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✅ Pros

It covers him from neck to wrist.
Review Pros
It works with any high chair.
It’s easy to take the BIBaDO off.
What I really like about the BIBaDO is I don’t have to worry about what my son is wearing.
I was really pleased at how clean Seth was and his high chair.
It’s waterproof and stain resistant.
Even though I’m a tight Yorkshire-lass I do feel, if you can afford to, it’s worth buying. It will save you time and effort.
It is bright green in colour with red lining making it extremely eye catching.
The sleeves have super soft cuffs so there’s no uncomfortable, scratchy stitching to irritate your baby’s skin.
It is adjustable with the neck having Velcro with a short piece on one side and a long piece on the other side so it fits properly.
It’s easy to wash (and reduces laundry for mom!)
It covers clothes up pretty much completely.
You can take it anywhere with you.
An A4 sheet of printed instructions came with it, making it easy to work out how to use it.
You can use the BIBaDO with or without a tray on the highchair so it is perfect for when out and about and you get a high chair without a tray.
There are Velcro tabs underneath so that you can tighten it underneath the tray or chair.
There are four adjustable Velcro tabs on the straps allowing you to alter it to what tray you are using.
The neck fastening of the BibaDo is adjustable to grow with your baby too.
It catches all spillages meaning your baby is ready to go as soon as they have finished eating.
It is free from BPA, Phthalates and Azo-dyes.
The BibaDo comes in a simple cardboard box which is easily recyclable and there is no plastic wrapping which is fantastic for the environment.
It folds down into an internal built pocket, making it easily portable in a changing bag.
It’s adjustable for babies from 6 months to toddlers.
The BIBaDO bib has an elasticated Velcro attachment to secure it under the highchair’s tray.
It covers the gap between your baby and feeding surface.
It is made up of softer and machine washable fabric.
It covers the gap between your baby or toddler and the feeding surface.
It has easier-to-use cuffs.
Another great thing about the BIBaDO is that it dries really quickly ready to be used for the next meal.
The BIBaDO was really easy to use.
The BIBaDO fits onto all leading highchairs.
There are currently 4 different designs available.
The fastening at the back is really secure, as are the cuffs and around his neck which is where all his food usually disappears.
This would make a perfect addition to the changing bag for when your out and about.
It also has adjustable sleeves.
The BIBaDO bib arrived in a large letter envelope which was nice and easy.
The BibaDo highchair coverall bib fits most highchair styles using simple stretchy velcro straps.
The BIBaDO bib is made out of a quick drying, lightweight, waterproof material which makes cleaning it after mealtimes so, so easy.
It’s designed to fit all sizes from 6 months into toddler stage. with its adjustable sleeves and neckline.
BIBaDO is made of tough stuff and is stain resistant.
It is easy to wipe down and very lightweight.
It has a handy carry pocket for taking it out.
They also work brilliantly when out.
It has a longer velcro strip at the neck.
It covers the child, the gap in between the child and the high chair, as well as part of the high chair.
There is a long elastic grippy attachment to hold it in place around the highchair and tray.
It is waterproof and stain resistant.
It is sturdier and more effective.
The sleeves have adjustable poppers to allow you to shorten and lengthen them so it grows with your baby.
The arms are adjustable with Velcro to 2 different lengths, as well as at the back.
It also catches any food dropped between the tray and mouth.

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❌ Cons

It does take a while to dry.
It is not just a matter of a quick wipe clean, you do need to give it a decent wash down or put it in the washing machine.
I wasn’t overwhelmed by the colours and design, I didn’t hate them but they didn’t blow me away either.
It seems expensive compared to other Bibs.
You still have to clean the bib and the material can be a bit of a pain to wipe down.
This bib is more expensive at £19.99 than other bibs.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
I can honestly say that the BIBaDO is made of tough stuff, its stain resistant, easy to wipe down and very lightweight. Another very practical feature for me is that it folds down into an internal built pocket, making it easily portable in a changing bag. I would say that this bib is more expensive at £19.99 than other bibs.
Life has become so much easier thanks to the BIBaDO bib. You can purchase one on Amazon for the fantastic price of £19.95. The BIBaDO has already paid for itself because I am using less baby wipes and not ruining a vest during every mealtime.
Because it’s so easy to wipe clean and dries quickly, you really only need one BIBaDO compared to a drawerful of less effective bibs. BIBaDO will save you laundry, save you food and save your sanity, whether you have one baby to feed or multiples!
Overall I was really impressed with the BIBaDO .It did what it said it would do and reduced the mealtime mess.
The BibaDo feels soft to touch and well made, it feels sturdy enough to last through your whole weaning journey from start to finish – the only bib you will need, both at home and while out and about.
The Bibado is free from BPA and phthalates. It’s waterproof and stain resistant and can attach to any high chair. It’s also easy to take on the go with a built-in pocket.
I love using the Bibado, it certainly makes cleaning up after meal times a lot quicker. At the moment we eat in the garden quite a lot and where it has been so hot Polly has often been eating in just her nappy. I know we will use it even more when we are eating inside again as it certainly saves on cleaning the floor!
The BIBaDO coverall weaning bib works better than conventional bibs in 2 ways: it covers clothes up pretty much completely so it would be a challenge to get food on them (not impossible though if they manage to drop food down their back, but that’s a pretty impressive move), it also catches any food dropped between the tray and mouth. This food can either be picked up and eaten by the baby or cleaned up at the end of the meal.
All in all, compared to the wipe clean ones, it really is a much superior product and for me was worth shelling out a bit more than I usually would.It does remove the lengthy cleaning process after, but do bear in mind you will have it to wash and dry it.
What I like about the BIBaDO is that it is light weight and waterproof, they seem to catch all the spills and mess. It is really easy to wipe clean after using it and the best part is that it has a little pocket inside so you can fold it down into the pocket and put it in your changing bag for when you visit family or go out for dinner. Perfect!
To be honest, I wasn’t completely sold when we first used it, but I soon completely changed my mind. We have used it constantly. I love that I can get Lola dressed in the morning and then have breakfast without worrying she will get dirty!

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