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Pros and Cons

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✅ Pros

There is a 14-day free trial with no credit card.
Review Pros
You can get news instantly via an audio format before it gets published on the web or announced on major news feed stations.
Benzinga Pro’s pricing is competitive in the market and offers levels of information according to price.
It is easy to track and monitor stocks.
It also has analyst rating calendar.
Benzinga is undisputed when it comes to the delivery of news on a real-time basis.
It is easy to use and intuitive platform.
It is embedded with tradingview charts that you can annotate.
Trade & options alerts are highly configurable.
It offers fast delivery of information.
Chat room channels are available for every level of trader.
Fully customizable calendar gives you curated info based on your preferences and can be easily narrowed down to focus on only stocks.
Benzinga offers its Benzinga Pro subscription service to serious traders looking for a trading platform for the latest financial news and information.
Customers have access to a team of analysts.
It has the fastest real-time news feed.
Informative and intuitive dashboard. Active traders will find this data essential.
You can get what you are looking for in few clicks.
It offers a fully customizable newsfeed.
It works on any device due to browser-based technology.
It is quick on reporting price changes.
It is an innovative fintech company.
There are lots of great resources.
Audio alerts are beneficial.
Audio alerts come handy.
It offers faster news distribution.
Highly configured trade and option alerts are available.
You can quickly look at essential data such as activist stakes, takeover bids, rating changes according to pro analysts, company earnings, etc.
There is a great selection of alerts and notifications that are customizable.
Many materials are free.
News and information about the market, industry sectors, and individual stocks are provided in real time.
You can chat directly with news analysts.
Audio alerts and squawk box are beneficial.
It offers customizable newsfeed with great sources and filters.
It also gives information on esoteric assets, like cryptos and penny stocks.
It has sentiment indicators.
It is much cheaper than Bloomberg Terminal.
Sentiment indicators show how likely a stock is to move and in which direction based on specific news items.
Benzinga has the ability to get exclusive stories to their established brand in financial news.
It is a clean and easy to use platform with modern user interface.
The Chat feature will give you the increasingly important social aspect of investing, enabling you to swap information and trading strategies with other investors.
Desktop notifications are convenient.
Benzinga pro’s interface is clean, making it an easy-to-use platform for beginners.
There are various filters and customization options for every tool.
Its stock research, screening, analysis, and charting is best for traders who plan to translate that information into profits.
It delivers the fastest real-time news feeds.
It provides fast and actionable newsfeed to active traders.
Workspace helps to organize everything.
You can create multiple workspaces on the platform as well as multiple monitors.
Benzinga Pro’s interface isn’t overwhelming.
It is a well-designed platform.
It has competitive pricing.
Exclusive stories are available.
14-day free trial is available.
Three different plan levels are offered to accommodate the largest number of investors.
It has affordable pricing.
It has 1/10 price of Bloomberg.
It has video and audio channels.
It has very competitive pricing.
The browser-based platform works on any device and operating system.
It is an incredible news platform for traders.
Powerful and customizable real-time news feed is ideal for a day trader.
Desktop and audio notifications are available.
News Desk gives you personal access to a team of analysts.
The platform is customizable to fit your own needs and preferences.
It offers highly customizable newsfeed and tools.
Customer service is available by phone, live chat and email.
It is a clean and easy-to-use platform.
The intuitive interface is clean and easy to navigate.
Easy-to-understand tips and Benzinga’s design will help you along the way as you develop lists of the movers and shakers of the equities market.
It works on any device since it’s a browser application.
You can also customize alert notifications according to several parameters.
Real-time news tool works fairly well for time-sensitive trades.
It is highly customizable.

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❌ Cons

To get the most out of it, you need to take some time to customize it.
News articles can be rather brief.
The price difference between the Basic and Essential plan is steep, especially for traders who only want a few of the essential features.
Squawk Box is offered by competitors.
If a buy-and-hold strategy is what you’re after, then the subscription service may be one you won’t need for day-to-day investing unless you are a financial news junkie.
Benzinga is cheaper, but gets revenue from ads that might be annoying.
You cannot initiate trades from the Benzinga Pro platform.
Direct integration with stock brokerage firms would have made stock trading easy.
It is best suited for North American traders and investors.
It lacks powerful technical analysis (charting).
It is not possible to trade within the platform itself.
Unusual options activity data is an add-on fee ($28/month).
It only covers equities.
There are additional costs for options data.
The basic version is quite limited, so you’ll probably need to upgrade to the Essential Plan to take full advantage of all the tools.
There is no real estate investing.
It doesn’t cover FOREX or crypto.
Though Benzinga has mobile accessibility, there’s no mobile app specifically available for Benzinga Pro.
It covers equities only.
For those who are not active equities traders, news streaming may not be of as much use.
There is no broker integration for live trading.
It has primarily U.S. focus.
It covers equities only.
There are no refunds on subscriptions.
Benzinga gains revenue on the side from advertising. Expect to see ads in your inbox and on-site after signing up.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Benzinga Pro is best for professional traders that rely on real-time news as part of their trading strategies. If you don’t mind some delays or use more of technical analysis to identify trading opportunities, then you probably don’t need a stand-alone newsfeed platform. Also, new traders may find all the tools and information provided by Benzinga Pro a little too overwhelming. Although with some effort, you can customize the platform to show only the information you want to see.
With exclusive features like real-time news, sentiment indicators, audio squawk box, chat to the newsdesk, and the powerful calendar suite, is it worth paying for Benzinga PRO? Yes, after three years of use, I recommended Benzinga for active day traders and investors who want an actionable real-time news service plus exclusive analysis to get a profitable edge in the market.
Benzinga Pro is great at what it does, which is providing traders with real-time knowledge that could help them make a profit. It’s easy enough for beginners to jump right in and robust enough for pro traders to find Benzinga their new favorite news feed service for all things trading.
Benzinga Pro is definitely worth the price of admission, especially for day traders and active investors. If you’re a self-directed investor or day trader, you need powerful trading tools to help you keep up with well-funded Wall Street adversaries, and Benzinga Pro is an affordable option that checks many of the most important options.
Time is money. The faster investors and traders get financial information, the more time they have to act upon it and turn that information into profits. Keeping in the know with up-to-the-minute financial news, analysis, information, and documents is a must for serious equity investors and traders. For these reasons, Benzinga Pro should be a subscription news service considered by traders in the changing and challenging financial landscape.
I think that Benzinga is a powerful tool for some traders that trade on an intraday basis. It is not the tool for everyone and you can live without it, but many traders do find it plays a huge part of their strategy when they start using these professional services. The best thing about Benzinga is, of course, pricing. It is highly competitive with Bloomberg and Reuters and in my opinion, offers a very similar package for a fraction of the price.
Benzinga Pro is well worth the investment if you are a serious active trader, with at least a medium-sized portfolio. The tools and features it provides can provide a competitive advantage, enabling you to execute trades based on up-to-the-minute information.
Benzinga Pro is best for traders looking for a news streaming platform with real-time market data and extensive stock screening and charting capabilities.
While Benzinga Pro as a platform has little in the way of proprietary features to offer the marketplace, they do have a significant competitive advantage in that Benzinga is a financial news firm with a recognizable brand, so they produce proprietary content and their news team have unique insights due to their experience. Benzinga Pro’s main competitors are TradeTheNews and RanSquawk, which both provide live news feeds and squawk boxes. All are somewhat similarly priced with very similar features, and one’s choice is likely to come down to interface, and the team behind the news feeds and squawk boxes. The speed of publishing from each platform is difficult to quantify.
Benzinga Pro has proven to be a vital tool for active traders and is one we highly recommend for both beginner and experienced traders.
Based on both functionality and cost, Benzinga Pro is my #1 recommended stock market newsfeed for retail traders and investors. You might be able to find other stock market news platforms that are a bit faster and also offer news on a number of different markets (other than just US stocks), but it will probably be at least double the price. Bloomberg Terminal, for example, costs $20,000+ per year. This is the industry gold standard for institutional traders, but completely out of reach for the average retail trader. Benzinga Pro is an ideal balance of functionality and cost.
Benzinga Pro has distinguished itself as the best financial market news feed in the industry. Only time will tell whether it can gain the market penetration of Bloomberg Terminal. Brand status is very powerful, and Bloomberg Terminal has done all the necessary things to earn the trust of the most influential financial vanguards. Its powerful influence and global reach are proof of that.
After completing my Benzinga Pro review, I can confidently say this is my personal favorite news service. Many of the other services I tested felt outdated and clunky. Benzinga Pro offers a clean, easy-to-use platform with the added benefit of audio alerts throughout the day.
Benzinga Pro is a real-time financial news and research platform developed specially for traders as well as investors. Benzinga has its own editorial team and provides data to stock brokerage firms and media companies.
Benzinga Pro is a live stock trading news feed powered by financial news provider Benzinga. Get up-to-the-second news, financial releases, company news, and rumors delivered to your news feed. News is announced in real-time, thus giving you the fastest access to the news. Our Benzinga Pro review believes this is a strong tool for fundamental analysis.

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