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✅ Pros

The frame of Barner eyeglasses are made of Italian Mazzuchelli acetate frames.
Review Pros
All the models, regardless of collection, use the same blue light filtering lenses.
Aside from its blue light filtering system, the lenses of Barner eyewear are scratch-resistant, easy to clean, anti-reflection, anti-static, and super hydrophobic.
They are so light on my head.
The frames are made from super light polycarbonate.
Glasses were earlier than they said they would be.
All of the lenses of Barner eyewear are prescription-ready.
The lenses were virtually colorless.
All of the frames claim to have universal fitting nose pads that are mere extensions of the frame.
Everything was easy, even down the the adding in the prescription information.
The Barner Shoreditch had excellent visibility with minimal reflection even in the least ideal lighting environments.
It comes with top -quality CR39 lenses that block 40% of the blue light on the 430-450nm spectrum and 100% of the blue light at 410nm.
The lenses are organis CR-39 lenses that block out 100% of the blue light under 410nm and 45% of the blue light on the 410-nm-450nm.
This pair from B Corp-certified Barner comes in a handsome tortoise-style frame.
Barner also offers clip-on sunglasses for all their frames.
The matte, rubber feeling also helps the glasses stay on your nose more without sliding down.
It has a smooth, matte like feel to it, which gives it that high end feeling.
These stylish round glasses performed the best out of all pairs in our anti-glare tests.
Anti-Reflective coating made looking through the glasses very pleasant.
The hinges & temples are flexible too which also makes it a lot easier to adapt to your facial features.
The temples are secured with strengthened barrel hinges.
The spring hinges opened and closed without any effort.
All Barner glasses include a rigid leather case and branded lens cloth as you would expect at its price point.

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❌ Cons

These glasses are expensive.
Tinting on the lenses can be darker.
Barner’s pairs were too expensive for us to recommend over Glassy overall.
When first using these I did experience minor headaches a day.

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Review Summaries
Barner Brand blue light glasses are the complete package. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more versatile and complete set of options than what you can find with Barner glasses. Barner didn’t let me, or their thousands of backers, down. From their frames to their lenses, Barner seems committed to providing the best blue light filtering glasses on the market.
I know what you’re thinking, another brand boasting to have glasses that block out 100% of the blue light like all the others, but let me back that up. I’m not pooling wool over your eyes (pun intended) when I say these glasses are the best blue light glasses I’ve ever owned. If you’re on the hunt for Blue Light protection glasses, then make sure you add Barner Brand to your list.
While Barner’s pairs were too expensive for us to recommend over Glassy overall, we still appreciate their value at ~$120 considering that their frame styles and frame materials rival those of the Italian fashion brands.
Barner eyeglasses are expensive but bulk packages can help the consumer save a huge amount of money. This allows Barner to expand its market through networking potential secondary sellers. The price could be justified by the sophistication of the frame design and the high technology used in making the lenses. It is advisable to buy Barner in packages if a consumer want to give it as a gift. I also suggest that you look first into your budget before investing in this eye wear.
Everything was easy, even down the the adding in the prescription information. Glasses were earlier than they said they would be. I really love the glasses, they are so light on my head, in comparison I think the last glasses I had were made of iron. Glasses on and off I can really notice the difference with the blue light.

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