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✅ Pros

BigScoots offers ClickFunnels and CloudFare options.
Review Pros
All employees of Big Scoots are professionally trained to help address your concerns immediately.
Their support will help with just about anything, as opposed to telling you it’s not their problem.
They have been in business for the past 5 years with not even a single negative review.
Enterprise hardware & DDoS protection is included.
It offers accounts setup instantly.
It provides high protection to data.
BigScoots promise to give the best quality marketing plans to rank your newly launched website with e-mail marketing and SEO by the experts.
For Shared Hosting options, Big Scoots utilizes cPanel on all of their shared hosting plans to help deliver you total flexibility and control over your website.
You can host multiple CMS solutions.
For Dedicated Servers, Big Scoots makes sure to offer custom-built options.
It is a very reliable hosting.
The team of the BigScoots will give you real full time support that means 24/7/365 days US based clients as well as other clients.
It offers fully managed web hosting services.
BigScoots is one of the few hosts that actually allow you to pay month-to-month for your hosting plans instead of yearly.
It is powered 100% by enterprise grade SSDs.
It has 24/7 Real U.S. based, personable, hands-on management.
You will have the FAQ for knowledgably question answers, e-mail inquiry section as well as direct calling feature with a good technical supportive team.
It has quick and helpful customer service.
It offers 16 times faster hosting services.
They offer free Maxcdn with every plan.
They have a 24-hour personal management service that runs all year long giving you the around-the-clock support you need to achieve your objectives.
They are super fast (faster than almost any host we’ve come across) and pretty cheap.
Daily/Weekly/Monthly off site backups are available.
99.99 uptime is guaranteed and delivered by BigScoots.
BigScoots servers use Solid State Hard drives.
It offers generous resource limits.
They’re very close in terms of price to the budget plans you’ll find at Host Gator, Bluehost, Siteground and the like.
They have state-of-the-art data center.
They always undersell their shared servers.
Big Scoots makes sure to go the extra mile by addressing any and all of your web hosting needs and inquiries immediately.
The web hosting plans of the BigScoots is amazing for the clients because of different programs and plans.
They do offer affiliates with which you can earn money by selling their service by writing a review or by recommending to friends.
All shared hosting comes with a 45-day money back guarantee.
Their pricing is pretty competitive and they do offer shared hosting, managed VPS plans, dedicated, and more.
It is communicative and transparent.
They have 100% customer satisfaction over 9 years in business.
They accept payment in all standard methods like visa, Mastercard, PayPal etc.
BigScoots lets you transfer your domains and website from other hosting providers. You can change your name servers from another web hosting provider to that supported by BigScoots.
With a view to the user’s safety, they offer 30 day money back guarantee to the users.
They are having 100% uptime even though they officially say it’s 99.99%.
Plans are available for low content-low traffic sites as well as high-content and high-traffic sites.
Plans are affordably priced and no price increase between terms.
For VPS, Big Scoots offers ideal scalable solutions that allow owners complete control over their own isolated and optimized web hosting environment.
Average response time is less than 5 minutes.
Exceptional support is delivered to clients.
You can either get pure SSD plans or hybrids that make the servers run fast.
They offer 45-day guarantee which is a testament to the level of expertise to expect from the company.

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❌ Cons

Some time you have to wait more than 1 hour to get response from them if you are not from USA.
Some site owners may need more marketing support.
It is not quite suitable for large sized corporation web enterprises.
The users of the VPS accounts will get only 7 days money back guarantee because of the license and availability.
It is limited to one geographic location.
Reseller plans are pretty costly.
They do not offer training on SEO, SEM, Website monetization, or other topics for success online.
BigScoots does not have phone support.
Shared web hosting without cPanel is offered.
They don’t have any built-in caching like Flywheel or SiteGround.
They save their entire user data including user website file in a single location and this is SUPER BAD.
While it doesn’t take an expert to create and manage a website, clients who are unsure of what service to get may need to spend some time doing adequate research on what they hope to achieve.
Their website is not at all responsive and its hard to navigate while visiting from mobile.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
In the bottom line, BigScoots web hosting company is perfectly set to give you good and affordable priced services.
I recognize BigScoots’ performance on a site like you’d be able to pick out your child’s shrieks of laughter at a busy playground, and while their lightning speed (thank you, SSD!) makes them the obvious choice when you want to speed up your site, BigScoots’ generous customer service and high quality options for your budget make them the best choice for your peace of mind, too.
BigScoots seems to pretty reliable and trust worthy even if you are using WordPress.
Overall, BigScoots is one of my top recommended web hosts. They offer superior customer service and great service, and they break the industry standard by keeping stable and affordable pricing regardless of if it’s your first, second, or third term with them.
BigScoots provides both fast and reliable shared hosting services at a competitive price. You can pay monthly, annually, or biennially, and all shared hosting comes with a 45-day money back guarantee.
Bigscoots, a guaranteed web host with U.S. based customer support, pure SSD solutions & SSD accelerated solutions and 99.99% uptime guarantee offers 16 times faster shared, reseller web hosting services with effective VPS and Dedicated Servers.
BigScoots is using its expertise in web hosting to provide a lasting solution to many of the technical problems encountered by small startups, personal web users and medium-sized businesses. The web hosting services provided is fully fine-tuned to support the needs of each unique individual.
Bigscoots provides managed shared hosting, wordpress hosting, managed vps and dedicated server. It is powered 100% by enterprise grade SSDs. It has 24/7 Real U.S. based, personable, hands-on management.
BigScoots is US-based and smaller than the others in this list. What I like about them is they go out of their way to make sure your problem is solved. BigScoots is one of the few hosts that actually allow you to pay month-to-month for your hosting plans instead of yearly.This does increase your costs, but it might be worth it for you try them out.
If you are thinking of starting your very own website or need to migrate your website to a reliable hosting company then Big Scoots is definitely worth checking out. Not only are they able to provide top-of-the-line servers for your website needs but they are also able to answer any and every question you may possibly have under the sun. Manage your website today and get help from the real experts at

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