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✅ Pros

The thinness of the leather really helps add to the comfort right out of the box.
Review Pros
It has blake stitched construction for easy resoling.
They also have no-risk return policy.
There is rubber overlay on the heel.
My heel didn’t slip in these boots and I walked pretty quickly around the city.
They have excellent materials and construction, especially for the price point.
You can cancel for a full refund even if your order is in production, and get a full refund or exchange anywhere in the U.S within 60 days of purchase.
Free shipping and free returns are offered in the US.
Beckett Simonon offers quality at approximately half the price.
These are handcrafted.
It compares well with other makers at the same (or slightly higher) price bracket.
They’re quite resistant to scrapes and scuffs, even after some fairly heavy wear.
These shoes are handcrafted by experienced artisans.
For $219 shipped to the US, a pair of handmade pull-up leather Chelsea boots with Blake stitching is a no brainer.
We loved the clean, minimal design and sleek profile.
These shoes are ethically-made and responsibly-sourced.
Full one year warranty is offered against defects in materials and workmanship.
We tested the white version but there are a bunch of other versatile color options too.
They’re ethically made.
Dress shoe aesthetics are sleek and sexy.
Prompt communication and frequent updates are available.
The color on these shoes is amazing.
The package includes a nice informational booklet about Beckett Simonon’s origin, shoecare tips, and general info about your new shoes.
They are also super comfortable, and didn’t need much of a break-in time at all.
Full grain leather has been used.
They’re extremely comfortable.
The products are made to last, so you will save money and reduce waste.
These are cheaper than retailer prices.
The Valencia is made from Argentinian full grain leather, which is the best leather to look for on a shoe.
They’re handcrafted with high-quality materials.
In terms of comfort, I’m pretty satisfied with the fit and breathability of the Prestons, even during the notorious “break-in period” of leather boots.
The shoe can be easily dressed up or dressed down if you prefer a more casual look.
There is lack of trendier design options.
These are an outstanding value at $149.
Beckett Simonon Dowler Cap Toe is inexpensive.
The design is as simple as simple can achieve.
Beckett Simonon makes boots for all occasions.
The shoes themselves are also lightweight and very comfortable.
These shoes have good grip for a leather sole.
They are a perfect, happy medium. Slim, but not too slim. Rounded toes, without being too rounded.
Of all things, I must reveal that the fit and comfort exceeded all my expectations.
The Argentinian full grain leather utilized for the Valencia wholecut is remarkedly soft.
Like the Durants, the Deans have the same perfect balance between rounded and pointy, creating a silhouette that looks sophisticated and mature, but not stuffy.
The unique finish of the leather really does add some character to the boots.
These shoes are versatile.
We really liked the high-quality full-grain leather and solid construction.
They have excellent quality control.
The leather is super smooth and supple right out of the box, and is amongst the best-feeling leather I have felt on shoes in a sub $300 price range.
They are perfectly rounded and very pleasing to the eye.
There is a wide variety of dress shoe styles and colorways to choose from.
There is no Break-in period.
As I continued to wear the shoes and move around in them, they began to mold to the shape of my foot, getting more comfortable with each wear.
These shoes offer tremendous value considering the price.
There’s a style for everyone.
They are handcrafted under ethical and responsible conditions.
They also make shoes, sneakers, bags, and belts.
The Valencia employs Blake-stitch construction with affords a lightweight quality, flexibility, and slenderness to its profile.
1-year warranty with free shipping, free returns & free exchanges are available.
They’re great foundation shoes.
Creasing has been quite minimal as well, which is indeed quite the sign of a well-made dress shoe.
These shoes have beautiful and elegant design.
It is much more affordable than competitors with similar styles & quality.
They have a lot of different styles worth checking out.
They also offer leather belts, messenger bags, and a weekender.
The full grain Italian leather is so smooth and creamy.
It has a nice shape and zero branding.
For the price, these are the highest quality pair of dress shoes I have gotten my hands on.
These are very comfortable.
Shipping, returns, and exchanges are free anywhere in the U.S.
Free shipping and returns are available.
They keep you updated throughout the production process by sending pictures and videos.

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❌ Cons

I would prefer Goodyear welted construction on this model.
Leather creased a lot.
Beckett Simonon is definitely suited for the dapper gentleman with patience and sufficient disposable income to acquire their product.
Nylon pull tabs are a con for me.
They only operate online, so you are unable to try on shoes and refunds are more of a hassle.
I do wish that yhe removable foam sole insert was a little bit thicker.
While Dorian had a very small issue with the heel, Ashley had zero cons and we both really loved this shoe!
Certain products come and go without mention or notice.
Currently, Beckett Simonon only offers a medium width (D) for their footwear, so some of the slimmer models may present discomfort for wider feet.
I can not see in person or try on prior to purchase.
The products are more expensive than the average shoe, though the prices are significantly less than most high end footwear retailers.
It is not very water resistant.
Online ordering only meaning customers cannot try on for comfort, size, and fit in person.
Boots can take over three months to arrive.
Since most of Beckett Simonon’s footwear campaigns are only offered in whole sizes, getting the fit right can be tricky.
For all intents and purposes, Beckett Simonon is still a young brand, and with its made-to-measure business model, uncertainty may provide pause for the cautious gentleman.
I do wish the soles had more grip though since they don’t provide a ton of traction.
These is long wait time for these shoes.
They have no brick and mortar locations to get fitted in person.
Beckett Simonon shoes are neither super modern nor super classic.
Lengthy 3 month wait period is not for everyone
The shoes take a really long time to ship.
Pre-order basis results in longer wait times.
Only standard sizing is available.
They don’t ship to Canada.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
All things considered, I’m pretty happy with the Preston Chelsea boots. Prior to ordering, I wasn’t totally sold on the pull-up leather, but I’m glad I went for it. I’m looking forward to seeing how the leather ages and how the fit + comfort changes as well.
All in all, though, I’d say Beckett Simonon has moved themselves into a position as perhaps the strongest value in the entry level market. For those just getting into quality footwear without wanting to invest upwards of $400, those looking for a great value, or those just looking for a great pair of shoes or boots, period, Beckett Simonon deserves a serious look.
The Gallagher is a boot that looks classy. In formal or semi-casual occasions, this boot is going to take your look to the next level. Beckett Simonon makes boots for all occasions though. They have a lot of different styles worth checking out. They don’t just make boots though. They also make shoes, sneakers, bags, and belts. I think if you check out their stuff, you’ll truly be impressed with what you see.
Beckett Simonon takes pride in creating a unique experience for their consumers. They believe shoes should give you the comfortability and confidence you need and depend on. They even crafted their own foot-shaped molds, so that you can get the most out of your shoe.
I really like these shoes. They are stylish, well constructed, and very comfortable. I love the price as well since a shoe like this would easily retail for $300 or more. I also like the fact that new designs are created every month so there’s always a reason to come back and check out the site for new shoes. If you don’t mind the wait time to receive the shoes and want a stylish quality dress shoe, they’re definitely worth checking out.
Beckett Simonon is one of my favorite shoe companies at the moment because they’re doing things the right way. Not only is everything sourced directly from their own factories, but they’re still small enough to ensure top notch quality control which makes for a great pair of shoes.
The biggest complaint I have with these shoe are the long wait time and the short laces. The boots themselves are fantastic, comfortable, versatile, and phenomenally well priced. They’re not a water resistant or easy to resole as Goodyear welted boots, sure, but for the price you’re paying it’s very hard to look past them. I wear mine a lot, and you will, too.
For a price of $200, these shoes cannot really be beat. I think perhaps Jack Erwin gives them a bit of a run for their money (and some might prefer their slightly sleeker lasts and more modern styles), but for sheer quality, comfort, build, and style, these are some of the best shoes money can buy. The single down-side is that incredibly long wait for them. But, that is also how you can get them at such a low price. A fair deal in our opinion.
All in all, we rate the Beckett Simonon a 4.5/5 for excellent-quality and affordable shoes with beautiful classic designs. If you do not mind the delayed gratification, Beckett Simonon is worth considering for your next pair of handmade shoes.
I would 100% recommend these shoes to anyone looking to step up their shoe game in terms of quality without breaking the bank. The silky smooth leather finish and great fit will leave your more than satisfied with your order.
The Deans, like the Durants, are a high quality pair of dress shoes. If you’re looking for a good everyday pair of dress shoes that you can wear with jeans, I suggest the Durants over the Deans. But if you want a more dressed up pair that you can wear with suits or in business casual settings, I highly recommend picking up a pair of Deans. They both look and feel like they should cost twice as much, providing great value for your money.
The full grain Italian leather Beckett Simonon uses is exquisite, and the sleek Douglas is a total bargain. But the brand keeps their prices low by making shoes and boots to order, so expect a much longer shipping time—we’re talking months. If you’re patient, you’ll be rewarded.
Worth It! We loved the design, quality, and comfort. These are a great, very well-priced option in the leather sneaker market.
Finding high-quality, well made shoes that are constructed to last for many years – if not a lifetime – shouldn’t be as difficult as it is. Beckett Simonon takes the guesswork out of the equation by offering only the best selection possible. This is something thousands of people have come to expect and appreciate.
Overall, I was very pleased with the Valencia from Beckett Simonon. The shape is beautiful, and it is very comfortable right out the box without a breaking-in period. This shoe is a perfect companion for the professional gentleman in and out of the office. For the quality you receive, the price-point is very affordable. Of course, a gentleman will have to exhibit the patience to wait on his order, but it should be well worth it.

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