cleanest audio editing workflow on the planet.
It is very similar to its widely used professional cousin, which makes it a great educational tool.
It has studio-style interface.
With Avid you obviously can edit your footage as you seem fit, moving clips around until you find the right place for everything.
The free version includes many of the paid edition’s features.
This software works on both Macs and PCs.
Multi-track recording is available.
Support is included in your purchase/renting option.
This is a fantastic way for beginning filmmakers to get started on the Avid software in all sorts of different ways.
There is near-zero tracking / drop-in latency with onboard Pro Tools DSP.
It offers fast 64-bit recording and mixing engine.
Integration with Pro Tools is almost seamless, as one can suppose from the same parent company.
Strong social exporting options are available.
Amazing high-end tools are available.
It is a powerful program with loads of professional options and effects.
It is a multiplatform.
There is exceptional audio quality throughout.
It has robust virtual mixer.
It runs on Macs and PCs.
This software is a powerful and comprehensive program with a plethora of professional possibilities and effects.
There is a great introduction for aspiring filmmakers committed to learning the Avid system.
There’s virtually nothing that you can’t do with Avid.
It comes with perpetual Pro Tools software license and 1-year plug-in subscription.
For editors who work with large company and have access to remarkable infrastructure, there’s Media Composer Cloud, which lets you reach an Avid remote storage system.
Industry standard technology has been used.
Melodyne Essential is finally standard.
This software can be customized to fit your specific needs.

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❌ Cons

Advanced functions are only available from Pro Tools.
You can use a maximum of four video tracks.
Limited integrations are available.
Even for people who are familiar with video editing software, the interface could be difficult to navigate.
The learning curve is steep.
It is very difficult to learn as compared to consumer products.
It is a complex software.
Export options are relatively restricted.
A deep preparation is needed which may discourage rookies or people that don’t want to spend too much time looking for complicated hacks.
There is a steep learning curve.
Interface is not intuitive, even for those familiar with video editors.
Limited import formats are accepted.
It lacks VST support.
It requires a powerful computer and prefers a separate graphics card.
Download is complex and requires an Avid Master account.
There is a steep learning curve.
It doesn’t support 4K.
Their plans are expensive.
It only works with approved Apple computers and adapters.
It provides no software to view, store and recall front panel settings.
This software requires a powerful computer and preferably a separate graphics card.
It needs a powerful computer to run it well.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Overall, we’re highly impressed with Avid Media Composer. It’s a powerful, flexible video editing tool that should be on the radar of any serious editor. If you’re cutting spots, social media, or indie features, you owe it to yourself to take an objective look at Avid Media Composer as a viable editing option.
This music production software is still the superior DAW in the professional scene. With a high-powered Pro Tools mixing board and versatile editing modules, it remains the top choice for big industry players everywhere.
If you can use Avid Media Composer, it is certainly the most famous video editing software in the industry. You’ll find it almost in every TV station or movie studio post-production premises, so if you are planning to get or stay in the industry, maybe it’s a wise choice to get your hand dirty with Avid.
Avid unlocks Pro Tools for a new generation while maintaining its status as the standard cross-platform solution for professional music, film, games, and broadcast production.
Pro Tools Carbon successfully brings Avid’s established near-zero latency studio technology to producers and musicians in this pristine audio production interface. But as a premium product exclusive to Mac users, software implementation could be tighter.
Download Avid Media Composer | First if you’re looking to become a professional video editor. Otherwise, advanced enthusiasts may prefer DaVinci Resolve, which has an gentler learning curve.
Avid Media Composer First is the free version of one of Hollywood’s most popular film and TV editing programs. It offers many of the same features you’ll find in the pro version, but exporting is limited to 1080p resolution, and it maxes out at four video tracks and eight audio tracks. If you have the patience to grapple with its complexity, it’s excellent software for learning professional video editing skills.
Avid Media Composer is a powerful cross-platform video editing application, giving the professional editor the flexibility they need to work the way they want to. Its latest updates make sure it remains ahead of the curve and the industry standard for a while to come.

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