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✅ Pros

You can beat jet lag, and adapt to a new time zone 2 to 3 times faster.
Review Pros
It improves sleep.
Their unusual design makes them light enough to wear anywhere.
30-day money back guarantee is offered.
It significantly boosts your energy during the daytime.
This is very much a product that affects you (positively) mentally with a halo effect toward the body.
It syncs with your smartphone with a Bluetooth 4.0 connection.
They offer free shipping worldwide.
These glasses are less invasive and aren’t hindered by medical complications.
You can regularise your sleeping patterns, and reduce your ‘social jet lag’.
The app itself is pretty clearly laid out, with energy, sleep, and jet lag split into sessions.
It fits comfortably.
It can be worn with glasses.
It increases your energy.
It comes with a stylish travel case that also doubles as the charger.
It is comfortable and easy-to-wear.
It is easy to use.
It reduces jet lag.
The goAYO app is easy to use, and includes a number of programs that are customisable and succinctly explained at appropriate stages throughout the app.
It recharges you with an instant energy boost.
The jet lag part of the equation is intriguing because everyone travelling a far distance has suffered from that at some point in their lives.
These are sleek and stylish light therapy glasses.
It has innovative concept.
It has a slim-line design.

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❌ Cons

No old-school manual buttons on the device. So, you have to use it through the smartphone app only.
Results are not always noticeable.
It is expensive.
AYO a doesn’t address other factors that can contribute to difficulties with energy, sleep, or jet lag.
There are some privacy considerations.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
The health benefits are, to me, truly case by case. The science may be optimistic, but AYO can’t know how well the glasses will impact each person wearing them. Compared to taking pills to achieve a similar result, however, these glasses are less invasive and aren’t hindered by medical complications. If you’ve tried everything else, it may be time to try putting these glasses on and see how you feel.
It is a blue-light emitting wearable, controlled and customised using the wonderfully-simple goAYO App (for iOS and Android). It significantly boosts your energy during the daytime. You can regularise your sleeping patterns, and reduce your ‘social jet lag’.
Overall, I am happy with the AYO Glasses and I think it will have a profound effect on airplane travel and will generally add value to people’s lives. It is definitely a product that I will recommend!
The AYO blue light therapy glass is designed more like a headband. It is incredibly sleek, looks stunning and can be worn over sunglasses or eyewear. Like the Pegasi, it is Bluetooth compatible and syncs with your smartphone, and you can alter most of the settings on the GoAyo app.
The AYO Wearable is an interesting device for translators and other professionals seeking a way to improve their well-being or to adapt to different time zones while travelling all over the world. The Wearable is very portable and does not harm your health. But while the technology behind it is sound, the real effect of it is not easily measurable and sometimes seems to fail. The usage of location services to do its job is a privacy concern that needs to get sorted out. For $299 the AYO Wearable can be of use, but the results are not clear enough for an outright recommendation.

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