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✅ Pros

Bass Pro Shops is a partner in a couple of credit card online shopping portals.
Review Pros
If you sign up for the Bass Pro Shops credit card online and you spend at least $100 on the card in the first 90 days, you’ll receive a $50 gift card to Bass Pro Shops.
The program automatically sends out gift cards once per month whenever you have the minimum amount required for redemption.
Whenever you use your card, the Bass Pro Shops and National fish and Wildlife Foundation will make a contribution to help conservation efforts.
It is good for those who don’t mind being rewarded in Bass Pro Shop certificates.
The Bass Pro Shops CLUB Mastercard® offers a lower APR for purchases made at its stores.
You can earn 5% if you are approved for a Visa Signature version.
The CLUB points you earn can be redeemed at any U.S. Bass Pro Shops or U.S. Cabela’s retail store.
It is good for anyone who frequently shops at Bass Pro Shops.
You can earn $25 in CLUB Points upon approval.
The Bass Pro Shop credit card has been around for a long time.
The Bass credit card includes a 1.99% intro APR for 7 billing cycles on purchases and balance transfers.
It’s great that you can receive the perks without having to pay an annual fee.
It is a $0 annual fee rewards card.
You can earn an additional $10 in CLUB Points after five purchases within 30 days of account approval.
Depending on your credit worthiness, you’ll receive rewards points of either 3% or 5% of every dollar you spend with Bass.
It is good for those who like to support conservation programs.

❌ Cons

You can not earn rebates for non-Bass Pro Shop purchases at their stores.
It is not good for consumers looking for an everyday credit card.
Whether you earn 3% or 5% depends on your credit standing.
Reward certificates are good for only 75 days.
If you fail to use the certificate before it expires, your cash back rewards will be forfeit.
There is high fee on balance transfers.
It is not for people looking for a credit card with a bonus.
All the rewards you earn through this credit card can only be used at Bass Pro shops.
Some purchases you make through Bass Pro Shops will not count toward providing you with rewards points.
It is is a very bare-bones card without any substantial perks beyond the rewards program for cardholders to take advantage of.
There is a limit on rewards points for lower credit scores.
You can redeem the rewards points only through Bass Pro Shops.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
The Bass Pro Shop Visa is one of the better retail store credit cards because the points you earn (five points) from buying their products is at the upper end of the range. But there are several features that bothers me. The first is the fact that your ability to earn rewards is based on the credit line you are given (I’ve hardly come across cards like this). Secondly, the rewards that you get are worth 75 days.
While this isn’t a good credit card for everyday use, it can provide great rewards for those who frequently shop with Bass Pro Shops. If you are looking to apply for just one new credit card this year, you should consider other options.
While the rewards program is decent for Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s purchases, it’s subpar for all other purchases you make outside those stores. For that reason and the lack of store perks on the Bass Pro Shops CLUB Mastercard®, we recommend avoiding this card altogether. You’re better off using a cashback card that provides a flat 2% cashback on all purchases, or another card offering special financing and other perks.
If you’re someone who doesn’t shop at Bass Pro Shops all that often, there are better options for credit card rewards points elsewhere. But for those who frequently shop at Bass, either online or in-store, the company will give you free money to use at the store when you use the credit card. Just pay attention to the expiration dates for your points so you don’t lose them.

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