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✅ Pros

If you’re an auditory learner who knows that it’d be a struggle to learn boring material by reading a series of slides, AYPO might be the right school for you.
Review Pros
The best benefit provided to students who enroll is one of AYPO’s courses is the stress-free environment.
AYPO Real Estate is a very reasonable priced.
Self-study course is taught by a qualified instructor with professional experience.
They even provide a list of all the things you have to know before you’ll be eligible for a job so you can check off the items you already know and pick the courses you want.
Our favorite feature about AYPO’s teaching style is how they have tried to overcome the online barriers and offer direct assistance to each student.
These industry-based courses help you improve your skills in terms of labor so you can get a good job.
There is a phone number and an online contact form for questions and student support on AYPO’s website.
AYPO online real estate school will even satisfy the requirements for pre-licensing in a handful of American states.
AYPORealEstate Offers classes through a mobile app.
Compared to other online real estate schools, AYPORealEstate is relatively affordable.
All pages are designed to resize and fit perfectly within’ the mobile screen.
At Your Pace Online offers two state-approved packages for your prelicensing education.
They guarantee that you will pass your real estate license exam on the first try, or they will give you your money back.
AYPO has a 4.7 rating on Facebook, with many comments from satisfied students.
AYPORealEstate has been around for many years.
This online real estate school will even satisfy the requirements for pre-licensing in a handful of American states.
Each course instructor is a highly qualified real estate professional.
There are many students in particular who raved about customer service taking extra effort to help students when there are tech issues.
AYPO’s instructor, Sheri Wytcherley, presents the course material through interactive and animated slides.
Students are free to discuss with these reasonably-priced resources whenever it’s the most convenient for them.
Before purchasing any course, you have the option to see exactly what it entails.
AYOP Real Estate delivers content through multiple formats such as text and video.
They offer customer service 7 days per week via live chat, phone, or email.
AYPO classes are known to include a combination of text, video, slides, and interactive quizzes.
We contacted this school for help and they responded within 19 minutes.
There are no time limits and immediate complete access to the course so the fast learners don’t have to slow down and those of us who need more time don’t feel overwhelmed.
You can see a full outline of the material on their course page.
The key aspect to AYPO is their namesake, At Your Own Pace.
Since AYPORealEstate does not offer in person instruction, all their courses are self-guided.
The strongest benefit provided to students who enroll in one of AYPO’s pre licensing courses is the stress-free environment.
They also offer a downloadable (and printable) PDF of their course outline.
AYPO offers one on one sessions with the mentor who is always quick to respond and will be there to help you whenever you need it.
If you’re looking for something cheap yet still higher quality, AYOP Real Estate should be a top consideration.

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❌ Cons

Most schools include exam prep materials in their prelicensing packages. AYPO, on the other hand, requires you to pay extra for exam prep.
The biggest downside to AYPO is that their pre-license courses are only available in five states.
These services and courses are only available for five states.
AYPO offers very limited courses.
The pass or no pay guarantee is one of the most important things to look for in a real estate school. The fact that AYPORealEstate does not offer it means that they are more geared toward already experienced students.
AYPO is missing the larger variety of additional elective course options offered by other providers.
Some of their content seems a little outdated.
AYPORealEstate does not offer courses for every state in the United States.
If you are someone who needs in-person instruction, you should look elsewhere.
A major downside to AYPO is the astonishingly high price points attached to each course.
The North Carolina real estate continuing education course from At Your Pace Online is only offered online.
It does not offer a course that fulfills the mandatory four-hour NC general update.
They do not have a downloadable app.
The lack of wide pre-licensing availability can be disappointing to those outside of its chosen jurisdictions.
If you end up taking one of the basic packages, you will not have access to customer support.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
All in all, AYPORealEstate is a good, bare bones online real estate school. If you live in the states that they operate and are accredited in, they are an excellent choice. They are not going to be as good of a choice for those who need in-depth education.
What you get with AYPO Real Estate is a very reasonable priced, no-frills self-study course taught by a qualified teacher with professional experience.
AYPO is the best choice for NC brokers who want to complete their CE and NAR requirements at the same time and at an affordable price.
AYPO is an effective and straightforward way to prepare for your career in real estate. Although it is unfortunate how limited their coverage is, that’s more than made up for by their qualified instructors and effective courses.
In a place where most educational platforms focus on technology or art based education, AYPO gives us those real-life skills that will help us get a good job fast. They have set themselves apart from the average online education style by providing a quick response team of teachers that will be there to support you in your journey. While we love their style, you will have to take a leap of faith and deposit that huge course fee. This is definitely not for those who are on a tight budget
What you get with AYPO Real Estate is a very reasonable priced, no-frills self-study course taught by a qualified instructor with professional experience. Although the lack of wide pre-licensing availability can be disappointing to those outside of its chosen jurisdictions, it’s absolutely worth checking out if you’re looking for continuing education.
Since this school is new to my list as of 2021, I highly encourage anyone with feedback to contact me. I may end up moving this school further up or down on the list depending on the feedback I receive, but my overall initial impressions are very positive.
Since AYPO is located in Oregon, they’re particularly dedicated to offering top-notch, state-level support. Check them out if you want to listen to the instruction instead of reading it.

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