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✅ Pros

It offers basic safety features.
Review Pros
It is an inexpensive complete kit.
Accessing the flight controller’s Micro USB port is quite inconvenient.
Spare parts are available.
Controller can be used with FPV simulators.
It has low noise level.
The Canopy of the Beta75X HD Whoop was made of flexible materials.
Although this drone does not stay completely still when both joysticks are in the middle, it can still hold its position enough that it is not out of control.
BT2.0 connector can provide a stable and powerful continuous current so that you can extend the flight time to 3-4 mins compared to the Beta65 pro 2.
The Beta75X HD whoop weighs 56.7g and weighs whoop, but strangely the flight is very comfortable.
It includes everything you need to get started.
Controller is compatible with FPV simulators.
A total weight of 32g give pilots a good balance of weight and nice punch on 2S battery.
It features a great Betafpv Nano HD camera that can film in Ultra definition with 1080P@60fps resolution, super-light weight with 6.8g, complete functions with OSD, audio and record.
Soft mount for HD camera is integrated.
It flies great out of the box.
They have used Meteor65 frame and adopted the stackable battery slot to cut down on the wind resistance.
It is easy to learn even you are a beginner.
It is much more powerful than the Invisi360.
Multi-mode can be switched at any time.
It is portable and convenient.
It is light weight.
It is powerful enough for freestyle flight.
Flight time is better than I expected.
It includes everything to get started with FPV flight.
Goggle DVR can record the FPV video feed.
It was easy to figure out and get flying right away.
It has affordable price with a premium feature.
It is extremely durable.
It has robust build quality.
Build quality seems pretty good.
The Beta75X HD whoop is fully capable of shipping.
This is by far the best looking FPV quad I have.
It offers amazing FPV quality.
The battery mounting method on the frame used in the Beta75X HD whoop is special.
It has ELRS serial receiver.
It’s so small and compact, which makes it very portable.
BETAFPV Cetus Pro kit has brushless motors.
Flipping or looping was also very stable.
You can onboard FHD recording in just 50grams.
It was very cool to be able to fly into different rooms of my apartment and try to land in certain areas, or go around tight corners.
It is equipped with the lightest 0802 14000KV motors.

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❌ Cons

When the voltage on the battery gets low, the altitude is very unresponsive.
Inserting the battery is hard.
The battery runs out easily.
It needs tuning out of the box.
You cannot press the record button on the Caddx Baby turtle camera with your finger.
It is more challenging to fly smoothly than other cinewhoops I have.
It doesn’t shoot video or photos.
Battery life is short.
It is difficult to access USB ports.
It has short battery life.
It is t is prone to interference and image break-up like all analogue systems.
It has short battery life.
The tuning is mediocre.
It can not record video when flying.
It is easy to be pushed by the wind.
It heats up during file transfer (from Walksanil VTX to PC).
Being a beginner’s micro whoop FPV drone, the Cetus X doesn’t capture photos or cinematic video.
Goggles were uncomfortable for the nose.
It requires plenty of flight practice.
It can struggle in wind.
This drone is not made for recording video footage out of the box.
It is not suited to windy conditions.
It can’t shoot photos or video.
The SMO 360 has a matte finish that makes it difficult for the One X2’s adhesive lens protector to stick to it.
This is not necessarily a deal-breaker for me, but this is definitely an indoor drone.

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Review Summaries
With a low cost and a complete kit with everything you need to get started, the betaFPV Cetus Pro Kit provides a low-risk entry point to learning how to fly FPV drones when compared to more expensive models.
It has brushless motors, like you know the brushless motors that you get on extremely expensive drones, like the DJI Mavic drones. The most amazing part is that this drone has a spot to put a micro SD card so that its camera, which is the tiniest HD camera on the market can record 1080p video onto that microSD card.
Being a beginner’s micro whoop FPV drone, the Cetus X doesn’t capture photos or cinematic video, but you can record the 480p FPV goggle feed using the goggle’s built-in DVR. And one of the great things about this drone is that as well as offering three flight modes and three speed settings, it runs on two 1S batteries so there’s plenty of power available for freestyle tricks once you progress to flying in Manual/Acro mode.
This is by far the best looking FPV quad I have. It looks so cool. Even the motor’s colors match the Pavo360’s striking red and black color scheme. I love it! Build quality seems pretty good. There is excellent attention to detail. Even the decals aren’t simply ordinary stickers that will peel or turn yellow over time but are more of semi-hard plastic decals with matte finish.
The BetaFPV Meteor75 Pro HD has a durable and easy-to-maintain FPV drone. It offers an enjoyable flying experience for both indoor and outdoor environments. Thanks to the onboard Walksnail Avatar HD Lite FPV system, the video quality is amazing for a drone weighing only 50 grams.
We’ve seen the evolution of drones over recent years and it has been astounding. I mean, the N, S, and M modes are wonderful, seriously, that’s all pretty amazing in a package for $229.99, so I believe Cetus Pro will be a great choice if you’re beginner and looking for an affordable FPV.
In my personal opinion this is a drone for someone with experience in the FPV world, that can tune and tweak it to their taste. The time flight is as described in the specs, around 3 mins, with a 850 mAh, and I’m sure with this size you will find some nice places to film some interesting clips with an action camera.
In the genre of the hoop type drone with a size of 75mm, it stands out from other products. I think it is a very good product.
I rate the BetaFPV Cetus Pro Kit a 7 out of 10 because it is an absolute blast to fly, is super durable, and great all around for what it was made for.
If you would like to get into FPV drones and learn how to fly in Acro mode, the BetaFPV Cetus Pro Kit has everything you need to get started for just $230 / £200 / AU$342. Plus, the controller can be plugged into Mac or Windows-based computers to control FPV simulators to extend your flight practice time.

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