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✅ Pros

No more worries about getting your daily recommendations of fruit and vegetables.
Review Pros
Fruits are real and vine ripened.
The company assigns you a personal Health Coach who helps you create a plan to improve your health.
It is whole food in fruit and veggie capsules form.
The products are completely safe for children or adults.
It claims to help enhance workout performance.
All natural plant based products are used.
It can be used by pregnant and lactating mothers. However, you should only use it after talking to your doctor about it.
It is convenient and easy to take.
It provides a good way to increase nutrient and antioxidant intake.
It is easy to take in pill form vs. other powdered supplements which can be a pretty potent taste.
Balance of Nature has created a whole blend of fruits and veggies that you can consume daily if you do not have the time to take the natural ingredients in their most whole form.
The fiber powder is known to deliver instant results.
It may help improves workout recovery.
There is 30-day money-back guarantee.
It can result in improvement of health conditions like high cholesterol and liver disease.
These products have no fillers, no extracts, no hormones, no preservatives, no isolates, no added sugar, no pesticides, no additives of any kind.
The products contain whole, real, non-GMO foods, with no sugars, artificial sweeteners, synthetics, extracts, or fillers.
You cannot overdose, or misuse these products as they are 100% real produce.
I did feel like my energy levels were up.
These products have no fillers, no extracts, no hormones, no preservatives, no isolates, no added sugar, no pesticides, no additives of any kind.
Balance of Nature provides Health Coaching Services at no additional charge.
It is a supplementation of key nutrients for those who are not consuming adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables in their daily diets.
Along with improving your gut health, the supplement also comes with nourishing ingredients, such as turmeric. These ingredients help in lowering inflammation and minimize your risk of disease.
It reduced inflammation because of the antioxidant effects of the product.
It improved digestion.
It is free of added sugars, pesticides, and additives.
It boosts the immune system.
Pills are free from any additives.
It may help ease oxidative stress.
It supports the digestive system.
You cannot take an overdose.
Most of the ingredients are well researched for digestive health.
They are so confident in the quality of their product that if you’re not satisfied with your purchase within 30 days, they refund your money.
Fruits & vegetables used are 100% real and vine ripened.
It has a very long list of fruits.
All ingredients in the Balance of Nature range of products are vegan.
They offer health coaching for preferred members.
They’ve been around since 1997, long before it became trendy to drink your greens.
The Balance of Nature Fiber and Spice really helped my bowel health regulate.
The products may also improve your overall health.
The fiber and spice drink helps to maintain bowel health, ease constipation (without causing diarrhea), decreases inflammation, helps balance blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and can even lead to weight loss.
The products can be used for both children and adults.
The product is 100% vegan.
They’re safe for all ages.
All of the supplements in this line are completely safe for children or adults.
It contains well-researched ingredients for gut health.
The company also offers health coaching.
100% Real, vine-ripened fruit and vegetables are used.
No extracts, synthetics or fillers are used.
It offers assistance with weight management when the fiber and spice supplement is taken to regulate digestion.
All of the products from this company are made from natural and organic fruits and veggies.
It is excellent for bowel health and boosts the digestive system.
The company is U.S. based.
The cost of Balance of Nature supplements depends on how much of the Whole Health System you want to use.
Subscription service is available so you don’t forget to re-order.
There is a wide variety of fruits and veggies in each serving.
It offers 100% real nutrients from real fruits and veggies.
The manufacturers claim that you can use this supplement on a daily basis to improve your gut health substantially over time.
The supplements are free from preservatives, fillers, pesticides, hormones and other harmful substances.
There is 30 day money back guarantee.
It is a convenient way to get fruits and veggies.
I love how simple the system is.
The supplement does not have any concerning side effects.
These veggies capsules boost the immune system with regular use.
Balance of Nature products are rigorously tested for quality and potency.
There is clear mention of the manufacture date and the product stays good well into a year of manufacture.
The whole health system is offered.
Fiber & Spice had immediate results.
Balance of Nature has specifically chosen the fruits and vegetables in their blends to ensure we’re getting all the different natural vitamins and nutrients our bodies need.

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❌ Cons

The cost of purchasing Balance of Nature is high.
The manufacturers have talked about a study that shows the effectiveness of this supplement. However, Balance of Nature has provided no information on who performed this study.
Number of pills and scoops of powder may be cumbersome to take daily.
This product is not suited for those with intolerance to food supplements with soy products.
The texture of the fiber and spice is just a little thick for my preference.
The fiber drink is gross.
Individuals with a soy allergy should avoid the Veggies whole food supplement for apparent reasons.
Balance of Nature supplement is quite expensive as compared to some other supplements of the same kind that are being sold in the market today.
There are separate fruit, vegetable, and fiber spice capsules that make it a bit cumbersome to take.
Balance of Nature contains grapefruit extract which might have undesirable interaction with certain medications.
I wish the nutrition info said exactly what daily percentages of each nutrient was in each serving, but they don’t.
They have soy in their product.
The psyllium husks in Fiber and Spice can cause digestive issues such as bloating and gas.
There are too many pills to swallow in a day.
The company has received an FDA warning letter.
It contains soy and grapefruit, which can be harmful to certain populations.
Balance of Nature products are quite expensive compared to other fruit and vegetable capsule supplements.
The green ones give a little bit of a grassy aftertaste.
It is a proprietary blend. It would be great to know the exact quantities of ingredients.
There is not much information available online and on the official website.
They do not share the percentages or amounts of each fruit and vegetable that are in the supplements as their ingredients are listed alphabetically.
The first con is expense.
The cost initially hit me.
Their products are so expensive.
It contains grapefruit and soy which are allergens that affect a good chunk of the population.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Keep in mind that there might be bowel disturbances while on it. There are overall benefits for your gut health and digestion in a compact capsule form. However, there is some ambiguity regarding nutrition aspects on the website and it is up to you to decide. If you are one of those who are on the wrong side of the age graph and feeling tired easily is something to worry about, I would suggest trying out this product.
Balance of Nature makes some really nice dietary supplements. The two products are a Fruit and Vegetable Supplement and a Dietary Fiber. Their products are made in the USA. We purchased the products and tested them ourselves. We were very impressed with the quality of the products. The main downside is the price is a little expensive.
Balance of Nature has quickly become one of those companies that take the limelight after introducing a revolutionary product. So, if you want to give the supplements a try, go ahead.
If you have a hard time eating enough fruits and vegetables every day, you can try the Balance of Nature supplements. Research supports the use of these supplements since the ingredients are known to be beneficial to overall health.
Balance of Nature could be the best choice if you like the most of us are unable to include enough fruits and vegetables in your daily diet and hence prefer the convenience of popping a proven and efficacious capsule to provide and supplement your daily dose of Nutrients.
If you’re struggling with including enough healthy foods into your diet, trying Balance of Nature’s Whole Health System supplements may help you. There is research supporting the use of fruit and vegetable powders in general for health, as well as fiber and spices for gut health. However, I do think that you can find cheaper whole food supplements elsewhere.
Balance of Nature is a great supplement with numerous positive reviews from its customers. While many people complained they did not get the results they expected, we can only say that; one, taking a supplement has to be accompanied by a healthy lifestyle otherwise there may be no results. Two, our bodies are different and what may do wonders for me may not work for you so maybe, there should be limits on expectations.
I started taking the Balance of Nature system in late July. I really love what the fruit and veggie capsules are doing for me. The fruit and veggies have made me feel so much better, I’m no where near as tired as I had been and I started walking again, I’m up to about 2 miles a day. I guess you could say – I’m a work in progress!
We think that this product is not living up to their claims. In fact, some of the information can be misleading. It is also hard to consume these many pills in a day, and it is expensive to follow this regimen every month.
I didn’t love the taste of the fiber and spice. However, I noticed it’s positive results in my body quickly. I also noticed pretty immediate positive effects when it comes to less bloating and less inflammation in my body. Guys, this stuff works wonders.
Balance of Nature is a company that has created 100% All-natural whole food supplements. Balance of Nature has specifically chosen the fruits and vegetables in their blends to ensure we’re getting all the different natural vitamins and nutrients our bodies need. However, they do not share the percentages or amounts of each fruit and vegetable that are in the supplements as their ingredients are listed alphabetically.
Limited research supports fruit and vegetable powders in general for health while fiber and spices for gut health. Still, some of the ingredients like grapefruit may interact with other medications and supplements. So it’s better to avoid concurrent use.
I love the the supplements and I trust the brand. Balance of Nature is a Utah-based company and I always like supporting businesses from my home state. Plus, I know the founder, Doug Howard, personally and I know the work he has put in for years to ensure a quality product. He put so much care and effort into sourcing the best ingredients.
If you’re not a fan of fruits and veggies or find it challenging to get in enough servings per day, Balance of Nature may be a good option. Additionally, if you struggle to get enough fiber in your diet, the Fiber & Spice blend may be a good option. However, the company has had an FDA warning letter, and its products are expensive compared to their competitors.
While Balance of Nature products does have benefits, they should not take the place of a healthy diet but should rather be used to fill in the gaps. It is best to consume a variety of healthy foods, including fruits and vegetables, to promote optimal health. For those who struggle to get proper nutrition, Balance of Nature can offer a solution, but for many people, the high cost of the product can be prohibitive.

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