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✅ Pros

It isIPX4 water resistance for use outdoors.
Review Pros
It has a solid feel and fits nicely in your hand.
The 3.2-ounce, palm-sized GPS Pro can be easily carried or worn around the neck using the provided lanyard.
The app also allows you to get and display the same position and status information as shown on the smaller Pro display, but in a much bigger format.
It is reasonably priced for a GPS/GLONASS accessory designed specifically for Apple devices.
It has compatibility with Russia’s GLONASS satellite constellation.
It uses both GPS and GLONASS (Russian) satellites to reduce lock time.
It performs as advertised.
You can access your data logs directly from any PC or Mac using the included USB cable.
It uses GPS and WAAS systems for position fix.
It has Backlit LCD display with 3-button device control (power, Bluetooth, tracking).
You can instantly view GPS and GLONASS statuses using a backlit LCD screen even at night.
Don’t need jailbreak iPad/iPhone/iPod touch to use Bad Elf GPS products.
It is really easy to use.
It is easy to use.
It includes a data logging capability, in this case up to 200 hours of position data.
It finds location fast, saving time and battery life on your device.
Bad Elf GPS products have been proven worldwide.
This works side-by-side with the traditional GPS system, and the main benefit is faster lock-on time.
It gives GPS reporting rate of up to 10 times per second.
It can be use it with my newer iPad/iPhone/iPod touch with the Lightning connector.
It has USB port for charging while in use.
It is Reasonably priced.
The Wombat has minimal user controls.
It has rugged and splash-proof design.
It has incredible battery life.
It works in perfect precision even at high altitudes.
It is Small, light and convenient.
It has large backlit LCD display, enabling night time usage.
There are no additional fees after buying it.
The battery is capable of lasting up to 36 hours.
It is small and lightweight
The Wombat can be used as a USB battery bank.
Device worked flawlessly in testing.
Connecting the Wombat to your smartphone or tablet is the same as connecting to any Wi-Fi network.
Bad elf can share the trips as a GPX file, KML file, Twitter, Facebook or via email.
It’s super light and small.
You can transfer and enjoy a geographical view of your travels, as well as share it with friends and family via email, Facebook, or Twitter.
It has 66-channel MTK GPS chipset.
It replaces the need for a standalone GPS.
It determines location from both GPS and GLONASS satellites.
It is capable of being connected to up to five different devices at the same time.
Bad Elf record up to 100 hours of trip data.
Since some avionics record flight logs and engine data, you can use the Wombat to harvest the data and share it with third-party apps.
Operation of the three button controls is simple, straight forward, and intuitive.
It is extremely lightweight (.3 ounce/8.5 grams.)
Wireless feature eliminates the hanging dongle dilemma with similar devices.
The compass only reads in true, not magnetic.
It has built-in 9000-mA battery.
It has a battery life of 32 hours when used as a data logger.
It comes with high capacity datalogger.
It is compatible with all iOS devices and every aviation app.
Bad elf is compatible with Apple iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone.
The 3200 allows you to log 200 hours of trip data directly to the device.
Its Indicator green light for GPS lock.
Its size is 1″ x 0.25″.
It has shared Bluetooth® connectivity for up to six (6) iOS devices
IPX4 technology make the GPS device water resistant and capable of taking even in the most extreme environments.
Its firmware updatable via a free app.
It has LCD Screen with Backlight.

❌ Cons

It has an LCD Display, but it doesn’t display distance.
It use uses some battery power – more of an issue for the iPod Touch than for the big-battery iPad.
It could get damaged in the marine environment (and felt a bit flimsy).
When transferring logs using E-mail only works incrementally using small files..
It only supports iOS devices. Android devices do not coordinate well with the GPS signal.
Plastic mini-USB charging/data port cap is loose and prone to falling out.
There are some newer Android devices that are not compatible with this device.
Many location-aware apps need mobile internet connectivity (not provided by Bad Elf) to function.
Battery health status displays incorrectly at times.
Upon first opening the App the opening screen shows other Bad Elf products.
The screen is small.
It has sleek shape that not fits in cokpit.
If your device is out of cell coverage you will get your location but you won’t see a map, unless your device has cached a map of the location before hand.
Although well-constructed, the splashproof-only rating could be an issue in the marine environment.
It has no Bluetooth connectivity.
Power consumption is so high.
It is tough to fit into a waterproof case.
The unit will have to be returned to the manufacturer at some point for battery replacement.
Battery replacement is tough and tricky as it requires you to open the device and change them.
When you have reached maximum capacity of trip logs, you are not only unable to add new logs, but you are also unable to access the old ones.
It is power draining product.
An external antenna can not attach to any Bad Elf GPS.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
The Wombat has minimal user controls. It has built-in 9000-mA battery. The Wombat can be used as a USB battery bank. Connecting the Wombat to your smartphone or tablet is the same as connecting to any Wi-Fi network.
Bad Elf is not a remake of a Will Ferrell movie—it’s a company that builds cool hardware add-ons for Apple devices. Bad Elf has recently added a new receiver (the 1008 model) to their lineup, and it works with the Lightning Connector.
The Pro+ has the same basic design as the Pro, with a waterproof case and built-in screen–it has a solid feel and fits nicely in your hand. While maintaining this small size, Bad Elf has increased the battery life on the Pro+ to 35 hours. There are simply more satellites to choose from, so your position can be calculated faster.
This stand-alone Global Positioning System device stores and streams data to most Apple products so you can share navigation data even if there is no cell service. This product is ideal for pilots, sailors, power boaters, and even family road trips. Whether you are on deck, in the cockpit, or in the backseat you can display navigation data on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod in real time.
The Bad Elf GPS for Lightning Connector and its sibling device for 30-pin Dock Connector are perfect or any user who may have a Wi-Fi-only iOS device, but needs access to accurate geolocation information.
The Bad Elf connects to the iPad effortlessly. The Bad Elf fits shirt pocket, and it runs the ForeFlight moving map and Track Log, perfectly.
Although it doesn’t go so well with a few popular Android devices, its ability to function so well with an iOS device, compels you to buy one of these beauties. All of these features comes home in a small, resilient package that fits in the palm of your hand. It weighs about 3.2 ounces and is priced close to $150 on Amazon. This is probably the best and the most affordable device of its kind.
The Bad Elf Lightning Connector is a super small GPS device that plugs into your iPhone, iPod, or iPad and works with the Bad Elf App. It finds location fast, saving time and battery life on your device. If your device is out of cell coverage you will get your location but you won’t see a map, unless your device has cached a map of the location before hand.
You can change how you want the latitude and longitude to be displayed, and I breezed through this part during the setup, which turned out to be a mistake.
Bad Elf GPS products have been proven worldwide. Waze certainly can get location data from Bad Elf GPS.
The Bad Elf GPS Pro’s ability to connect and share GPS information with multiple devices, together with its LCD user interface and Cygnus capabilities, make it the most versatile external GPS unit on the market.
It is one of the smallest devices you will find on the market, and it still maintains the durability that you would expect of a GPS that is meant for extreme use. While it does work with Android products, it seems they do not function very well with the newest devices.
For those looking to add GPS functionality to a WiFi-only Apple device or simply increase the accuracy of any Bluetooth device, the GPS Pro is a well thought-out unit that combines wireless convenience with improved GPS accuracy.
It is Light and compact. Bad elf is Quick GPS fix and good GPS satellite signal reception. It Adds GPS capability to lower-cost iPad Wi-Fi models and the iPod Touch.

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